The most impressive number from the poll is how wide the margin is between Sanders and the other three 'front runners'.

This momentum is coming at the right time for him.

More on this week's polls:

Sanders continues his surge in the weeks before primary season.

New results from NH.

"New WBUR poll for the New Hampshire Primary has Sanders nearly doubling his support since the same poll last month and taking a commanding lead.

-Sanders 29%
-Buttigieg 17%
-Biden 14%
-Warren 13%
-Klobuchar 6%
-Yang 5%
-Gabbard 5%
-Steyer 2%"

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@timr d then did a little fist thump on the man's chest.....Biden the back-ally bully seeped out

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The decaying and decadent Leftist establishment have been keeping Biden as quiet as possible and away from interviews and major events.

They treat him as an elderly, hapless, pathetic, weak and fragile orphan stuffed into a basket and left on the DNC doorstep.

But they cannot hide him anymore. His illness is obvious and so is his rapid decline.

I don't mean to exonerate him. He is a nasty and compulsive liar with no principles or moral compass.

The illness only makes it all much worse.

Those who think Biden will benefit from senators leaving the campaign trail for the ludicrous impeachment trial are mistaken.

The intensified spotlight and focus on Biden will only hurt him.

His campaign is a walking disaster - the worst major campaign in recent history, and that includes both parties.

He is very ill.

Biden's outburst of inappropriate anger, the constant, obsessive repetition of the same word, the confusion and disorientation, the inability to think and respond to questions, the disregard for space and personal and social rules, forgetting his own recent statements - they are all symptoms of dementia.

His extreme frustration and repeating "Come on, man" as a substitute for comments are not just signs of a hot temper. They are symptoms.

Joe Biden's bizarre behavior today in Iowa would be more than enough to end any Republican campaign, or even more Democrat campaigns.

He screamed "Why, why, why, why" and pushed uncomfortably close to a CBS reporter, in response to a question about his changing opinion of Sanders.

More on California poll:

Sanders 28%

Biden 24%

Warren 12%

Buttigieg 8%

Bloomberg 6%

Yang 5%

Steyer 3%

Klobuchar 2%

If Sanders can win in delegate-rich California, that would be the biggest story of Super Tuesday

Steyer's numbers are weirdly high. Billions spent can at least buy name recognition. It's interesting that he has now topped Warren and Buttigieg.

The desperate attempts to promote Klobuchar have produced nothing.

At the same time, another new poll shows Sanders leading in California.

"Sanders holds 4-point lead on Biden in new California poll"

In this week's polls:

While the impeachment hoax hysteria continues to slime its way, the polls are showing Sanders continuing to rise.

Morning Consult polling for the four early states - IA, NH,NV and SC:

"NEW early-state tracking:

Biden: 26% (-1)
Sanders: 23% (+4)
Steyer: 15%
Warren: 12%
Buttigieg: 11% (+2)
Yang: 4%
Bloomberg: 3% (-2)
Gabbard: 3%"

Warren has stopped falling and has stabilized. Buttigieg gained slightly and is still in the game.

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"A professor from NYU screaming and defending Stalin's five year plan in a Washington Square coffee shop."

I know that SOB. Took classes with him at Shimkin Hall.

Lives in Washington Place just East of Sheridan Park...

Now Jon Ossoff is running in Georgia - the same Ossoff who spent 23 million in the most expensive house race in history, in 2017.

He managed to lose in Georgia's moderate 6th district. Now he is running for the Senate.

The only question will be the extent of his landslide loss

In Georgia: Stephanie Abrams was another Dem who ran a competitive race in 2018.

She might have come away from her failed governor run and built on it, with a senate run this year.

Instead, she is nationally famous as a paranoid loon who claims she is the real governor of Georgia.

The media worship her as well. But she destroyed her chances for state-wide office.

She has passed on the senate race.

He might have kept his fraud 'centrist' act and challenged Cornyn this year in Texas.

Instead, he launched a ludicrous failed presidential campaign that established him as a radical leftist and his political career is over.

He is now poster-man for media-driven flop campaigns.

Juan Castro might have run - but he also joined the Democrat nomination circus.

Now there are no real challengers in Texas.

2020 Senate thread, continued:

The Democrats are sabotaging themselves in several races. There is no indication of strategy, pragmatism, common sense of even self-preservation.

Beto O’Rourke came away his failed 2018 run as the Left’s new hope. The media slobbered over him. He lied about being a ‘centrist’.

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@timr Sanders is a difficult sell to the Millenial yuppies who may nominally be "progressive" but are also invested in the stock market and making a killing.

The Democrats' job was to find the Goldilocks golden mean of sticking it to the Deplorables while not hurting their pocketbook.

With Sanders, all bets are off.

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Hillary cast as the decrepit Miss Havisham? You are an awesome Director. But it's desperation imho.

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I pray liberals with a few functioning brain cells left understand how dangerous a Bolshevik such as Bernie Sanders really is.

I would point them to the historical record of St. Nelson Mandela who looked the other way as his criminally insane wife Winnie directed that tires be placed around the necks of white persons and then lit on fire.

That kind of dangerous, children.

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