Try though I have, I simply can't dismiss the very real probability that what Trump has had to endure since he took office is "Asymmetric" warfare.

And if it can be conclusively proven the CHICOMs weaponized and deliberately spread the virus across the planet, then this would represent an escalation of the campaign against him -- and the US.

Trump has been engaged in skirmishes on EVERY 'front' possible. Domestically, internationally, internally..and it's unrelenting. Hope I'm wrong.


Along with the "All Americans return home immediately" order,
the Pentagon has deployed Navy Warships in the Southern Atlantic and Eastern Pacific to “ stop Drug Cartels. “ 😳

@Cdubois - the problem with my own theory is I don't think there's a room full of evil democrats, CHICOMs, NOKOs, globalists, Islamofascists, etc. in a Dr. Evil lair somewhere plotting against the US/Trump.

I do, however believe there are opportunistic antagonists who think they can win by 'piling-on.'

Looks very much like a 'Death from a thousand cuts" strategy has been brought to bear against us.

A pack of jackals can take down a much more powerful animal.

Still hope I'm wrong.

@Lonestar @Cdubois

That has been going on since election day.

Trump's approval ratings are higher now among all groups than they have ever been.

Those cowards, goons and thugs have failed at every attempt and are only succeeding in destroying themselves. A boomerang effect multiplied to infinity.

They are far less powerful and clever than your comments suggest.

In fact, they are self-destructive cretins and morons.


They truly are a myopic bunch.

And they have overplayed their hand for far too long. Their end is near.



@Cdubois @Lonestar

Their end is already here. We are witnessing it in real time.

They are evil, and eventually after a period of time, evil destroys itself.

There is no wisdom, strategy, intelligence, planning. No goals or ideas. Not even self-preservation.

Just cowardly hysteria, panic and rage all the time.


Good point.
Difficult to see clearly through the chaos but yes, I believe you're right.


@Lonestar Yes. Just look at Nancy planning to appoint a committee to review Trump's Coronavirus response. They're going to impeach him AGAIN. @timr @Cdubois


The last impeachment attempt failed.
This one will too.

And we all need to file a class action lawsuit against these corrupt a-holes for wasting our tax dollars on these specious acts to the tune of billions.

@Lonestar @timr


I don't even know if it's legal to do so. But it should be.

These people are traitors.

@wziminer @Lonestar @timr

@wziminer @Lonestar @Cdubois

This is willful self-destruction. Everything the Democrats do is wrong and foolish.

This won't go anywhere. The Dems in the House have to carry the self-imposed burden of that impeachment fiasco in November.

Even they won't tolerate another one.

Pelos is a madwoman. Completely crazy. Schiff too.

They are sleepwalking into the abyss

@timr @wziminer @Lonestar @Cdubois

They are abusers. They are abusive to the President, conservatives (and fellow liberals as well if they get one step out of line.) The President stands up to them, and that makes them insane with rage.

How do you deal with an abuser? You either stand up to them or walk away from them. The President is doing the standing up part. It's up to regular Americans to see what is happening and do the walking away part from the Democrats.

@Johnschulien @wziminer @Lonestar @Cdubois

Yes, indeed.

And we will be there by the tens of millions in November, across the country to make sure the Democrats are given a great big helping hand on their collective journey into the abyss of loss, failure and electoral doom.

Into the trash bin of history with the Left.

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