Donald Trump stripped us of our ILLUSIONS as he awakened Americans from their deadly slumber.
But he did it with a SMILE, to free us.
As we began to realize those ILLUSIONS were cast upon us by America's #1 NEMESIS=The Media.

Global Cooling/Global Warming
Not working? OK. CLIMATE CHANGE.
America is racist.
OK, you're BORN racist, therefore you're GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY from birth, now PAY US to assuage your ASSIGNED guilt.
The MSM no longer informs us, they assign us opinion via these BS Narratives then do everything in their power to PUSH you to accept that Narrative & bend the knee to them in slavish agreement.

Scott Adams pointed out that the MSM doesn't inform Americans anymore & it's true.
The days of Edward R Murrow are long past.
No, their job today is to assign you the approved of opinions CAMOUFLAGED as information.
The people approving those POLITICAL/CULTURAL opinions are the very rich & very stupid people Trump has mentioned.
Then it's the JOB of Social Media to PUSH you into accepting it without skepticism or complaint.
As your HUMANITY bleeds away.

& Now the Forces of Chaos are bearing down HARD on any & all dissent.
Trump Supporter=Terrorist.
Their campaign to dehumanize us continues apace as their hideous Blackshirts demand our scalps.
The reason for all of this is obvious.
The "GROUND" they are standing on is UNSTABLE.
But they do have a SOLUTION.
Ever hear of Stalin's GREAT TERROR?
Stalin needed his Faction to solidify it's victory in the USSR in 1934 but their position was precarious.
What did they do to ensure their position?

Easy! They rounded up & murdered about a MILLION Russians.
The Commissars were given QUOTAS. The # of people to be arrested daily.
Understand, the vast majority of these people weren't guilty of any crime at all.
They were picked to cause TERROR in the population to PARALYZE them with fear as Stalin & his Cronies solidified their rule.
The other half went to Gulags where 70+% would die of disease, starvation or abuse.,

The most horrifying aspect of Stalin's Terror?
The Russian people WERE paralyzed with fear & so no resistance movement could successfully be formed.
Well guess WHY the democrats are criminalizing & demonizing Trump supporters so hard?
They know the actual vote count from Nov 3rd & it must EAT AWAY at their minds.
So we have to be PARALYZED while they consolidate power.
Enter the Tech Billionaires & their Crew of SJW Hacks eager to silence "hate."

All those EO's immediately signed by Slow Joe.
Prepared years in advance by the SHADOW PRESIDENT from Chicago to get America "back on track"
In other words back on the long cherished & planned for Road to Serfdom.
We're to stupid & dangerous to be free, you see.
Yes, with their AGENDAS they're pursuing, were we to be apprised of them they would be in danger.
MSM to the rescue.
I said if THE STEAL was allowed to stand the American Dream would become abject servitude.

Well, Biden was inaugurated & Saul NEVER misses an opportunity to tell me Trump is over & stop soaking up the "hopium."
I'm a Hobby Historian.
I've said if THE STEAL isn't reversed we don't HAVE a Republic anymore & I meant that.
What do you think they do with the TRIFECTA OF DOOM in 2022 with the Presidency, House & Senate?
Or 2024?
Sure, Sure, Patriots! Talk about doing X,Y & Z as they simply FINESSE the rules & votes again to ensure the Outcome.



A gibbering, glassy eyed phantasm.

Decaying before our eyes.

Truly the incarnation of the left at the end of their hegemony and power.

For those who assume the left are all powerful and omnipotent.

This literally transparent goblin is their Chosen One.

Cruel, vicious stupid and mad as a hatter

Like the fossilized, drooling, overbred, Habsburg relatives sent to rule provinces as the Austrian Empire went into decline

Do not fear the Dems

@Debradelai @DuaneCates

@timr @ManuelCerdan1 @Debradelai @DuaneCates

The Habsburg Jaw.

Charles II of Spain, whose ancestry was so inbred, developed such a jutting lower mandible and chin that a courtier had to stand over him with an umbrella every time it rained, to prevent him from drowning....

Possibly apocryphal story but worth a giggle.

@timr @ManuelCerdan1 @Debradelai @DuaneCates

Your description of Junta Joe reminds me of this passage from James Goldman's "The Lion In Winter":

Eleanor battling Henry, arguing she can outlast any potential male heir the aging king may sire with Alais:

"How old is Daddy then? What kind of spindly, rickets-ridden, milky, wizened, dim-eyed, gammy-handed, limpy line of things will you beget?"

@karnage @timr @ManuelCerdan1 @Debradelai @DuaneCates

I'm sure others have played the part but I immediately see a vision of Kathryn Hepburn...and that voice!

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