So much going on but what I think is extremely important is who Kamala chooses as the VP. I don't think she would be in there any longer than Joe, so who were/are "they" planning on being the president for the remainder of the term?

@BlkLdyPatriot @venuso It's more like who's going to be the new VP once KH is eased out of the picture BEFORE Biden can be eased out of the picture. The Dems in general hate her and know she will be an unmitigated disaster come around the midterms when campaigning starts.

@lolajl —There are clearly no winners here. The last 2 years can seem like 20 as long as they’re in power. Especially for We The People.

The GOP needs to deliver.


@lolajl @BlkLdyPatriot Either way, they have this all calculated out because there is no way either of them are capable of running the country. We think it's bad now.

The Hildabeast said she has been conferring with world leaders.

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