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(6) Thirty-four years.

And as one forest died and another clings precariously to the ground, massive amounts of documents remain classified as thousands of survivors look for answers and glimpses of their loved ones in every thing they see, everyday.

Those who got a yellow ribbon as much as those who got a black one, or nothing at all.

Still hoping that before the new forest survives us, we might get some answers.

Rest in Peace, my friends.

For, alas, we don't.


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Gorgon-word of the day. Couldn't have said it better!

The Red Wall are the reliable Labour constituencies in the northern England and Midlands.

They have voted Labour for three or four generations - until tonight

All of these seats went Conservative tonight.
Labour majorities in Red Wall seats in 1997:

Sedgefield: 25,143
Leigh: 24,496
Bishop Auckland: 21,064
Redcar: 21,664
Workington: 19,656
Bassetlaw: 17,460
Great Grimsby: 16,244
Darlington: 16,025
Wakefield: 14,604
Scunthorpe: 14,173
Clwyd South: 13,810


Britain election:

Leigh, part of greater Manchester, votes Conservative for the first time since 1922.

Historical trends broken across Britain in a major realignment


"Blyth Valley goes to the Tories

A hugely significant win for the Conservatives in Northumberland

The seat has been held by Labour since 1950. "


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And another headline from Britain:

"Tories On Course For Landslide Victory.
Labour Faces Worst Defeat in Modern Times"

And we have this, which I have never heard of and looks like a British headline, circa 1950. Which is good.

Some of Britain's media headlines.

I do enjoy the hyperbole and drama. They give us a run for the money.

Britain's Election:
Headline in "The Economist" a few minutes ago.

"Boris Johnson is heading for a big majority, according to Britain’s exit poll
The predicted majority of 86 would be the Conservatives’ largest since 1987"

"If the is right, Labour has done exceptionally badly, recording its lowest number of seats since the war"

Since the war....Gadzooks


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@JM @wziminer

This is way more than Brexit.

It is a resounding rejection of national-socialism, antisemitism and the politics of division and hatred pushed by the left.

This is a dress rehearsal for US 2020.

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@inverness01 @stephanieanne @timr

As Horowitz said today, the report does NOT vindicate anyone who "touched this thing".

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As of today:

50 Circuit Court Judges nominated by President Trump have been confirmed by Mitch MConnell and the GOP.

50 in less than three years - A record for this early in a Presidency.

In comparison, 55 Obama nominated judges were confirmed in 8 years.

Trump's appointments are on average ten years younger.

And still more are coming.

These judges will be holding to the constitution and the rule of law when the impeachment disaster is a footnote in the disintegration of the Left.

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