Thread on 2020 Senate races.

McSally’s chances for victory in AZ will be substantially helped after today’s conflict with CNN.

It’s interesting to see the strong positive reaction from conservatives for Martha McSally regarding her dismissal of CNN leftist Raju as a ‘liberal hack’.

She is up against Dem challenger Mark Kelly and is considered to be one of the two most vulnerable GOP senators running this year, along with Gardner in CO.

Thousands of ticket splitters suggest a lack of enthusiasm for McSally – she won a bitter primary fight, against Ward and Arpaio, but received only 53% of the votes.

These ‘purity’ primary challenges are foolish and counterproductive. They focused on who was the true Trump candidate, and added to the false impression that McSally is a RINO. Losing almost half of the primary votes made it difficult for her to gain momentum.

She was castigated today by the petulant cowards on CNN and their media colleagues.

Instead of apologizing, she did the right thing - she stood her ground, and followed with an interview with Laura Ingraham.

"I'm a fighter pilot! I called it like it is!"

She is also shrewdly using it for fundraising while the media loons howl like banshees.

In New Hampshire, it looks like retired Brigadier General Donald Bolduc is the likely candidate for Senate to challenge Shaheen.

Trump is likely to win NH. Senate races in NH tend to be very close, and both ME and NH are generally less willing to vote for radical leftist candidates.

The senate has moved so far left that there are many issues that Bolduc can run on.

The GOP's chances in the NH race are under-estimated.

Bolduc is solidly conservative and low-key, which plays well in NH.

He has the support of NH's leading GOP couple.

He also strongly supports the President on Iran in a Breitbart interview:

General Bolduc on Iran:

"Americans need to unite and come together. We don’t need to be arguing with each other about what the president did.

The president actually did something that should have been done a long time ago. [Qasem Soleimani] has been a menace and danger to stability in the Middle East and across the Levant, extending that instability to western Afghanistan, where Iran has been involved using proxies since the beginning of the war there. "

General Bolduc on Iran, NH GOP senate candidate:

"All the way to Africa, what they’ve done has effects in Europe, and so, we need to come together as Americans, and we need to identify Iran as an enemy."

Corey Lewandowski was a possible candidate but decided not to run.

He is a local - from over the border in Lowell, MA in north central MA. I think he do well in the House but while he would likely win the primary as an unquestioned Trump supporter, his intensity and lack of discipline would be a problem for the senate race - at least now.

The senate race in Alabama has two exceptionally strong candidates with the returning Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville, and Jones is an exceptionally weak incumbent.

It looks to be a very likely pickup.

It will be interesting to see if Doug Jones votes for impeachment.

He will anger voters on both sides, no matter what he does. There is some concern about the impeachment vote hurting the GOP senate candidates - I don't see it. Voters who oppose Collins because of Kavanaugh will not change their minds because of that issue.

For McSally and Gardner, it will only help their conservative credentials.

But the vote does place several Dems in a difficult position

Michigan Senate Race:

In addition to Alabama and perhaps NH, MI is also looking strong. A GOP victory in Michigan looks increasingly possible.

In the latest poll, John James continues to poll well against incumbent Dem Gary Peters. James has been polling even or within five points of Peters for the last six months.

Peters is four points ahead of James in a statistical 'dead heat', 44-40.

The most significant numbers in this recent poll are the closeness of the race, the percentage of undecideds - 16% - and the failure of Peters to reach 50%.

For an incumbent, this is a serious problem as a majority of undecideds generally break in favor of the challenger.

John James poll news:

"Poll: Peters holds small lead over James in Michigan Senate race
Leonard N. Fleming, The Detroit NewsPublished Jan. 9, 2020

Democratic U.S. Sen. Gary Peters holds a small lead over Republican challenger John James in the Michigan race, according to a new statewide poll, but they are in a virtually statistical dead heat in a race where the candidates have raised a combined $17.3 million."

John James poll news continued:

"Peters, who is finishing his first term, is ahead of James 44% to 40% in a Glengariff Group poll of 600 likely Michigan voters that was provided to The Detroit News. About 16% of voters are undecided in a race that is expected to receive national attention since Peters is one of two senators running in states that President Donald Trump won in 2016."

Trump's focus on the northern Great Lakes states will intensify during the year, and rallies featuring the President and James will be a major news event that Peters cannot compete with.

Pence has already endorsed James. His fund-raising is consistently strong, he came from far behind to finish six points behind Stabenow in 2018, and his poll numbers have also been consistent.

Gary Peters is one of those hapless, mush-mouthed, bland Democrats who scuttle under the radar, accomplish nothing and vote with the radical left in all circumstances.

If he votes against impeachment, the Left will have their usual screaming tantrums and perhaps primary him.

If he votes in favor, then that will be the leading issue for Trump and James to use against him - as well as his support for open borders and infanticide and his vote against the tax bill.

2020 Senate thread, continued:

The Democrats are sabotaging themselves in several races. There is no indication of strategy, pragmatism, common sense of even self-preservation.

Beto O’Rourke came away his failed 2018 run as the Left’s new hope. The media slobbered over him. He lied about being a ‘centrist’.


He might have kept his fraud 'centrist' act and challenged Cornyn this year in Texas.

Instead, he launched a ludicrous failed presidential campaign that established him as a radical leftist and his political career is over.

He is now poster-man for media-driven flop campaigns.

Juan Castro might have run - but he also joined the Democrat nomination circus.

Now there are no real challengers in Texas.

In Georgia: Stephanie Abrams was another Dem who ran a competitive race in 2018.

She might have come away from her failed governor run and built on it, with a senate run this year.

Instead, she is nationally famous as a paranoid loon who claims she is the real governor of Georgia.

The media worship her as well. But she destroyed her chances for state-wide office.

She has passed on the senate race.

Now Jon Ossoff is running in Georgia - the same Ossoff who spent 23 million in the most expensive house race in history, in 2017.

He managed to lose in Georgia's moderate 6th district. Now he is running for the Senate.

The only question will be the extent of his landslide loss

2020 Senate thread, continued:

It seems that the most vulnerable GOP senator is Cory Gardner in Colorado, now that McSally is gaining momentum.

John Hickenlooper, former CO governor, will be the likely Dem candidate.

Hickenlooper is the favorite to win, but Gardner should not be counted out.

Hickenlooper's flop Presidential campaign and his own 'centrist" (less Marxist) views make him vulnerable.

During his White House campaign, Hickenlooper made the foolish statement that he was "not cut out to be a senator".

"Former Colorado governor and failed Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper on Thursday morning launched his Senate campaign after saying back in February he is "not cut out to be a senator.""

Democrats are making a lot of miscues. The GOP needs to continue showing more fight.

@timr I’m voting for Juan. He said we each get a grand each month.


Thank you for this thread. It’s a stark reminder that keeping our houses clean at home means less mess in DC. Good stuff.

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