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THIS is perverse. THIS is injustice. THIS is an insult to the victims families.

But hey, he is still an immature youth who shouldnt be punished... So who cares, right?

Oh and before i forget:
Another passenger of his car, a girl, survived. She is now a paraplegic for life.

So what did the court decide?
This 5x killer will get only 3.5 years in jail. Thats it.

It is clear that the accident was caused because of illegal speedracing and high speeds. It is clear that this was no accidental accident. Itnis clear that Marvin showed no remorse whatsoever. Itnis clear that he actually displayed defiance, insulting the victims with his middle finger.

Yet still, private trial, only 3.5 years in jail.

When this matter went to court thebpublic was blocked from seeing the trial, so no media was present.
Because being 20 years old the german justice system still views him as a "fledgling", or young person, whose interests to privacy outweigh the need of the public to see the trial.

Another reason was that a Court official declared that Marvin was insufficiently mature to have to suffer through a public trial.

He caused the accident because he was speed racing with another car, and tried to avoid a speed trap to avoid a ticket.

He killed 5 people, three of which birned to death (a mother with 2 children).

Yet he showed no remorse whatsoever, quite the opposite, he showed defiance.

When the severity of the accident became clear, people were outraged.
When Marvin found out about it, this is what he sent tl his friends:

Let me showcase to you another perversion of justice in Germany, to show you how extremely lenient it is.

This guy, Marvin, drove 120kmh in a 70kmh zone. He swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid getting photographed in a speed trap.
While doing this he collided with another car, head on, which contained a mother and her 2 children.
The car of the Mother caught fire, and she and her children burned to death.
In the Car of Marvin two of his friends died.

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Short read.

The True Effectiveness of President Trump's State of the Union

What was especially effective about the State of the Union was how well it universalized conservative themes and ideas from school choice to rejecting socialism to pro-life views by using the lens of universal views and personal stories

This is something that the Left has usually done well.

People, I sit here in Germany and from all the way from over here I feel the strong sense of Optimism for our President, our people, and our nation!
Record high opinion polling at almost 50% FOR Trump, and that during an impeachment!
Democrats imploding all over the place.
As @ThomasWic always says: All will be well!

God bless our President Donald J. Trump, God bless our people, and God bless America!

Do yourself a favor, and listen to this Democrat caller from Californian who called the Cspan hotline during the SOTU speech!

Brain damaged Liberals are now actually blaming TRUMP for the democrats ineptitude in Iowa!!!!

Liberals are tripping all over themselves in outrage over the Coin toss fiasco in Iowa...

I say: Schadenfreude is fun!

Now this is the kind of Justice I can get behind, especially in Germany!
Let all those judges ROT IN JAIL!

One thing to understand about the Justice system in Germany:
When a criminal is tried, the german judges also take into consideration their "suffering", especially when they are refugees.
This will serve to lessen the punishment, because their "suffering" was "punishment" enough.

It is perverse and unjust, because many times the victims are forced to stop talking about the case to prevent the perpetrator from unnecessarily "suffering" more.

Nobody seems to care about the victims suffering!

In Germany an 18 year old care taker raped a 100 year old patient.
The judge does not punish him with jail time, merely with community service.

Meanwhile, some months earlier, the same judge sentenced a 73 year old to jail for riding the bus without a ticket.
Which political party is the judge affiliated with? The far leftist Green party...

German justice is a joke. Young Rapists are routinely spared jail while their victims are threatened with fines or jail time if they speak out against it!

Did you ever see the embassy of the United Arab Emirates tweet out support for a Israel peace plan?
Trump has gamed this all out, and made sure the entire mideast is supportive.

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