Biden's disastrous first year. A stunning list of legislative and policy failures. Keeping track, for the record. This refers to Bills that were either introduced or discussed.

This is a short list of the Democrats' plans, policies and legislation which have all failed, either in Congress or in the planning stages, with no chance of passage in the future:


1) All of the federal takeover of election Bills: HR1/S1. Voting Rights Act. John Lewis Bill

2) Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill

3) Global Warming Hoax/green energy funding (part of BBB)


4) Woke laws that would apply to many industries (part of BBB)

5) Anti-police bill. HR 1280 "George Floyd Justice Bill"

6) Anti-2A bill. HR 127.


7) Abolition of the filibuster

8) Doubling minimum wage

9) Court packing

10) DC as a 51st state

11) Amnesty for illegals

12) Pro-Act, which would allow unions enormous power

All those grand leftist plans.

None of them passed.


Or dead before arrival



I’m so glad you’re back to rooting again. I’ve missed your insights.

Timothy this gives validity to my positive outlook for 2022 🤗... I will however admit that I hope this year doesn't seem to linger like 2021 did... 🙄


I love that ProAct is included in this list! I am living through the horrors of it here in California with AB5.

I did not hear it was dead. I think I can trust this coming from you so thanks. 😁 👍

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