Don't be surprised if this is what the media goes to when numbers are *substantially* lower than what was first predicted.

Chris Hayes ‘can’t quite accept’ the idea that President Trump inflated possible COVID-19 deaths so he could take a ‘victory lap’


'Can't quite accept'

Disgustingly disingenuous. Petulantly passive-aggressive.

Translation: our depraved, vile Leftist media are furious because they are slowly realizing the numbers of cases and especially the mortality rates will likely be far lower than predicted.

The response is working.


The media and the Democrats planned to howl, accuse, 'cry', scream and wail for months about Trump and the flu.

Their insane plans are being thwarted. Again.

Trump and the American people win again.

The media cowards vomit their fear and rage.

@timr Yep. Trump wisely saw what was going on.

He's thwarted them at every turn.

It's like bring up the African American community being effected more.

Why bring it up? Because Trump saw the progressive wing of the Democrat party trying to use it.

He used his podium to confirm and how they want to do something about it.

I believe in his sincerity. But I believe it wouldn't be brought up so publicly if he didn't need to. But effectively ending anyone using it for political gain.


Agreed. These briefings keep us all involved.

After the impeachment fiasco, the Democrats were thrilled to have this epidemic arrive.

Now even that is failing to destroy the President and help them.

Watching Trump openly check, block and defeat the media - and Pelosi and Schumer - in one skirmish after another, every day, is terrific


@timr There was a Zogby poll that said that Millennials are even saying Trump is doing a good job and they preferred him over Biden in this pandemic.

This morning, my dad told me that the Millennial maintenance man at the place he works said to him, "Trump is really doing a good job with this."

Considering how he was bashing Trump for awhile, this is huge.

Trump is changing minds, even with his biggest critics.

I imagine the news media will try to get beyond this pandemic soon.

@umad80 @timr Even my 22 year old said she'd vote for Trump. This is huge.


When this is finally over, there will be a sense of catharsis and release.

Trump will be seen as the leader who captained the ship through the crisis.

That is a powerful effect - it even goes below the conscious level

@timr I agree.

There is no way anyone is going to look at him in any other way but a leader. Well, those not inflicted with sever cases of TDS, at least.

I think it helps Pence too. Putting him in charge and allowing him to be a big part of the task force briefings was a genius move.


This produces ambivalence and confusion some on the Left. We'll see more WalkAway situations.

Pence is proving himself under pressure in a way that few VPs have the chance to do.

I would like to see Pence/Ernst in '24

@timr Yep. And I think this is why he picked Pence.

Many pick VPs so they can be safe from being impeached, as they all fear who could take that person's place.

But I think Trump approached this from a business standpoint. Have a second in command that could do a lot of the day-to-day.

Thomas has touched up on this, a co-president.

Pence is one of the best VP picks ever.


Pence is well positioned for '24. Always popular with the base. Excellent relationship with Trump. Strong debater. Can be trusted to carry on with the restoration of the country. And he is his own man - no media or Romney types can intimidate him

@timr Yep. His style is different from Trump's, but they are similar in having a backbone and wanting America to succeeded.

@umad80 @timr While I love Pence as a VP, I don't believe he has the same vision that Trump has. I think Pompeo would make a better President...he can handle the press, he is tough...and very intelligent ..just my thoughts

@campers @umad80 @timr. Love Mike Pompeo. Hes a to the point guy and you're right, he handles the press well.

@campers @timr What I mean by same vision is that he does believe in America first and MAGA/KAG.

I do agree Pompeo is great, but I think Pence has shown immense leadership skills as VP.

There is a reason he put him in charge. He believes in him.

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