@umad80 It wouldn't even surprise me if this was real. 🀣

@Baline Right? Suggested by Elizabeth Warren, I'm sure!

@umad80 Hey It's hard to her/ he/him/chief/them, etc. etc. πŸ˜‚

@umad80 Thanks for bringing me back to the fun side. Speaking of, hey, Blue Kitty @JM , where are you? πŸ˜€


Unfortunate that we need to doube check so many headlines to see if they're Babylon Bee, another satire site, or fake news.

If anything, Babylon Bee sounds far more reliable at times than fake news and their mentally challenged dem partners.

@Bunniesmommy Right? The Babylon Bee is more accurate than actual media.

I couldn't get past the first freaking sentence...you're right Schumer, wtaf are you doing here?..I'm coming up empty...js

@MEMA You gotta read it. It's hilarious! I love the Babylon Bee. πŸ˜‚

Only for you little sister, he's like a sliver in in my heel..unlike earlier, I will keep my tongue in place..😊

Okay, so (clearing my throat)..πŸ€”wtaf? ..Schumer is more delusional than Biden, and that's saying something..Biden will be easy.. Schumer, is fulltiltfucking bozo..if his demands where a hostage situation ..everyone would be toast..Schumer is so freaking insincere, it's embarrassing..as for nasty nanzi, that biatch has her "just desserts" coming..hoping this is less offensive than I was earlier..seriously tired of all of the bullshit the Democrats, Socialist, and Communists are pandering

@MEMA As much as I see dems doing this, this is satire. So no worries! 😁 No worries yet, that is.

πŸ‘Absolutely true little sister.. in that satire is what you see... definitely no worries here..and no worries later..as for me there is no.. no worries yet...I'm good..real good...I trust that you are too...

@MEMA A little stir crazy without karate in my life, but otherwise good!


Thanks! I had to share this with my friends.

The Babylon Bee is blurring the lines with real and parody requests at this point. πŸ˜‚

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