Union Jack parachute sequence from the 1977 Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me".

Terrific opening scene.

A little W.C. Fields for those who like his wryness. The Diner.



Great scene!

🎶 Like heaven above me....

I love when the toggles drop. Would love to use them one more time....


It is a cool scene... I just could never get into Roger Moore as Bond. Simon Templar, yes. Guess I was as guilty as those who had a problem with Daniel Craig ( who I think is a great Bond). There was just something about the Moore era Bond's that felt characatured to me.


Agreed. He was slightly wooden. I liked those films during my school years for the effects and the adventure.

I liked "Live and Let Die" which had Jane Seymour, and "Spy Who Loved Me" with Barbara Bach. Not all of the Bond women were that good.

I stopped going after the 80s

@timr @HectorHeathcote

I enjoyed Roger Moore in the '80s but I was a very young man and you couldn't make James Bond uncool to me back then.

I think it was only later that there was the backlash against Moore and I might have jumped on that bandwagon a bit. I definitely felt a bit of happy for him watching this sequence.

@mrbungle @HectorHeathcote

I liked Roger Moore. He was somewhat too gentlemanly for Bond. Bond is not a gentleman. But he looked the part and used his dry humor.

He was good in "The Saint"

@timr @HectorHeathcote

Yeah, they all bring something to the role. I like the saint too. Connery was a rogue, Moore was the 80's smooth operator and Craig is the brooding modern man.

I know there was another one in there, but all he brought was anonymity.

@HectorHeathcote @timr

I was making fun of Timothy Dalton there. I honestly couldn't remember his name. I had to forgotten that Pierce Brosnan took a turn. I do like him as an actor, although I don't remember his Bond role.

Brosnan is an incredibly prolific actor. He has been in some terrible movies but he does not shirk and always puts in a great performance regardless. I went on a bit of a Walmart discount DVD bin binge a long time ago and was astounded at how many movies he'd been in.

@mrbungle @HectorHeathcote

George Lazenby

"On Her Majesty`s Secret Service", 1969

He was forgettable but the night ski chase is outstanding

@HectorHeathcote @timr

Well that's a recommendation of sorts!

How about Richard Burton as George Smiley?

@KenLarkin @mrbungle @HectorHeathcote

That is a show that has held up well - low-key and well written and acted.

@KenLarkin @timr @mrbungle

That was a perfect role for Moore. He was Templar like Connery was Bond.

@HectorHeathcote @timr @mrbungle

I liked Rodger Moore in that role. Sean Connery was my favorite. I also think Daniel Craig did an excellent job as well.

@timr @HectorHeathcote @mrbungle
In the old series Maverick
He played, Beauregard "Beau" Maverick.
Bret Maverick's cousin.

@KenLarkin @timr @mrbungle

I used to watch Maverick (James Garner) never saw that episode though. I think Grit shows it on Saturday mornings, have to check that out

@HectorHeathcote @timr @mrbungle
I'm not sure how many episodes he was in. I'd have to check in his filmology.
You can get the separate episodes on Google.


Plus, Moore's Bond went from cigarettes and "shaken, not stirred" to cigars and champagne. Bit too much of an envelop push for me.

@Hunter @HectorHeathcote

My last Bond film was "For Your Eyes Only". Years ago.

@Hunter @timr

Hell no, just watched Goldfinger tonight. Have the complete Bond collection in digital files.

@Hunter @timr

That opening chase from Casino Royale sold me on Craig and the reboot

@KenLarkin @HectorHeathcote

That brings back memories from when I was kid, with my Dad driving our station wagon on summer days. I liked that song - he couldn't stand it. He would sigh and shake his head. 👍

But we went to the Bond films together.

@timr @HectorHeathcote

When I was a kid, my older brother used to watch the saint, so I would watch it with him. I've always liked the bond series though, the movies were always edgier than the times. Lots of good memories.

@KenLarkin @HectorHeathcote

Yes. The 60s Bond movies must have seemed much edgier at the time than they do now.

@KenLarkin @HectorHeathcote

We rarely go to movies now. They have no appeal for me.
Although my brother told me '1917' is excellent.
So that is one film I will see.

@timr @KenLarkin

I don't go out to theaters anymore. Have a huge digital collection of film and books. I do find myself watching older films a lot, they're more satisfying. Currently watching the old "Combat!" series. On season 4 out of 5 .

@timr @HectorHeathcote

Time for me to bail. You guys have a good night, catch up with you later.

Same here. I may go to one, maybe two a year. But not until I've gotten some reviews from other friends.


@KenLarkin @HectorHeathcote

DVDs and television and the old classic are much better options.

Have you seen the British series "Foyle's War"?

Absolutely first rate

@timr @HectorHeathcote

I saw a couple episodes of it and then life got busy and I forgot all about it till you just mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder.

@HectorHeathcote @timr

I was the same with Moore, one of my two least favorite Bonds.

And I too have enjoyed Craig in the role.

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