Yeah, must be election season comin' on...

The usual suspects, right on cue, start with the 'helpful' advice..

Trump should...
Trump needs to....
GOP's gotta....

Or the other tact.....

WAT! Hillary is still freee!

Trump did not do what I say he should, "he's gonna lose", "bad look....."

Trump otta sue everyone....

Or the good 'ol favorite of the 'helpful'...


Trump's done miracles, but yeah, "I know how to make him better....Big Luther sucks!"


@IndiaMaria I just saw that Laura Ingram and a Fox and Friends host tell him not to tweet today. 🙄

And then the number of so-called supporters agreeing and saying how he shot himself in the foot with the last tweet.

Really? Because instead of the narrative from the media being about Yonabitch (whatever her name is)’s truth and how this hurts Trump, it was about a tweet that caused curious people to seek his Twitter account and see all the videos of Republicans dropping the hammer on her.

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@IndiaMaria Honestly, after three years, I still can't believe people don't understand Trump.


If you are patient, or admire Trump, the 'smart' folks will call you "groupie" , "worshipper", "fanboy"....been called that since 2015. It's a badge of honor at this point.

@IndiaMaria Don't you love that? And these same people talk about Reagan as if he could do no wrong.

Both of these men are (were for Reagan) strong conservatives, but one is blunt, the other was ”eloquent” so must hate Trump. Even though his conservative record, among other things, is stellar. 🙄

@umad80 @IndiaMaria

Some of these "Reagan was king" types spent a huge chunk of his presidency whining about him being a goof or out of control.
The did the same thing with both Bushes and now to one doing their wishlist., Nothing new , never happy beltway babies


Something, ain't it?

Same with CNN's Stelter and POTUS' "spelling errors count."

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