I said at the end of my last thread that an overbearing bureaucracy kills innovation and creativity, especially in Germany because of special circumstances.

Let me explain why.

Germany has a long and proud tradition of baking, especially bread. THere is actually an official "Bread Registry" that keeps track of all different types and sorts of bread in Germany.
The registry can be found here:

According to that Bread Registry, Germany has a whopping 3200 different types of bread that are officially registered.
Germany is considered the best country in the world when it comes to bread.

And I agree. The germans really made an artform out of baking bread. The bread here is heavenly.

Especially when you buy it fresh, and first cut into its crispy outer crust and then eat it with some butter.

I do not overexagerate when I say that Germany has the best bread in the world.

But there is also a reason for this.

Since the Middle Ages Germany had different Guilds. There is also a Guild for the german baking tradition.

It acts as a gatekeeper to ensure the quality of german bread and bakeware in general.

When one wants to become a baker he has to go through an apprenticeship at a bakery that is a member of the Guild.
Upon completion of that apprenticeship, the person is officially certified as a member of that guild and as a baker.

From that point forward the person can open their own bakery.

Now, any person who wants to be a baker of bread or cakes or any other bakeware and wants to sell them and that does NOT have the bakers build's certification, is barred from doing so BY LAW!

Even if a man discovers the baking Hobby at 40 Years of age and becomes a better baker than MOST bakers in his city, he will be barred from opening his own bakery until he has the Guild's certification, which can only be attained by going through a 3-4 year apprenticeship.

For example:
My Wife loves to bake.
She is incredibly talented at it. Once she made me these cupcakes that had a cream topping infused with Earl Grey tea. I had never tasted a cupcake that delicious, even at the bakeries.

One day, my wife's best friend asked her if she could make a birthday cake for her sons 1st Birthday.
She went to work and created a cake that could have competed on any baking show.
She did not just used rolled out sugar fondant, which just tastes sweet. No, she use MARZIPAN to cover the cake and then proceeded to sculpt multiple animals from marzipan. There was a lion, an elephant, and a snake.

Every part of the cake tasted delicious. There was no part that just tasted "sweet". ALl of it was tasty and aromatic.
Now, the birthday was attended by that friends husbands aunt. (The Husbands family is quite wealthy).

When she tasted the cake she was so amazed at it that she wanted her to make one just like it for her own grandchilds birthday. Mind you, this is a person that always buys cakes at the bakeries, and she had never tasted something so good.

My wife said she would think about it. I tried to encourage her to do this. It could be her way of breaking out onto the baking scene.
Little did I know back then....

My wife was legally barred from doing this because she did not have a bakers apprenticeship.
It does not matter to them that she is a better baker by talent than most bakers at the bakeries.

No, germans need a paper to prove that you can do it, like they need paperwork for everything else.

In other words:
THere are many areas where it does not matter how talented you are. You simply are not allowed to make a business out of it because of the Bureaucracy and the rules.

Many people stop developing their talents because of this. Why bother, if you cannot actually make money off of it?

Of course one could continue doing things as a hobby.
But then you would need to do it regularly to develop your talents further and that costs money, money you usually dont have left for this at the end of the month.
So most people get into something, and then, upon discovering this, get out of it again.

How many talented people never end up pursuing their dreams because of this? Never make use of their talent, their creativity?

AS I know it from the United States, you can easily make your hobby into a business if you have the guts and the money for it.

But then again, wherever someone is successful the leftists are not far away screaming "White Privilege! You did not build that! Your bases are belong to us! Capitalism is evil you dirty capitalist pig!"

I understand the perceived need for a Guild.
But the concept comes from the Middle ages for crying out loud!
Im rather a proponent of letting the market sort out the good from the bad.
If you are an excellent baker, then more business will come to you.
If you are a crappy baker, then you will lose out and have an incentive to become better.
Its a Win-Win!

But what the Guild in Germany does, it keeps out anyone not willing to submit to their rules.
Most german bakery cakes taste like sugary crap that is too dry.
You will NEVER find one of those amazingly creative good tasting cakes at german bakeries such as CADERA or STEINECKE.

In the end the Guild ends up safeguarding mediocrity.
Since the bakeries are not threatened by newcomers to the market, they have no incentive to become better.

17. The stuff they sell is ALWAYS the same. It NEVER changes.
Their to-order Cake Catalogue is over 10 years old and has never changed.
The cakes look ugly, and taste bad.
But since the Guild offers reliability, the germans seem to like it.
Im more of the opinion that they just never had the chance to taste some really good cakes, but what do I know....


Gene Callahan in his classic "Economics for Real People - An Introduction to the Austrian School"
Said this:

"Increasingly, Western European society was not being explicitly ordered by the command of a ruler. One by one, restrictions on production were falling. No longer was the entry into trades strictly controlled by a guild."

Thanks for that thread. It's unfortunate that credentialism has taken such a hold in Germany. Here in Australia working class people are being compelled to go through more and more official processes to gain official approval for mostly rudimentary jobs. The reasoning has been dressed up as consumer protection (we revere consumer protection) but the effect is that a whole bunch of shonky 'trainers' set up shop and start robbing poor young kids of both money and faith in the system.

"Consumer Protection" is the usual excuse to gain more control of the economy.
If a company treats their customers bad, it will go out of business. And even while it remains, customers can sue.
In other words: In a purely capitalist system consumer protection is built in automatically by the nature of the system...

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Another great thread, thank you for sharing. Makes you appreciate what we take for granted.

@thinksolon i like your threads. Good to hear and read about other countries govt and how they effect their people in truth

@Lemonhead thanks! im getting the hang of it. I hope to bring more interesting threads on here.

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