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Ongoing thread on Republican voter turnout in the 2020 primary season and special elections, and voter enthusiasm:

This is a new ongoing thread that will report on and discuss the issue of Republican turnout during this Presidential election season.

I’ll address primary and special election turnout and related topics.

Please add comments and any information you may have from your own regions. Local news is always better.

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Ongoing General Election thread;

It's very early. But the purpose of this thread will be to post pertinent poll, primary and debate information regarding the November General.

This is a way to keep track of ongoing data and also the changes and new developments as a result of the flu virus.

Data and poll numbers - when pertinent - can be added here.

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2020 Senate Elections thread, continued;

Yet another Republican senator showing courage and stepping up to the plate.

Georgia's new Senator, Kelly Loeffler let Simp Mitch have it, and called him out on his spiteful, passive aggressive games regarding witnesses.

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Thread: This will be an ongoing thread covering 2020 House of Representatives and State Rep Election thread:

Last night, the GOP scored a landslide win in a special Texas House election that the Democrats predicted would swing to them and be a bellwether.

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I don't know what will replace the Left as the dominant ideology of the West.

Conservative populism is the phrase for what seems to be next. Maybe not.

But the Left is broken. They rely on raw power, hatred, slander, lawsuits, manipulation and the opposition to freedom in any form to maintain power.

These are all the hallmarks of a despised and decadent self-styled ruling class who are mocked by the people they supposedly represent.

When the insane self-destruction of New York's vile radical left meets the real suffering in the lives of the people they supposedly represent.

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What a lovely photo. He sounds like he would have been fascinating to sit and shoot the breeze with.

While Democrats experience a collapse in new voter registration, Republicans are seeing the opposite results.

RNC press secretary Mandi Merritt:

"Over the entire pre-election period Republicans “have doubled the amount of new voter registrations" compared to the entire 2016 cycle"

There are four areas of strength for Trump and the Republican party in this campaign season:

1) Turnout in the Presidential Primaries

2) Victories in Special Elections, which indicates support for the GOP that remains even when Trump is not on the ballot

3) Voter Enthusiasm, with exceptionally strong and united Republican support for Trump, with no competition for the nomination

4) Strong Numbers for Republican Voter Registration

Ongoing thread on Republican voter turnout in the 2020 primary season and special elections, and voter enthusiasm:

New York has finally finished counting the votes for the Democrats' primary.

The candidates listed as 'withdrawn' received almost one third of the votes.

Biden only received two thirds of the total vote in his own uncontested primary in the state with the second highest population among blue states, after CA.

Biden has to win over his own base. He is failing

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@timr @IrredeemableOne

This is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Thomas, Saul, the Cates Bros, you and many others have stayed strong. You all want to educate people because it is the right thing to do and will not waver.

The rest are in it for money and fame. They have not developed the stomach or prepared for the crap that the left has thrown at us since Trumps election. They will run to the other side to save themselves and screw their audience over.

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Just now:

NYPD Source:

68 precinct under attack.

SRG (disorder control team) requested, 200-300 of them en route.

Aviation overhead. ESU on scene.

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@timr @Lonestar @mrbungle Even from Down Here Tim, I'd love to see a lot more of these Blonks getting long prison time.
Certainly not picking on the US here, per capita we have just as many, if not more Blonks, than anywhere else in the Western World.

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@timr @Lonestar @mrbungle

Yes indeed. Watching the video from Portland showing infighting and then one of the protesters tried to calm another screeching fool down by saying you will be arrested. There may be hope for some of them.

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@timr @Lonestar

Exactly. Federal charges.

Four years of slow but steady convictions will do wonders for these cultural arsonists who see witches everywhere.

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@timr @BennettVarsho Notice that nobody seems to be in firm control of DNC - that's where the national vote by mail scheme would be run out of.

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That shame will turn to outrage and precipitate the introspection required to have a functional conscience.

Don't take my word for it ask any 2016 Bernie Bro who flipped for Trump after realizing that the entire Democratic party was corrupt and that they had been playing us for fools, for our whole political lives.


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It will be exposed that the entire left political cadre in the US from Pelosi down to Antifa Joe, are completely funded by foreign governments. Foreign governments who are our political enemies.

As we have seen in the constant doubling down that they are known for, when exposed they will admit this proudly and remain defiant. These are the sociopaths that there was never any possibility of saving.

The average person will be ashamed for having fallen for it and participated in it.

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Cognitive dissonance has its limits and I think we passed them months ago. People are being asked to hold conflicting ideas in their heads even as these ideas change daily.

I feel as if the agitation and anger being projected by the left, particularly the young, is being driven by the stress required to hold increasingly untenable positions.

The social pressure is terrible and opposed to human nature. People innately want to pair mate and feather their nests. The leftist paradigm forbids this.

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I had wanted to write a longer piece about how the absence of shame has been affecting our society.

In particular our political discourse, where people repeat outrageous lies, never stopping to consider their own lack of knowledge about the subjects they're weighing in on. Blissfully unaware of the fact that for the most part they are sawing off the branch they sit upon.

Shamelessness can come from ignorance as well as sociopathy. There is nothing that can be done for the sociopaths.

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@timr @lolajl @venuso that would be me and I CANNOT wait . Their brainwashing worked well enough on me the last time and I had not quite had my red pill moment . I am ALL IN NOW !

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@timr 2. On St Patty's day, in my 20's, would always take the bus into the city (from NJ) with friends to celebrate. At the time, (early to mid 80's) off duty cops and firefighters were allowed to wear their uniforms while celebrating the day in the local bars and pubs. It was a BLAST b/c I look Irish but am not. I never had to buy a drink.. the bartenders would assume I was a nice Irish lassie and give me one on the house, and kind first responders would fill in the gaps!

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@timr 1. When my grandma was around 70, she moved from Brooklyn to a senior Apt building on the beach at Far Rockaway. We were living in NJ by then, but that beach was awesome. It was a precursor to assisted living housing, but she had her own 1BR apartment with full kitchen, bath, but could join others for meals in a cafeteria, see her doctors downstairs, walk to the grocery store, and had lots of activities available. I have fond memories of the Irish cops in NYC. Go to next toot.

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