Has anyone had a rib injury? Wednesday I had a blow to my ribs while sparring (in the form of a round kick) and it was enough for me to double over in pain. Since then it wasn't too bad the first few days, but now walking can cause pain. What I don't have is any pain when I breathe, cough, yawn, etc. And I'm not sure if that matters.

So just curious if anyone has any knowledge on rib injuries.

I stepped in a hidden hole helping someone move several years ago and ended up falling on my side and fracturing a rib. First few days were sore, then the pain set-in. Interrupted nights everytime I moved. It was excruciating.
Took about 7 weeks before the pain was gone. It hurt every time I moved. Not much you can do but protect yourself, maybe a midriff wrap at night to keep your trunk motion minimized, maybe the day too. It especially hurts if you cough.

@EngOnDemand @umad80
I had a grocery store rack fall on me. Didn’t hurt at the time very much. That night I thought I was dying. No exaggeration. Couldn’t even get to a phone for ages. Called a taxi. I’m a cheap hard working tax payer. They were helpful and got me to emergency at the hospital. When I let the store know they didn’t believe me. I guess I understand. I didn’t report it at the time. Emergency room bill was hefty. 😢😢

@umad80 cracked, bruised or broken rib without a doubt. It’s excruciating.

@KodiakIsland Yes, it is! I still have my pain meds from when I had surgery. I didn't take one after my surgery and I almost took one today.

@umad80 I think it’s worth getting checked out But I don’t think they can do anything. every case is different so you never know.

When my girlfriend tripped climbing the stairs to the front door a few years back. She Broke a few ribs. The hospital sent her home w a pain killer Rx and told her to rest.

@Oo Yeah, there isn't anything they can do so I'm not sure I want to spend the money. 😞

@umad80 are you able to take some time and rest up? Can make lemonade and catch up on some good tv or reading?

@Oo I can. I work for myself so I can get someone else to do the work for me. It's my goats and horse I have to figure out. lol Which isn't super hard but the barn needs to be cleaned. 😒

@umad80 a tight wrap is all you can do and the tighter the better. Same for bruised ribs.

@icrewhelos From what I've read they don't wrap ribs any more because you can't expand your lungs which is worse for you.

@umad80 well I wrapped my bruised ribs and it made it easier for me. If someone has such problems it would be a thing to consider but adjusting the wrap so you can breathe alright and still have the needed support. It's to help incase you take to deep unintended breath. So when I say the tighter the better you should take that into account. You should also unwrap at times to lessen that also. 24/7 should never be done.

@umad80 it's also why they don't put cast on super tight because you can't take them off.

@umad80 Even a bruised bone, without fracture, can be painful, especially when moving it.


Cracked 5 ribs in motorcycle accident among other things.

Funny thing is you will need to sneeze then your body says oh I don't think so.

Just to clarify. The pain you speak of when walking is in the area of the initial contact?


Were you struck with the instep of the foot? Did you fall from the force of the strike?

@BCPaladin The top of the foot. I didn't fall. It was a hard impact that the minute it happened I knew it wasn't going to be good. I doubled over in pain and walked over to my sensi with tears in my eyes. I don't cry, so that's how much it hurt.

@umad80 had several rib injuries due to mis-spent youth. Broken, bruised, you name it. Broken or bruised coughing and sneezing out of the question. I separated a rib once. Sounds more like what you are dealing with. First couple days was dull, almost throb but not terrible. But continued to get worse over a few weeks. Finally my stubbornness was overtaken and went to Dr. could t do much but pain meds and a wrap. Took long time to recover. I am not a doctor. Just sharing my experience.

@Mendieta I know they don't wrap broken or bruised ribs anymore. Sigh. I’ll probably end up having to go to the doctor. 😒

@umad80 wouldn’t be bad idea. My separated rib was from hitting a fence post snowboarding. Knocked wind out of me but I carried on the rest of the day with little discomfort. In total 18 week recovery but still reminded me it was there even a year later. Best of luck to you.

@Mendieta @umad80

Yes — have this checked out.

It may be just a bruise, but it’s considered a chest injury. Nothing to sneeze at.

(Pun not intended.)

Good luck!

yes..when i was sparring in martial arts,i took a kick to the ribs.We had an idiot that "liked" to hurt women. He was a rank ahead of me.The owner of our school was a close personal friend of ours.He saw what happened and had enough of the guy.He'd been warned before.Kicked him out of the school.A few days later I went to Dr I was in a lot of pain..Had a cracked rib. Get it checked out umad !!

@Dawnz I was sparring a young kid. He just doesn't understand control. They never understand the older we are the easier we break. lol

so true,lol..Sorry you are in so much pain. ❤️


I bruised a rib once by taking a nasty fall on some concrete. I had no idea the bruised ribs were a thing, until it happened to me.

Ribs can also be twisted out of position. I did that once by lifting up my daughter's heavy schoolbag. I was worried I was having a heart attack, until I realized that the pain would vanish if I hunched myself over, so the problem had to be mechanical, so to speak.

Good luck and hope you feel better!

@ChrisE @umad80 KT tape! I have used to for back, knees, feet. Works great and avail at Walmart in sporting goods. Good online videos on how to use. Would support without restricting breathing.

@ChrisE @umad80
Yep, just checked and they have a video under 'back' on taping ribs. Give it a try. At least its cheap!

@IDscot @ChrisE Oh, I didn't think of that! I've used it for my lower back pain. It certainly does work wonders!


Not a doctor here and I do not think this is the case, but you want to ensure your rib, if it is broken, has not penetrated through some internal organs.

That's just to be on a safe side.

I had bruised one side of my rib cage skateboarding. Slammed it on a parking block. A little later in the evening I got a severe elbow to the other side. Bruised. I went to the dr. next day because of breathing difficulties. Dr said straight out I would have been better off pain wise with broken ribs. 4 weeks before I was 100%

@umad80 I have broken ribs several times. It's just one of those things you have to endure. There's not much they can do unless you have a big loose bone floating around then they have to operate. Other than that it just takes time. They are the worst. You can't laugh, cough, sit up, bend over or do basically anything.

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