When I hear about how POTUS and FLOTUS are not only fighting this epidemic, but WINNING it, my heart soars. It can’t bring back my brother, but it can help others so they don’t suffer. No one should have to go through what we went through. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

If Trump did nothing else, this alone would make me vote for him again.


ADDENUM: I thought I'd add some pics to show you how close my brother and I were. First pic was when we were young. The last pic is one of the last pics we had together.

So sorry. I too have a story of a precious brother. I understand.

@umad80 You're the reason I try to find compassion in these situations. So very sorry. Hold on to the love. Prayer for peace and comfort.

@umad80 I’m so sorry for your loss....(((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))

@umad80 😢❤️ You hit me in the heart. Real tears. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry. 🙏

These are beautiful and precious pictures...thank you for sharing them with us.. may the peace which is GOD be yours 🙏

@umad80 Love the pictures of you & your beloved brother. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. Drugs are a wicked thing from the pits of hell. I've lost family & friends to drug abuse. It's heart wrenching. God Bless you Dear.

@DonnaLea @umad80 I'm so sorry you had to go through that as well. I lost a very dear college friend who got depressed, used cocaine and then suddenly committed suicide. I still think his drug use had something to do with it. He was introverted as well. I miss him all the time, he was such a lovely person. His family never got over it and it's been a few decades.

@Lisa22 @umad80 One of those was my sweet Tabitha. She came to our church when she was about 4 yrs old. in the early 90's. Her home life was horrendous. I used to keep her for days. We talked about adopting her then at around 7 yrs old the Mom moved and we lost touch. To make a long story short she OD'd last year on heroin. I often think how different her life and ours would have been had we been able to rescue her.

@Lisa22 Sure was. We would see her off and on through the years. At 15 she was cutting herself. By 18 she had 2 kids and was a stripper in Reading Pa. When she stayed with us as a child she would sneak in and sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed. She hated go home when her mother came for her. @umad80


Oh, girl ... siblings are related in ways no other people are. And when we're close to our sibling, it's an amazing heart-bond. When drugs enter the picture, it's frightening, and heartbreaking.
I had two sisters who danced with that devil for years. Horrific.

God bless you, and may God hold your brother close. ❤️

I'm sorry to hear this. ❤

People don't understand how dangerous drugs and alcohol really are. I'm sure there are some people that can handle them from time to time but I've never met a person who could. It's not worth it.

@mariel Like so many, he had problems and dealers took advantage.

I try to put it in perspective though. Perhaps his problems stop me from going down that path.

I actually understand Trump and his not wanting to drugs or alcohol because of his brother. I actually didn't even consume an alcoholic beverage until I was in my mid to late 20s. I was that afraid of addiction. And I still won't even touch the hard stuff.

@umad80 @mariel Bless you. I have a daughter who teeters on the edge. Pot, I don't know what else. She knows we love her. She thinks legalization of pot is the answer, but doesn't see what it's done to her. It's led to risky behavior and I pray constantly that she wakes up and starts to care about herself.

@lisapretzel @umad80 @mariel

"Marijuana is less harmful than cigarette smoking!"

I love that excuse, because it's such a worthless argument. It doesn't matter how comparatively harmless it is if you're wasting your life on the stuff.


Was restless this morning at 6 AM ET. Got up, and caught your brave, heart-wrenching, lovely night thread on your beloved brother. Was also so moved by @ThomasWic 's support in boosting a complete re-consolidated thread. Thank you for the brave informed thread and the well wishes to our nation, and hope you receive some peace back in the return regard/support that comes your way. Love your sharings here.

@umad80 I lost my brother, too, when he was just 22. He was killed in a motorcycle accident.
While he was big on getting stoned on weed, we don't know if that was the cause of the accident. We didn't want to know. It wouldn't have brought him back and it would have made my parents feel even worse to find that out.
It's been 42 years since that day. I miss him.
Thank you for posting your story, umad.

@umad80 I found the rest of your story, and was so moved by all you and your family have been through, umad. One family member's addiction changes the lives of everyone in that family.
Bless you for having the courage to put your story out there. It reaches so many and touches everyone.
Here's to all our brothers who live on in our hearts and memories forever.

@umad80 @janis you had a very good relationship with your brother that will last a lifetime. In that you are blessed.

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