An educated person is a combination of academics + learning from the experience of others + one's own experiences. Those in an academic bubble who neither listen to others, nor live beyond their own shadow, are uneducated. Propaganda works on the ignorant. The rest of us see the truth. They failed to socially engineer us. We've beaten their mind control. And because we are still free, we are winning- regardless of how much they try to shame/silence us. Every day is one day closer to justice!


My brother and I are getting junk phone calls every three minutes today. The phones are ringing off the hook.

The Democrats sold our unlisted phone numbers as a form of harassment and intimidation.


Trump still wins in a landslide.


⭐ Update on CarpeDonktum, Buzzfeed will not dox him or include his name in their write up.

“There’s no way you can get the Dems to endorse Antifa, Al Qaeda, and Venezuela all in the same week”

Trump: Hold my covfefe

In the relatively short time I've been here, I've noticed how some have been damaged from their experiences on other social media outlets and are somewhat *hesitant* in exercising their free speech rights. Watching them slowly realize that those rights are respected here isn't unlike seeing a newborn colt take it's first, tentative steps.

Suppose it's bittersweet because the suppression of free speech isn't SUPPOSED to be happening in the first place...

Not in OUR America anyway.


A child can't be forced to be vaccinated, but they can be terminated by force.

A child is free to choose their sexual identity, but never given the freedom to choose life.

There's a lot about the leftist ideologies that make zero sense.

We touched a small few.

@ThomasWic It's what you don't see that's scary. Your mind will conjure up all sorts of things.

Today's horror is all about showing you. I think it was Rex who said that no one abides by the ”show don't tell” rule.

@REX @LMSanford Next up: A female Jaws who only eats men because of the patriarchy. Bonus: It's only straight white men.

@CancerousToeJam @Sternrage @Debradelai
I had these printed up because I got tired of writing it down for everyone. Plus it makes a nicer impression
Was like 20 bucks for a thousand of them from Vistaprint


Trump knows exactly what he's doing.

He's simply saying what so many Americans are thinking.


Trump is saying what so many Americans are thinking.

We don't necessarily WANT the Smiling Somali and the Palestinian deported, but we love hearing the president say, "If you don't like it here, go back to your shithole country."

It's the ultimate "EFF YOU!"

And we love it when the president speaks without fear.

@ThomasWic @Alex_Graham @DuaneCates


Monk Eastman later enlisted in the armed forces and forged a legendary reputation fighting in the trenches of World War I.


The gangs of New York were not afraid to show their faces.

They openly accepted all recrimination's resulting from their actions.

These people loved their country and were willing to die for it to end the seemingly endless cycles of corruption of the time.

@Lonestar This is what invaders do. If you're seeking a better life in America you don't act like you're trying to conquer it.

Yo @SpiceOfOurLife, you remember that hole of mine I needed to measure? This is what I dug out of it over the last couple of days,,,,


Rapinoe should DEFINITELY run, hopefully with Roger Maddow as a running mate.

It would be hilarious.

Dad: "Well, ya'll can come visit ... but you can't stay!"

We both cracked up.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.