I don't think Bernie Sanders wants to be President.

I think he is stunned by his own recent and remarkable success and he is now sabotaging - maybe half consciously his own campaign.

He fanatically defended Castro's Cuba last night. That interview alone assures that the GOP will win Florida easily.

Tonight he emphatically defended his statements.

On the CNN Townhall Sanders again praised Castro and ignored the evils of that regime.

Tapper tried to give him a way out, but he refused even to soften his comments.

"The truth is the truth"


Sanders' obsessive praise for Castro in the midst of the primary season is pure self destruction for the General.

He has surged to front-runner status, and looks highly likely to be the nominee.

The stunned and shattered Democrats are just starting to adapt to the monster they created.

Sanders's focus on Cuba, of all things, makes no sense even for him now, as he looks to Super Tuesday.

"If you want to disagree with me, if somebody wants to say that — and by the way all of the Congress people you mentioned just so happen to be supporting other candidates ... but you know, the truth is the truth. And that is what happened on the first years of the Castro regime."

Sanders went much further. He not only praised Cuba but communist China as well during the same Townhall:

"Sanders added that China is another example of an autocratic dictatorship that has accomplished good things for its people.

"China is an authoritarian country, becoming more and more authoritarian," Sanders said. "But can anyone deny, the facts are clear, that they have taken more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history?"


Sanders' bizarre lies have none of the smug smiles and metaphors and gurgling sentimentality of traditional Democrats' lies.

He is hard-line, full-throttle, unreconstructed Bolshevik.

I really don't think Sanders wants to win.

He knows he cannot win unless he starts to communicate his 'ideas' to people outside his communist bubble. Even waiting to scream about the wonders of Castro can wait. His timing is too obviously bad to be a coincidence.

Sanders didn't want to win in 2016. His abject surrender to Hillary and the DNC machine was absolute.

Sanders could have fought back against the obvious rigging by Hillary and her thugs. He had plenty of evidence. He had more than 40% of the voters. But he did not.

He didn't want to win then.

I don't think he has changed. The complete disintegration of Biden. The failure to launch of Harris, O'Rourke and Booker. The instant implosion of Bloomberg. The slow long decline of Warren.

They all fell away, leaving him the inevitable front-runner

I don't mean Sanders is consciously, constantly trying to end his campaign.

I think it is partly conscious.

He is surrounding himself with the loathsome Squad.

Again, this is pure self-destruction.

I have been reading many comments by conservatives who are deeply concerned that Sanders' popularity with the Democrat base is comparable to Trump's popular support in 2015-2016.

They are not comparable and the argument is false.

I am not suggesting at all that we can relax and assume we will win. We have to be vigilant, energized, aware and willing to work to reelect Trump and the GOP.

But fears that a communist will become President are not based on reality.

Trump was, and is, absolutely certain about his Presidential run. That assurance and certainty and sense of inevitability were evident from the beginning.

There is the sense of calling and vocation that is communicated to us as well.

Sanders has none of that certainty or calling. He is bad-tempered, thin-skinned, scattered, vague and at the same time rigid and obsessed with Marxist doctrine.

Sanders has no sense of humor and is never at peace.

He has no center or evidence of an inner life.

He has the frenzy and manic humorless urgency of all demagogues.

His followers like his red-faced rage and indignation. But that behavior and his personality have no place in a general election campaign

Sanders opposes fracking and would deliberately destroy our booming energy industry.

That one issue alone assures his defeat in PA, as his worship of Castro assures his defeat in Florida. Those are only two issues but they are vital in those two states especially.

He demands open borders and the end of national sovereignty.

This will crush him across the country.

Sanders' success with Hispanic voters is being touted as a positive factor for Sanders in the General.

The data does not support this - in fact, the opposite is true.

First, the Nevada Democrat caucus saw a sharp drop in both the Hispanic and Black vote as compared to 2016:

This is a breakdown of the early voters for the Democrat NV caucus:

2016: 19% latino / 13% black

2020: 17% latino / 10% black

This is terrible news for the Democrats if it continues.

screenshot from SHEPMJS

So while Sanders did well with Hispanic voters in NV, total participation of the two demographics that the Democrats depend in dropped very sharply.

Polls on potential Hispanic support for Sanders on the national level make it clear that Socialism is anathema for a candidate for a very significant percentage of Hispanic voters, regardless of their country of origin.

"A nationwide showed Latinos would be less likely to vote for a socialist candidate by a 41-point margin."


Sanders and his campaign have shown no willingness to go beyond their Marxist fanaticism - even to lie, for the sake of winning an election.

They show no concern for those who escaped from the living hell of socialist dictatorships and no interest in learning from them.

Again, Sanders shows little interest in actually winning.

Ongoing thread on Sanders in the General:

Sanders and his own campaign acknowledge that the young socialists who are the core of his followers will have to vote in unprecedented numbers that would be a record for the last half century.

The assumption is that Sanders can win if the turnout of young voters increases by 30%.

There is no indication that will happen.


Here is a chart and graph showing turnout of young voters since 1988:

1988 35.7%

1992 42.7%

1996 33.1%

2000 34.5%

2004 45.0%

2008 48.4%

2012 40.9%

2016 43.4%

2020 - 54% is the percentage necessary for Sanders to possibly win, and assumes an overwhelming landslide for Sanders in that group.

source: electproject.org

The Sanders projections assume that young voters will vote in record numbers that are far higher than the numbers who voted for Obama in 2008.

The problem with that assumption is that there is no evidence at all for this assumption.


The turnout in the caucus/primary season so far has not shown a significant increase in enthusiasm and voter commitment from Democrats of any age group, and no improvement at all for young voters.

On the other hand, GOP turnout has been up to record numbers, although Trump has no competition for the nomination.

This is a disaster in the making for the Democrats in November.

Democrats' are planning for self-destruction at their convention.

They are now openly plotting to choose a candidate of their own on a second ballot if Sanders has a plurality of delegates, but not enough for the nomination on the first ballot.


If the Democrat elitists go ahead with this plan to sabotage Sanders at the convention, the result will be immediate chaos as Sanders delegates leave the floor.

That will only be the beginning of the rebellion.

"Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders.

Interviews with dozens of Democratic Party officials, including 93 superdelegates, found overwhelming opposition to handing Mr. Sanders the nomination if he fell short of a majority of delegates."

Ongoing thread on Sanders in the General:

Today's South Carolina vote makes a brokered convention more likely.

Joe Biden had a strong showing South Carolina, winning close to 50% of the vote.

This assures that he will remain in the race through Super Tuesday and likely to the convention.

Bernie Sanders came in second with close to 20%, while no other candidate will receive any delegates.

Here are the final numbers from the SC primary:

Joe Biden 49.34%

Bernie Sanders 19.39%

Tom Steyer 11.29%

Pete Buttigieg 8.13%

Elizabeth Warren 6.94%

Amy Klobuchar 3.10%

Tulsi Gabbard 1.20%

source: hotair.com

Steyer wasted a fortune on his vanity campaign, and has now dropped out.

He did take votes away from other candidates who might have improved their poor showings.

This was also a poor showing for Buttigieg, Warren and Klobuchar.

Sanders managed a decent second place showing but he under-performed.

Bloomberg announced this week that he is staying in the race for the long haul, all the way to the convention.

Biden's win is based entirely on his popularity with black voters. That is a problem in several ways. He may win again in other southern states, but Sanders has a strong advantage going into Super Tuesday in the west and northeast.

At the same time, any other candidate besides Biden will have a difficult time winning over a majority of black voters in the General.

Biden's victory in SC is solid and assures his continuation in the race.

But Sanders is in a far better position for Super Tuesday.

One example: South Carolina awards 63 delegates.

California votes on Super Tuesday.

California awards 416 delegates.

Sanders is the overwhelming favorite to win California, and by a large margin.

Sanders looks likely to win the vast majority of California's delegates.

The Dem nominee needs 1991 delegates on the first ballot to win. California's delegates alone are about one fifth of that total.

The problem for Biden in CA is not only the likelihood of a big win for Sanders. But also that he is currently polling so low there that he may not win any CA delegates at all.

Here are the cumulative CA primary polls for the last two weeks.

Sanders 35.3

Warren 17.0

Biden 11.0

Bloomberg 10.0

Buttigieg 9.7

Klobucharr 5.7

The last four are all polling below 15% and will be entirely shut out if these numbers hold.


With his usual precise timing, the President comments on the South Carolina results:

"Sleepy Joe Biden’s victory in the South Carolina Democrat Primary should be the end of Mini Mike Bloomberg’s Joke of a campaign.

After the worst debate performance in the history of presidential debates, Mini Mike now has Biden split up his very few voters, taking many away!"


Bloomberg will not give up now because he wants to control the convention - and his vanity and arrogance will not allow it.

He knows Trump and every Republican will happily gloat.

At the same time, he neatly dissects Biden's only win so far - referring to Sleepy Joe and Biden's "very few voters".😎

Today - in just one day - Joe Biden told voters to go out and vote on "Super Thursday".

He then announced: “We hold these truths to be self-evident...All men and women created … by the — you know — you know the thing.”

At this point, he is so phantasmal seems to be barely in this world at all.

He seems transparent and ghostly, with no mental or physical substance. Like an apparition.

And Biden, this sad, exhausted, malicious, pathetic, ghostly creature is supposed to be the only thing standing between the decrepit Leftist establishment and the final communist takeover of the Democratic party from within.

Biden continued his disintegration tonight. He was unable to successfully introduce his wife and sister after doing better than expected in several states.

"By the way, this is my little sister Valerie," Biden said in Los Angeles, while gesturing to his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

"And I'm Jill's husband," he continued, taking the hand of his sister. "You switched on me," he said after realizing his mistake."

His 'speech' was a shambling wreck.

Even the simplest comments are beyond him.

His screaming speech made no sense at all - a series of unrelated nonsense.

"I can quote an English poet. But I'm going to quote a real poet."

"It's about relivering results"


Aka people who now know that they should’ve voted for trump are trying to redeem themselves. And that’s ok with me

@timr I strongly encourage the Democrats to do this.


The Dems have a choice: A communist who will destroy the party in November, resulting in a civil war that finally splits the Dems after the election, or an elitist choice who will also lose in November and split the Democratic party and produce chaos and rage in Milwaukee.

Assured destruction either way

@LiveFree @timr
Especially with the people that Sanders has in his camp. The DNC should be a war zone.

@redwhitebluedude @LiveFree

Yes, Sanders' voters include a cesspool of radical leftists and Marxists. Genuine fanatics

@timr @LiveFree
What better way to shine the national spot light on them than the national media covering their rioting at the DNC.


His followers will be enraged. I don't know about Sanders himself.

He is a Marxist who lives as a wealthy capitalist. He may surrender to the DNC again. Maybe he'll fight.

Whatever he does, his voters will rebel and there's nothing the Obama/Clinton/DNC/media crowd can do about it.


I listened to Biden's speech. While a lot of it was unintelligible, I did hear him take credit for the resurgence of the automobile industry during Obama's reign. I'm still laughing about that. Are people that stupid?


No - no one believes him.

None of that matters. He says whatever comes into his head.

Platitudes, fragments of memory, radical leftist trash that his lunatic campaign staff and the media forced him to memorize, stupid jokes, idiotic lies about Obama - a jumble of junk.

He is the Leftist's only hope. They are too terrified to think about what it means to have him break down.


IKR. I am trying to flush it from my brain. 😂 Does the DNC really believe Biden can go the distance to November 3?


"Go the distance" means getting his name on the ballot and ignoring all reality.

So yes - they are assuming that now.

But the Democrats/media are completely separated from reality anyway.

The brokered convention is the next stop. That will be chaos. November is much further down the road


It will be interesting to watch this play out over the summer. One variable, of course, will be the health and stamina of Biden and Sanders. Both have had issues recently, and stress/demands of the campaign surely will have a role here.


This premature coronation of Biden is macabre - pure smoke and mirrors.

He is the only choice for Dems who fear Sanders and hate Trump.

Biden is purely a form of defense player. He has nothing to offer, no vision, no principles, no beliefs, no policy, no achievements. He is there to stop others. Only

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@timr I am not sure how they expect him to keep it up for 7 months with out completely falling appart.

And without the voters tuning him out. Looney tunes. 🤪


There is no strategy or planning or pragmatism regarding Biden. It is pure panic.

He is falling apart now, tonight. They only want to stop Sanders. They are not thinking ahead.

He did well tonight with voters, but CA is still out there tonight.

But his 'speech' was a disaster

@timr this could end up worse for Democrats than of they chose Sanders.


None of the Dem candidates can beat Trump.

But Sanders has a core of devoted followers across the country who will campaign and vote for him, no matter what.

He would be a stronger candidate than Biden in the General.

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@timr The male version of Miss Havisham? Let them all eat moldy cake.


Yes, and just as cruel. And just like her, he will unintentionally burn down the party


Yes, it should be a serious concern and that is slowly happening. Biden's disintegration is obvious now to the entire country

The Democrats are terrified. It's the same theme: cowardice, fear and panic are driving them. That is why this is happening. No reality at all.


Biden behaves like a man who is in the midst of worsening mental and emotional decline - likely some form of dementia. The diagnosis doesn't matter. The symptoms are obvious and unmistakable and he is getting rapidly worse.

His weird and bizarre behavior is funny, but also poignant and pathetic. At the same time he is a cruel and vain man.

What a mess.

The Democrat establishment really is vile

@timr @BeFree

Not like. Is.

Biden is obviously in the throes of some kind of neurological decay. Remember, he has a history of aneurysms. That greatly increases the risk of senior dementia. He doesn’t know what state he’s in. He easily loses track of his thoughts. The repeated slurring of words.

He isn’t even aware of what’s he’s supposed to be running for and is making nonsensical promises, even worse than a typical Democrat politician.

@Argentum47 @BeFree

Yes, true.

The debates will be a triumph for Trump. Then the convention.

If the Dem 'leaders' go ahead with their plot to take the nomination away from Sanders and give it to Biden, then Biden will have the responsibility of unifying the party - starting with the convention itself.

He even has trouble reading speeches when they are written.

He is being thrown into the wild animal pit. But he is also doing ti to himself

@BeFree @timr @Argentum47

I agree with you on the major health crisis. It is becoming sad to see the increasing number of misfirings of his little gray cells

His family should be the ones protecting him from the quite public display of his faltering brain. But instead, his wife Jill is pressuring him to continue.

Shame on them all!

@watspn1013 @BeFree @timr

As the rigors of campaigning intensify, Joes mental decline will get much worse at a rapid rate. He’s already forgetting facts about his own family (his late son was Delaware AG, not USAG for instance). He will misname more people, confabulate very unreal and inappropriate sounding stories and possibly flub his own name. Expect more bizarre behavior as well.

@watspn1013 @BeFree @Argentum47

Biden is certain to be far behind Sanders in delegates. But the Dems are so panicked and terrified that they will force him into this impossible situation.

He isn't even a real front-runner

@timr @BeFree

I agree that at some point, he consciously made the choice to run for POTUS, to continue Obama’s legacy, with the full support of his family and donors. He is now at a point where he has no awareness of who, what, where or when he is. He doesn’t even know why. His family should do the right thing and get him the care he needs, but they won’t.

I think he doesn’t know how he can get himself out of this. He has no autonomy. His self advocacy skills are diminished.

@Argentum47 @BeFree

Well said. At this point, he cannot manage even the most basic communication skills.

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