Some thoughts on an article from The American Mind. It is entitled "The Coming Coup?" by Michael Anton.

This article suggests that the Democrats are planning a revolution that will result in the overthrow of President Trump and the installation of a leftist regime - with the potential cooperation of the military.'

This fear, anguish and paranoia saps strength and can crush the spirit. Perspective is needed as well as confidence and some measure of objectivity

This overheated article expresses the current fear and even expectation among many, many conservatives that the Democrats will stage a successful overthrow of the government after Trump is re- elected.

The author states that the 'plan' is to convince the public that Trump must be removed. In other words it is the same plan the Dems/media have used since 2016.

This time, though, it is supposed to be different

These hair-on-fire 'articles' are catnip for worried Trump voters. They only spread fear and dread

The author suggests that he is not sure about the military - and that they might cooperate with the Democrats and overthrow the President in a military coup.

This is madness.

The Dems have attempted several coups against Trump. All of them have resulted in a backfire and boomerang that have broken the back of the Democrats party.

These are the supposedly brilliant strategists, political geniuses who far too many conservatives fear will stage their own successful banana republic revolution - with the military, which is exceptionally insane.

The Democrats cannot even manage a garden variety idiot leftist hoax. The Atlantic veteran hoax imploded.

Now we are told the military may well join in a revolution.



The Democrats are disintegrating.

These gurgling, simpering, venom-filled puff adders and leftist clowns, villains and psychopaths could not plan a picnic, let alone a successful coup.

Far too many conservatives think of Democrats as the equivalent of Ike and Patton in Europe after DDay.

The real analogy is with Hitler after Stalingrad, finally a gibbering demon in his bunker planning conquests that will never happen and blaming everyone but himself and his thugs

I fully agree that the Democrats are utterly evil, depraved and vicious.

They are also decadent lunatics and cowards.

These fearful articles make no mention of Trump's accomplishments and triumphs and ability to fight, and no mention of Barr, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court and the rule of law.

As well as - especially - tens of millions of strong, brave and energized Trump voters.

The disrespect towards the military and the police are evident here - although that is clearly not the intent

We are portrayed as hapless, naive, bewildered victims of evil leftist forces, beyond our control.

I know they will try anything and everything, but conservatives need to wake up and stop attributing supernatural powers to those criminal scum.

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@timr I'm old enough to remember when they told us 20 GOP senators were ready to vote Trump out during the impeachment hoax.


One of an assembly line of failed attempted coups.

And they all fail🤔

After all that carrying on, the only traitor was fatuous, oily, reptilian gadfly Mitt

@timr @watch4thedrop GADFLY MITT. About the best description of the arsewipe I've seen. Thanks Tim.

@Lonestar @timr

I listen to and read these thinktank/professor/author dudes and they are going through a personal, cognitive event.

I call it, "Oh shit, history is real!" These guys professionally construct abstractions and make arguments to support or tear them down.

Now it has finally dawned on them that all their abstractions are based on real events. You'd think that would ground them.

Instead they amplify Dem abstractions and drive farther away from reality.

It is tedious.

@Lonestar @timr

As an aside Netflix has a new doc on the KIlldozer guy. I may watch it, if I do I'll report back.

Not only does the Right have most of the guns, we have most of the heavy equipment owners and operators.

Have not read many think pieces about that. I wonder why?

@Lonestar @timr Oh, he's got a book coming out? Oooooh, now I see.

@timr I guess he saw Ann Coulter spinning doomsday scenarios and decided to make some cash out of it.


It is widespread among conservatives - and taken seriously, far beyond Coulter.

The Anton article is recommended by Emerald Robinson:

"If this article by Michael Anton (author of the famous "Flight 93 Election" essay) doesn't scare you, then nothing will"


Also, the American Thinker site, which is an excellent site in many ways, has an article today with this title: "The Democrats' Upcoming Theft of the 2020 Election"

When fear is taken that far, it does not encourage voters. It promotes panic

@timr When we're used to seeing Dems getting away with using electoral laws to their benefit in the past, it's understandable.

What I don't like is the fearful stance from many conservative intellectuals. We should be ANGRY, not afraid.

@timr Ty 100xs I had a conversation with someone yesterday who was all gloomy and down. Not being the "wordsmith" you are,I told them to wake up and look at all POTUS has accomplished.I asked..If he can do all of that with all the things the dems throw at him on everything daily, dont you think he's smart enough to counter their 2020 election schemes?..I didnt wait for a reply.😂


I strongly object to your equating puff adders with Dems.

Puff adders get the job done!

Dems are definitely venomous, but not fatal to the republic if patriots are on their guard...!

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