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A peek into what is coming and why Dims are so terrified 🔽 My hat's tipped with gratitude for

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Never forget this diagram, especially in light of the confirmation today that ABC spiked Epstein's (and his gang's) paedophilia and sexual abuse.

FakeNews is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the DNC. Obama and Rhodes, the American Goebbels, destroyed journalism.

They truly are the enemy of the people.

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NY Public Library Tweeted
Do you know about This online resource focuses on well-known, regional and state titles in addition to small local newspapers, and is perfect for your research needs. All you need to access this database is a library card!

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@inverness01 @Elaines2cents @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @CM_hd1 @IrredeemableOne @Debradelai

We’re lucky to have Saul and Thomas, and others who have different areas of experience and who can warn when BS is tossed about. We’re smart to listen, consider, acquire new understanding of what’s behind scenes.

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"When CIA traitor Aldrich Ames was asked why he spied, he explained, “I know what's best for foreign policy and national security....and I'm going to act on that.”

Though Mr. Vindman is not a traitor, his testimony on Ukraine & Trump shows he shares the logic and hubris of one."

"CIA is writing scripts in Hollywood. They want to control your story." Tiffany FitzHenry

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Another thread by Rubin and this time calls out FNC with evidence. Hannity is not shown in a good light at all. Again, arrogance has even struck him.

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Trump Tweeted...
Close to 50 tweets about the whistleblower in past 30 days.....Now President Trump Just Tweeted.....

"Keep on climbing .. up this ladder .. because you're going to fall a long way when the truth comes out."

He's bringing Everyone to the cliff to witness the disaster....

President Trump is a Genius!

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A German 20-year-old shows us what she can do besides play the drums.

She's most known for her drumming.

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6. Last point - as @ThomasWic has been explaining patiently for years, in 2017 Trump did what no other US leader has ever done - he ushered in a grand alliance of MidEast nations, including the Saudis and Israel, and assigned them responsibility to fix things.

Since then, it's been one amazing event after another, including the takedown of major terrorists, reform in KSA, as well as major reversals for Hamas, Iran and of course, ISIS.

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5. Another thing - the FakeNews media is getting torched today, even on twitter, a leftist platform.

Openly mocked.

They won't stop with their nonsense, but their efforts today to undermine POTUS and even sanctify Al-Baghdadi, reveal them as the corrupt liars Trump has been saying they are, for years.

Those of us who have been following events closely, will know what an important moment this truly is.

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4. As for the situation in the US.

Impeachment is now DEAD. The House Intel Committee has utterly humiliated itself. As they played silly games, Trump got on with business.

Schiff and Pelosi may try to impeach POTUS, but they will utterly fail. Every member of Congress now knows that their seat is in danger, if they participate in the coup.

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3. The Syrians, Turks, Iraqis, Israelis and of course the GCC under the Saudis, are not only willing to work with Trump.

They WANT to.

Not just that. Such is Trump's power projection, they know what happens to anyone who crosses this special US POTUS.

People don't realize how much this will elevate the prestige of the US in the troubled region. It may well lead to an entirely new dynamic between the nations there.

It's a watershed moment.

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2. Start with this accurate observation - it couldn't have happened under the Obama administration.

It's not just the cowardice of Obama and his people, who were frightened of these extremist and gutless thugs.

It's also the simple fact that no one in the MidEast would have worked with Obama. They despised him as a weakling and loser, which he is.

In the MidEast, respect is given to the man with the strongest horse.

Trump has their respect.

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