In this week's polls:

The first NH poll - Emerson - since the last debate shows Sanders maintaining a growing lead over the rest of the field.

Buttigieg dropped to 2nd.

The Democrats are having to face the ugly reality that Sanders has an excellent chance of winning both IA and NH.

Biden and Warren are mired in a third place tie at 14% - not even enough to win any delegates.

Klobuchar made an impressive gain, rising six points to 10%. It is possible that she is benefiting from the dearth of centrist candidates, although her policies are not centrist.

She does give the impressive of being formidable, in an angry, bitter way.

As Biden's weird, smoke-and-mirrors 'campaign' continues to dissolve, she may pick up some voters who are repelled by communism.

Emerson NH Dem poll:

"Exclusive 7NEWS/Emerson College poll offers peek at who’s leading ahead of NH Democratic primary"

Also in this week's polls - Sanders is now in first place in a national poll.

Sanders 20%
Biden 19%
Warren 12%
Bloomberg 9%
Buttgieg 6%

"Sanders climbs, now tied with Biden among registered voters: Reuters poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been steadily climbing in popularity this year and is now tied with former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination among registered voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national poll."


The Democrats are terrified.

Sanders is surging. Warren's failed attack and CNN's typically stupid bias are only helping him.

The decaying establishment media continue their self-destruction as their attempts to destroy Sanders inevitably boomerang.

Biden is a spectre. He is confused, frail, waxen, hot-tempered, disoriented and rapidly declining. The awareness that he has no chance is slowly dawning on the leftist clucks.

Now all they have are the Marxists and the ciphers.

It is a priceless joke on the smug, haughty, arrogant Left that an unreconstructed Bolshevik is the likely front runner against their most despised and feared opponent. He has no chance. But his followers are obsessed with him and can no longer be controlled

Sanders is a wild-haired, bug-eyed, old-fashioned Red - a caricature of the Stalinist work-horses of the 30s and 40s. A professor from NYU screaming and defending Stalin's five year plan in a Washington Square coffee shop.

Sanders is absolutely insane. But he is the only Dem with a true following.

Biden is crumbling into a heap of dust and cobwebs.

Buttigieg is a pretentious lightweight. Warren's rage is consuming her as she declines. Bloomberg's billions are enough to give him leverage at the convention - but that's it. Klobuchar is a stationery throwing harridan.

Sanders is the only one with vision, energy and a following.

The inevitable attempts by the DNC to stop him will result in convention chaos

In this week's polls:

While the impeachment hoax hysteria continues to slime its way, the polls are showing Sanders continuing to rise.

Morning Consult polling for the four early states - IA, NH,NV and SC:

"NEW early-state tracking:

Biden: 26% (-1)
Sanders: 23% (+4)
Steyer: 15%
Warren: 12%
Buttigieg: 11% (+2)
Yang: 4%
Bloomberg: 3% (-2)
Gabbard: 3%"

Warren has stopped falling and has stabilized. Buttigieg gained slightly and is still in the game.

Steyer's numbers are weirdly high. Billions spent can at least buy name recognition. It's interesting that he has now topped Warren and Buttigieg.

The desperate attempts to promote Klobuchar have produced nothing.

At the same time, another new poll shows Sanders leading in California.

"Sanders holds 4-point lead on Biden in new California poll"

More on California poll:

Sanders 28%

Biden 24%

Warren 12%

Buttigieg 8%

Bloomberg 6%

Yang 5%

Steyer 3%

Klobuchar 2%

If Sanders can win in delegate-rich California, that would be the biggest story of Super Tuesday

More on this week's polls:

Sanders continues his surge in the weeks before primary season.

New results from NH.

"New WBUR poll for the New Hampshire Primary has Sanders nearly doubling his support since the same poll last month and taking a commanding lead.

-Sanders 29%
-Buttigieg 17%
-Biden 14%
-Warren 13%
-Klobuchar 6%
-Yang 5%
-Gabbard 5%
-Steyer 2%"

The most impressive number from the poll is how wide the margin is between Sanders and the other three 'front runners'.

This momentum is coming at the right time for him.

In this week's polls:

Arrogant Democrats are reaping the whirlwind.

"Only 53% of Bernie Sanders voters will definitely support 2020 Democratic nominee if he doesn't win"

As the Democrats continue their impeachment self-destruction, their own civil war continues and the results are in the polls.

Sanders is surging, and his voters are loyal to him - and increasingly unlikely to support any other Democrat if Sanders fails to win the nomination.

The Democrats establishment continues to attack and openly insult Sanders - and his voters.

Madame Lafarge Clinton is leading way with her foolish insults.

It doesn't seem to occur to them that Sanders voters will not surrender as most did in 2016.

That theme of a decadent Leftist Establishment refusing to acknowledge their loss of power is interesting - self-deception and delusions of grandeur as their world collapses.

In today's poll:

The Democrats' perfect storm continues to form on the horizon.

Sanders expands his lead in Iowa outside the margin of error, as Warren continues to slide.

"Poll: Sanders opens up lead in Iowa"

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has opened up a 7-point lead in Iowa, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll released Saturday, a strong showing in a volatile primary battle just over a week away from the state’s caucuses"

More on today's Iowa poll:

Comparison of this week, in the first column, with October

Sanders 25% 19%

Buttigieg 18% 18%

Biden 17% 17%

Warren 15% 22%

In today's polls, Sanders' momentum continues in a new state - South Carolina.

If Joe Biden loses in both IA and NH, he has to win NV and take SC in a landslide to remain viable.

But in SC, Biden's lead has collapsed from as high as 31% to just 5% in the new poll.

Biden is still front-runner, but Sanders is only 5 points behind.

"Joe Biden leads the Democratic primary with 25%, followed by Bernie Sanders (20%), Tom Steyer (18%), and Elizabeth Warren (11%)."

The details of the SC poll are just as significant.

Sanders has been working to appeal to SC's large base on black Democrat voters.

They are they to Biden's lead and until this month he had an overwhelming lead - with as many as 50% supporting him in SC.

It was assumed then that this pattern would be Biden's default base that could not be shaken.

That is no longer true.

Breakdown of SC black voter preferences:

Biden (30%)
Steyer (24%)
Sanders (16%)
Warren (10%)

Today's poll - cumulative leads in key states for the Democratic nomination.

These reflect the numbers from the last 1-2 months on average in numerous polls, as detailed in the RealClearPolitics polls.

Iowa Sanders leads by 4.4

NH Sanders leads by 9.5

NV Biden leads by 5.7

SC Biden leads by 13.5

CA Sanders leads by 5.7

In both NV and SC, Biden is dropping sharply in the last 2-3 weeks.

More on the SC poll and what it means for Sanders and Biden:

"South Carolina was the firewall. It was the state that was supposed to go overwhelming for Joe Biden in order to stop the bleeding of possibly losing the first three states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. That now looks like it may not happen and it’s a shocker."

Biden's implosion:

"Just how much of a disaster is this result for Biden? His now commanding lead among African Americans had dwindled to almost nothing."

"Nothing is certain, but the chances of the Democrat establishment facing their worst nightmare of a Bernie Sanders nomination has gone up exponentially in the last two weeks. "

Biden's implosion continued:

"The voting is already upon us as well, so the time to change the outcome has dwindled. Iowa votes Monday, with New Hampshire just days later.

If Sanders wins both those states, he’s going to also be favored in Nevada. At that point, the game will have fundamentally changed and Biden may lose South Carolina outright. If that happens, the game is over, and it may be before then."

All of this explains why the Dems are pushing Bloomberg - a pure panic move.

Bloomberg's obvious longer term goal is to further socialism/marxism in the US.

But his ludicrous presidential run will hurt his credibility and expose his plans to public at the same time.

Caucus/primary season starts tomorrow, and even now, the Democrat's nomination process is not the lead story - or on most days, even at the top.

The idiotic impeachment hoax is still the obsession of the myopic, self-defeating Democrats.

After Trump's back-to-back triumphs with the SOTU and Acquittal, the crazed Democrats will be faced with a communist as their likely front runner.


She is so unlikable an attack on Bernie causes him to surge! 😂🤣

@timr especially if they get Hillary into the fray. Sanders supporters will riot and burn cities.


Many of them are volatile and cowardly at the same time.

If Hillary hurls herself into the maelstrom, the results will be even more chaotic.

She is also now in the Miss Havisham fossilized wedding-cake madwoman category. Except the wedding that never happened is the lost election of 2016 and the Dem voters are the fiancee who jilted her.

Strategy and shrewdness no longer matter. She has nothing more to lose. Revenge is always an option by jumping in

@timr @LiveFree If only the tv pundits were as literary! Loved your descriptions. Biden as Renfield in Dracula - that's what I thought of with the decaying cobwebs. I do think Miss Havisham was probably nicer than Hillary, but decaying at the same rate, ha ha.

@Joycevor @LiveFree

Biden makes a convincing Renfield. A broken, pathetic factotum for the DNC.

@timr The Democrats are certainly between a rock and a hard place. Couldn't have happened to a nicer criminal organization.


The Dem establishment still assume they have the power, influence, importance and privilege they had in 2016. They make mistakes constantly because they refuse to adjust.

@timr Sanders is a difficult sell to the Millenial yuppies who may nominally be "progressive" but are also invested in the stock market and making a killing.

The Democrats' job was to find the Goldilocks golden mean of sticking it to the Deplorables while not hurting their pocketbook.

With Sanders, all bets are off.


The Democrats chose Biden as their safety/default candidate.

That was an idiotic decision, even for the Democrats. It was immediately obvious that Biden is too ill and exhausted.

All of the energy and intensity in the Dem party is on the hard left. They have no patience for the condescending lies of the decadent establishment Left.


Sanders voters won't vote for Biden in large numbers.

If Sanders does not get the nomination, a third party is a viable option, even if Sanders himself is not the nominee.

@timr ...and if does, there will be an Independent candidate a la Howard Schultz.

Rock and a hard place.


The battle that the Dems have held off for a generation is now on, and there is nothing either side can do to stop it.

The power of the decadent establishment has been broken permanently. The Clintons were the central base of power, and then they were joined by the Obamas. The DNC, Reid, Pelosi and the leftist media kept their common folk in line.

Leftists always obey their leaders, in lockstep - until they sense the leaders no longer have real power.


The extreme radical left know that their 'leaders' are now in their twilight.

Bill Clinton is shamed and ostracized.
Hillary is a symbol of ugly failure and an embarrassment.
Reid is gone and his ending the filibuster is his legacy, benefiting conservatives every day.
The Obamas are fatuous, detached, monstrously selfish jet-setters.
Pelosi is a trembling, grimacing, drooling, manic wreck.
The media is openly mocked and treated with contempt and disdain.


The DNC power base was destroyed on election night, 2016. The radicals know that intuitively.

Sanders himself is not a fighter - or hasn't been before. If he doesn't fight hard against the crumbling establishment, his voters will find someone who will.

@timr Sanders can't fight them because while they may no longer win presidential elections, they are still in charge of the electoral machine, and they can certainly sabotage his election if they so wish.


They may still be in charge of the electoral machine - but they will sabotage his campaign with the world watching.

If there is a brokered convention, the super-delegates will vote on the second ballot - and if they throw the nomination to their pet fool Biden - every step of the process will be followed and reported on the internet and in the media.

Their theft will enrage the radical left. They won't forgive this time.


The last brokered convention was in 1924. The Democrat convention. There were 102 ballots, in the days of smoke-filled rooms.

There is no precedent for a brokered convention as it would unfold today.

@timr For the DNC, it's only a bunch of bad-or-worse choices:


Sabotage him early, lose the left

Sabotage him late (put the brakes on general election fraud/bribery), get waxed so hard it massively hurts the Democrat brand - major loss of credibility, as well as reverberating down-ticket.

They are basically screwed.

@loc1000 Yes - and then a likely third party radical leftist.

@timr Allowing him to run in the general, where he is guaranteed at least 40% from vote-by-rote Democrats means the leftists go, "oh, we don't need the Democrats anymore, we can form our own party."


I think that will happen however the nomination works out.

@timr They are certainly feeling their oats. Poor fools don't realize the value of the Democrat brand, of course, given the huge number of brain-dead (D) voters but the Democrats trying to prevent Bernie from winning certainly do.

Also, they don't learn from history much. Socialists wane in good times, and they'd have to be placing a massive bet against Trumpism succeeding.

>The inevitable attempts by the DNC to stop him will result in convention chaos

Recreate '68!


"A professor from NYU screaming and defending Stalin's five year plan in a Washington Square coffee shop."

I know that SOB. Took classes with him at Shimkin Hall.

Lives in Washington Place just East of Sheridan Park...


By the way, there were no coffee shops at Washington Sq on my day. They were on University Place, McDougal and Bleecker.

These characters were always at Le Figaro or La Lantana di Vitorio on McDougal, or the Minetta Tavern.

@Debradelai @timr

In the 60's and 70's you could get a Nickle bag 24/7 in Washington Square...…..safely, The Village was a great place

First time I ever had a Souvlaki was on Sullivan in the village. Little Greek walk up place.

Mulberry St in Lower Manhattan is my kind of heaven. My waist size increases by the block. Da Gennaros, Umberto's, the little Italian deli that would slice Prosciutto so thin you could read the newspaper through it!


Gotta go cook something now

@Debradelai @timr

I'd commit murder for a Cannoli from Ferrara's right about now


Miserable Marxist SOB's planning their dystopian revolutions from bourgeois locations for 150 years.


"... an unreconstructed Bolshevik ... a wild-haired, bug-eyed, old-fashioned Red - a caricature of the Stalinist work-horses of the 30s and 40s. A professor from NYU screaming and defending Stalin's five year plan in a Washington Square coffee shop."



"Biden is a spectre. He is confused, frail, waxen, hot-tempered, disoriented and rapidly declining."

Perfect. Just perfect.

@Debradelai @timr
😂😂😂😂😂What a losing ticket coming!! Landslide no matter what!


Watching their garbage campaigns do a Hindenburg, one after the other, has been sweet indeed.

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