I see that the latest variant, OMNIPRICK, is really doing damage over here at QV.

Also, the OmniCon variant might be at play.

How much does it cost to run this platform?

Asking for a friend.

I guess my days are numbered.

cough cough


State constitutional amendments forbidding VBM.

1 person, 1 vote, in person, with valid state id, citizenship & residency verification



As controlled opposition, the Lincoln Project is, for all practical purposes, the Republican arm of the Democratic Party.

Major funding for this renegade organization does indeed come from Democratic interests.

A friend of mine just texted to tell me she just heard Vernon Jones call CNN the "Control Negroes Network." I don't know where she heard it, though. Thought I would share.


It's better to have two Chinese divisions confronting you than one French battalion supporting you.

☎️ 📞
"911, if you lobbied to Defund the Police, please hang up, now."

@TearGasBreakfast Being intimately familiar with kinetic strikes and the the strict procedures, and the authorities for a stand-off engagement with the potential for CIVCAS, I smelled a rat instantly. Just my feelings mind you, but there will be “whistleblowers” who will come forward. Not naming the target or BDA instantly tells me they did not have PID. They wanted a response so they picked a target and let it fly. More to this story I guarantee.


We knew the claim was bullshit in real time.

Now, we know it was the murder of a friendly.


They knew.

Experts can tell what's explosive and what's not. As they looked at the guy, the experts would have immediately known he wasn't loading explosives (in broad daylight) onto his car.

Not just that. As he was a US friendly, DC would have known his address, too. Right?

'Hey guys, you sure this guy is ISIS? That address is for one of our allies in-country.'

They KNEW.

So who gave the kill order? That's what I want to know.

Remember the ISIS-K bomber that was 'taken out' by a drone en route to Kabul airport the other week?

Read this. Turns out, it was an innocent US-friendly and his family. The guy was loading water onto his car.

We all basically knew this as soon as the liars announced they'd taken out ISIS-K.

The spin today : 'we didn't know what he was putting in his car, so , er, we couldn't take the risk, so, er, we decided to kill the guy anyway.'

What BS.


But notice Cotton doesn't say the ATF is a threat.
Want my respect craft legislation abolishing the ATF as an anti-Constitutional organization.

Catturd ™
I 100% agree with Liberals boycotting Texas and Florida.

- and they should all move to another state to prove just how serious they are about abortion laws.

Army's *go-to* prophylaxis used to be Gamma Globulin.

It was used to temporarily boost our immunity against disease.

Wonder why it's not been in the discussions for Covid prevention?

It will be surprising if they receive clearance to leave since every American hiding, if retrieved, is actual physical evidence Biden left behind Americans who *wanted* to come home. And should every American from AFG make it back their testimonies and stories will permanently brand Democrats. As long as these Americans live, their stories live. Their survival is yet ANOTHER nail in the Den coffin.

"Democrats are to the United States, what ______ is to the human body."


Your turn.


Australia is a reminder of why you have to worry about tyranny around every corner.

Manchin and Sinema also worked in tandem to destroy HR/S1, the grand plan by the Democrats to federalize elections, and again covered for their colleagues.

This Reconciliation Bill is all the Democrats have left. All of their others Bills are either DOA or dying.

Biden is now a lame duck, no matter how long the Dems manage to keep him going. He has no influence or power in the legislative process and cannot function in public at all.

continued tomorrow


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