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This is the fourth in a series of threads that I am running on Voting and Elections.

All four threads are pinned on my profile. This thread is open-ended and ongoing. I will be adding to on a regular basis.

The other two ongoing threads are: 1) 2021 and 2022 Governor Races and 2) 2022 Senate Races.

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New Ongoing Senate Thread:

This thread will address the midterm Senate elections in 2022, the candidates as well as primaries and other related issues.

This is an open-ended thread and will be pinned along with Governor thread.

As with that thread, there will be data, research and discussion.

A thread on House elections will be posted later, likely next month.


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New Ongoing Thread covering the midterm Governor Races in 2022 and the two 2021 Governor races.

This is thread that will provide data, research and discussion


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Thread on the Republican Red Wave.

The Presidential election news is the number one story. But the other major story of this election season is the outstanding showing by Republicans in the House and state legislature races.

It has turned out to be a very good year.

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I don't know what will replace the Left as the dominant ideology of the West.

Conservative populism is the phrase for what seems to be next. Maybe not.

But the Left is broken. They rely on raw power, hatred, slander, lawsuits, manipulation and the opposition to freedom in any form to maintain power.

These are all the hallmarks of a despised and decadent self-styled ruling class who are mocked by the people they supposedly represent.

Let me see if I get this right.

The guy who secured a bogus conviction on Bob McDonnel (tossed by SCOTUS 9-0) paving the way for Terry McAwful and bungled the trial of John Edward's (leading to his acquital) is the "non-partisan" shyster picked to go after Trump?

Yeah. Sure.

@medgladje: "Are you looking for something different to watch now? I put together this list specifically for you who might be new to classic movies. Shorter movies to help you get used to the cinema style. Also, follow and @tcm [screenshot]"

(H/T @davereaboi RT )

@watch4thedrop I think as the dust is settling we see GOP is making headway in many places (not MI). We can’t give up We have to work hard. I know in MI even though we lost big time the grassroots volunteers were more than I’ve ever seen & it was leadership on old guard & Trump side fighting for dominance instead of fighting for our candidates.

Lots of lessons for all levels of GOP to learn
National, state, county, both sides of GOP & candidates

@Debradelai @Timmerax @redwhitebluedude @timr

Palin should have stepped OUT of that race altogether and supported the leading GOP candidate.

@Lisa22 @timr @umad80

The greatest thing for me isn't Trump winning (more). It's that he has seeded, and continues to seed, the garden.

Without Trump there would be no DeSantis or Lake (in their current forms). He paved the way for them, they followed his blueprint, and they are just the first among many seedlings yet to emerge.

Trump might end up defeated (again), but not Trumpism. Too late for that. The army he's raising is his real legacy, not the examples he set while creating it.

Zeldin and Presler. Getting out the vote for Republicans. From Zeldin:

Zeldin 2022 vs Cuomo 2018

Long Island

Suffolk - 22 point swing for the GOP

Nassau - 27 point swing for the GOP

This is what happens with outstanding candidates with a strong positive message and an energized base against terrible Democrats.


The New York GOP worked hard to make sure that the Dems did not get away with their redistricting scheme. Then they fielded strong candidates who ran with Zeldin. Four seats in New York flipped GOP.

Together with DeSantis' redistricting of Florida and the strong showing in CA, those three states together were more than enough to flip the House. The new GOP juggernaut and the two largest blue states in the country.


Zeldin won Staten Island by 33 points. He won Rockland by 12.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about his rallies on Long Island and in Westchester. Rockland is next to Westchester. Both counties went blue at the end of the 80s.

I mentioned that Zeldin held a rally on my home turf. For the first time since Bush Sr. there is hope for the GOP.


The midterms produced a rising star in Lee Zeldin. These are counties that he flipped red compared to Cuomo in 2018.

These are landslides


There is plenty of good news in the midterm results. The GOP did very well in California. The two largest blue states, New York and California, are both examples of what works and how to move forward, starting with outstanding candidates and working hard to encourage voters.

In Orange County, Republicans voted for Republican Brian Dahle over Newsom by a margin that was 12 points higher than the 2020 Presidential vote

The House flipped. The Democrat trifecta is over. Biden's legislative agenda is permanently dead. Pelosi's power is shattered. This is all very, very good news.

My wonderful niece just passed on. Please remember her husband and children in your prayers.

The Dems had labeled the GOP in the 70s. Now it was time for the GOP to create a positive message and promote a strong policy agenda.

Ronald Reagan was the choice of a significant portion of the base in 1976. In 1980, the time was right and he won in his first landslide.

The two years leading up to Reagan's win were a productive time for the GOP Congress. They were in the minority but that didn't stop them from putting together the agenda that would be central to the Reagan Revolution.


Encouraging lesson from 1978:
The last midterm when the GOP underperformed was in 1978. The 1974 midterms were a Dem blowout and Carter won narrowly in 1976 against Ford. The GOP did not have a clear identity. They had been the party of Nixon and a new identity had not yet been formed.

Jimmy Carter was an increasingly unpopular President and inflation was high, but both Houses remained under Democrat control, although the GOP did make gains.


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