Hey, the National Archives called and want their classified documents back. What a joke. Check your houses, check your underwear drawer, you may have purchased some classified documents at a garage sale or estate sale and are not aware of having them.

@venuso Doesn’t it make sense that the agency responsible for these documents bears some responsibility for not knowing who the hell is taking them and not bringing them back. Seems like a cavalier attitude prevails pertaining docs, until we want to get rid of a politician

@Gmajv @venuso the difference is if you or i had one singular classified document we accidentally brought in a garage sale, they would lock us up and throw away the key

@Gmajv @venuso
Unless they are special access or SCI or a really particular level they are not typically “accounted for” and their only distinction are the top and bottom markings, paragraph markings and the cover sheet. The entire program’s success is how well the people handling the documents follow the rules. For those of us rubes careers are ended if we even make a mistake. Obviously some don’t follow the rules but they are exempt.


I do possess a few copies of a classified ad, does that count?

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