There it is.

...parenting has been replaced with Ritalin and video games.

It's hard for him to admit the party he joined years ago left him. Some people argue that they have always been like this, but I disagree. They were liberal, but not like this wild and insane behavior we're seeing now. My parents are the same way. They like a LOT of what Trump has done and certainly don't want to see America torn apart. But they don't like him. It's an addiction to the idea of who the Democrats used to be.


@Cdubois imagine how partisan you have to be to seriously ever say that michelle obama is a prettier first lady than melania

Wanted so bad to go to Mount Rushmore to support our country & President. Didn’t get a ticket so we flew 1200+ miles to see the Grand Canyon for the weekend. What a beautiful country is The USA🇺🇸


Great military tribute at the White House just now but this version is still my favorite.

The Gene Simmons tribute.

Happy Fourth of July to all! God bless America❤️ .

I pray everyone is doing alright and I am happy to say I am doing great as well.

I will be back very soon and catch up with everyone here whom I love and greatly respect and admire.

But for now I just did not want to miss this opportunity to wish you all a the best on this blessed day.

Sincerely, M.H. Alessa 😊 💐 🇺🇸 💕

@JM @redwhitebluedude
They are starting to frustrate the hell out of me. The conversation started with frustration about service workers being laid off again. Then it shifted to 'selfish' people going to restaurants. HELLO? The selfish people going to restaurants are why the service people have jobs!

Hello Quod Fam!
I had to have my 14 y/o rescue put
to sleep on March 13. I have been
heartbroken, missing him, and not
able to find another shelter pet....
until last Saturday! May I introduce
Rusti, an almost one year old
chi weenie weighing in at 8#!
She was at a rescue in Clear Lake,
IA as shelters around Des Moines
are still closed. It was love at first
sight, and she truly is as sweet as
she looks! Thank you for giving
me this forum to share with you
my happiness! ❤️ 🐾 🇺🇸

@SidneyPowell @GenFlynn @Trickster @RonOgletree @Debradelai

Sidney, you & General Flynn will go down in American history as patriots who were willing to fight for justice & what is right for all Americans past, present, & future. You upheld the US Constitution & the rights of every one of us. God bless you both & DJT for defending this nation from the enemies within.

Thanks you all for your support of our fight for justice for General Flynn. He has been effectively exonerated now. It's just a matter of time before it's dismissed.


And if you haven't seen it, Secondhand Lions is a great little flick.

@JM @Jaime


I've seen references to the "Cloward-Pliven plan" a lot on the sites I follow--so last night I read a detailed description of it in a fantastic book about cities, "The Future Once Happened Here". Destruction of the nuclear family, especially black families, is top priority. Blood-chilling.

After last night's live Quodverum with Saul, I pulled up a Buckley/Alinsky video on youtube. Alinsky, as expected, is an arrogant jerk. Buckley is confident and laid back. Alinsky also had disdain for the same people he supposedly wanted to help.

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