First off, I typed this up before I just wrote it. I didn't want to miss anything, so it'll get it tooted out pretty quickly. Anyway:

Many were sharing their stories about drugs, etc. I only mentioned my brother was an addict and the drugs took his life. I thought I’d share the whole story.

First off, this December will be 16 years since my brother died. He was 27.

My brother had a lot of problems. He was legally blind in one eye. He had to go to special education because of it (the blindness mind him a slower learner). He had difficulty making friends. Of course dealers always know how to spot these troubles in young people. Then they get them hooked.

I was 10, he was 14, when he started smoking pot. Not a big deal for a lot, but for him, it made him a monster. He had a chemical imbalance in his brain and it was affected greatly. The high put everything right, when he came off of it, it went back the other way and it turned him into a monster. But only when on the drugs. When he didn’t do them, even with the imbalance, he was an absolute sweetheart of a guy. The type that would give you the shirt off his back.

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@bbhack Oh, I bet I know. I must have forgotten to his the reply button a couple of times.

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@ThomasWic @bbhack I did it for some, and forgot for others. I think when I didn't it was when I had too many characters and forgot to hit reply because I was more worried about getting the rest of the toot.

Umad80 you've made my heart heavy. God bless you for what you've endured. Scars show that you have lived. Imo if you've lived without scars you haven't experienced life. You're going to be in my prayers tonight. I thank you for sharing this, things like this restores my faith in humankind. God bless you and your family. Everybody needs a jolt every once in a while and you provided one to me tonight

Thank you for the courage to put it out here. I'm not going into detail but i needed this tonight. God's blessings


Crazy my brother too died at 27. I was 23 and adored him. A day hasn’t gone by I don’t think of him. It affects my life until I die. I’m old, a grandma now. He’s still with me. He was goodness.

@KodiakIsland I too was 23 when my brother died. I'll be 39 in September.

My brother is my guardian angel now. He protected me in life (when the drugs didn't take over) and now he protects me in spirit.

My brother and I were never close after the age of 10. He was talented athletically, and was drafted by the Yankees, and played AA ball. Drinking/ anger and injuries curtailed his career. Getting close to his dream of pitching major league ball was too much. He descended into the world of Cocaine and crack. In periods he found religion, got clean, but the other shoe always dropped. 15 years ago the police woke us up. He was shot in the back in crack town. Dead at 41. Wasn't Surprised

@toyomike68 I'm so sorry for your loss. That was something we all feared would happen to my brother. Him ODing wasn't any better.

@toyomike68 @umad80
This story sounds eerily similar to Ryan Leaf. A highly touted quarterback from Washington State, drafted 2nd overall by the Chargers. He could not handle the media spotlight of the NFL. He's been in trouble with the law.


Sending support. Been there done that. The changing of people you know and love to strangers is a disorienting experience. Regardless, you are who you choose to be. Best to you and yours.

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