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I wouldn’t doubt if it’s the same bullshit dossier used against Trump.

Just change a few names, dates, places, etc. and PRESTO!

Leftist are truly very stupid ppl.

It’s Unbelievable that they’d pull the same dumbass stunt twice.

Have they got no other game? That’s a stupid question! They obviously don’t.

Here’s a better question:

Am I dreaming? 😂 😂 😂

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I agree that infighting has increased significantly. This phenomenon among Iranian regime officials has a long history. They do not seek the people's interests, of course. Only their own and who can get more pieces of the pie (being the Iranian people's wealth).
When I find some time, I'l gather some links shedding more light on this subject.
They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
In Iran's regime, however, the internal bickering escalates.

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Interesting article, not too long.

Compulsory Schooling Laws: What if We Didn't Have Them?

Eliminating compulsory schooling laws would break the century-and-a-half stranglehold of schooling on education.

We should always be leery of laws passed “for our own good,” as if the state knows better.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling out @jeremycorbyn's work for 's state-run Press TV.

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“It’s possible allegations of Russian influence will be used once the December 12 election is over (assuming Johnson wins) to try to hamper Johnson’s Brexit efforts, and maybe even bring down his government.”

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**Trump: Looking like a 'big win for Boris' in the UK**

"U.S President Donald Trump said it was looking like "a big win" for Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the British election. "

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The strategy of anti-Trump liberals - including news networks - was to venerate CIA, DOJ, NSA & DHS as noble, truth-telling patriotic heroes, the US's biggest liars and power abusers are now liberal icons who do more than anyone to shape news in the US. It's a disaster.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

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**UK Labour Leader Corbyn to step down as crushing defeat looms**

"Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Friday he would stand down as his party faced its worst electoral defeat in 84 years, but he did not set a date for his departure and added he would remain in charge during a period of ref…"

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I looked up that story.

The criminal shot Deputy Matt Williams nine times, including twice in the head execution style.

Then he drew down on 10 SWAT officers from five feet away. They hit him 68 times.

And the case was actually investigated by the Department of Justice.

"Excessive force" and a "civil rights violation."


@russelljimmies @ThomasWic Huey was one of my fave groups as a kid! Very sad news. I pray he has a full and speedy recovery. 🙏

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Today was the first time I felt courageous enough to wear my red winter MAGA hat out in public. I’ve had it for two years. I went grocery shopping. It was cold. I had a plan. If anyone had anything negative or nasty to say, I had an already prepared answer, “you keep on being miserable and we will keep on making America great!” Damn it. Do you think ONE liberal could have crossed my path? Or had the guts to say something to me if they had? Nope. I’m doing it again tomorrow.

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They play in the sandbox all day while Trump goes to work.

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The Red Wall are the reliable Labour constituencies in the northern England and Midlands.

They have voted Labour for three or four generations - until tonight

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All of these seats went Conservative tonight.
Labour majorities in Red Wall seats in 1997:

Sedgefield: 25,143
Leigh: 24,496
Bishop Auckland: 21,064
Redcar: 21,664
Workington: 19,656
Bassetlaw: 17,460
Great Grimsby: 16,244
Darlington: 16,025
Wakefield: 14,604
Scunthorpe: 14,173
Clwyd South: 13,810

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**Scotland must be given new independence vote: Sturgeon**

"Scotland must be allowed to hold another referendum on its place inside the United Kingdom following the crushing victory of the nationalists in the election, leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday. "

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Titania McGrath TitaniaMcGrath
3 hours ago

Following tonight’s devastating election results, it’s time for the left to reflect. 😞

We have clearly failed to win over the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.

The obvious conclusion is... we didn’t call them racist often enough.

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A nice little media file for easy distribution. Just make sure that you give "Carlos Osweda" credits.

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