So if Joe gets pushed out or falls down, ha who do you think will be the Democrat nominee? They are pushing Kennedy out so my choices are Newsom or Michelle Obama or both.

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When I was a teenager, I never thought i'd make it to my 30's. Would be either dead or in jail.

today, I Turn 34 😎

I've been a member here since 2019. that's nearly 12% of my life. I've grown more in that time then i have in the first 88%. Thank you to all the great minds on here and all you contribute!

@watch4thedrop I read that John Kerry thinks farmers should stop farming. Good news would be no tomatoes for ketchup. Good news is this is John Kerry's cash "crop". No tomatoes no Heinz. 😂 I can't find a video where he said this but I have seen multiple articles and I don't want to share fake news if this is not true.

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We have a serious mental health issue in this country if the Oscars need to install a crisis team at an awards show to give statues to people who portray other people for a living.

Hey, the National Archives called and want their classified documents back. What a joke. Check your houses, check your underwear drawer, you may have purchased some classified documents at a garage sale or estate sale and are not aware of having them.

I have a question. Do these lawyers that are finding all these "classified" documents have clearance to see such documents? Are the FBI field agents cleared to see classified documents? It just seems like a lot of people are getting involved to find, check and collect these "classified" documents.

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I find it mind blowing that the only person that the entire justice department in our country investigates is the one who didn’t make a single dollar from being a public servant.

So Katie Hobbs is the SOS, oversees elections and wants to be Governor. The election is in shambles, no organization, no plan and the people of AZ really want her to run the state? What the hell is going on in the country that the more incompetent you are the further you get ahead. Hello Fetterman?

In other news....Hank Johnson is afraid so many people will move to Florida that it will cause the east coast to sink. 🤣 Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Once again, how can all the polls and predictions have been so wrong? It's really just a rhetorical question, but dang.

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So here's an idea. We the people who pay for the salaries of all the government should come up with a measure that states that once someone's net worth reaches a certain threshold that they no longer collect their government pay. Why are we paying Nancy $283000 a year when she's worth over a hundred million?

So I just got off the phone with my brother. His opinion is Hunter Biden is a non story and he said it's nothing because it's not front page news anywhere and that it is just something "my group of people" talk about. God help us all!

But they need 750 more billion. What a racket. All this is happening right in the open, what a bunch of crooks.

So how does everyone see this playing out? Do you think since Biden is fading fast it will be Kamala that will be promoted or do you think something other than that will happen?

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Check this out -

Stormy Weather in color - The Nicholas Brothers and Cab Calloway

This scene (Colorized) for the movie Stormy Weather was shot over 75 years ago...UNREHEARSED and in *ONE* take by legendary brothers Fayard & Harold Nicholas.

Even Hollywood dance extraordinaire Fred Astaire called the moment “the greatest dancing he had ever seen on film.”

......and Our Generation eats Tide Pods & watches TikTok vids.. 🙄

The Epstein names of "customers" have not been leaked. My question is why haven't any of the girls given names? Andrew is the only one that one of the girl's have named.

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