So here's an idea. We the people who pay for the salaries of all the government should come up with a measure that states that once someone's net worth reaches a certain threshold that they no longer collect their government pay. Why are we paying Nancy $283000 a year when she's worth over a hundred million?


Congress comes up with who gets paid what.

We govern through our representatives.

And that's a good thing, for otherwise idiots who think slave la or is a good and novel idea might pop out of nowhere with idiotic propositions like this one.

@Debradelai Yeah, I'm pretty good most of the time for idiotic ideas. Ask my friends. Ha. :) Was just thinking this and thought I would share. I will try to think twice the next time I share my thoughts. (Idiotic or not) Thank you for enlightening me. I was just spouting off.

@Debradelai I don't condone slave labor. I posted something I was thinking, obviously I didn't give it much thought of all the angles. Thank you for pointing out something that wasn't even in my mind when I just spouted off.

@Debradelai @venuso if she wishes to donate her salary like President Trump did, she should be given all the encouragement to do so.

@venuso pelosi probably doesnt even notice the 280k paycheck

@watch4thedrop I know. I was just thinking this morning and that is what I thought of. I am going to go slink back into my corner and just observe again for a while. :)

@venuso don’t slink. we learn and grow through interaction and putting ourselves out there. the whole point of a forum and open discussion 😎


I get/agree with the gist of reining in crazy Pelosi. If it were Trump, I'd be ok with the income. That's my litmus test. If I think its OK for someone I like, then it should be OK with those I don't like. 😄

So Pelosi make gobs of money on tech stock. In 2012 there was an attempt to restrict congress gains via stock market.

Apparently not very effective. Now there's talk of more stock market restrictions.

Vote her out!!

@Teneseo I just used her as an example. There are many in the government who have had their net worth increase considerably above their pay. Yes, I know they have spouses and such that own companies, invest wisely, but we all know all is not always on the up and up.


You bet. Republicans and Democrats. Pelosi is a great example though.

I think at least two things as I read this, the first is that we have a somewhat distorted meaning of the phrase... we the people... the way people wield that visionary sword is erroneous and seems to turn the most docile amongst us suddenly into headless authoritarians... perhaps why the founding fathers knew a set of rules was needed (Constitution). Secondly, we put someone else in charge of that decision for what should be very obvious reasons by now... solution was representatives.

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