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When you share links you might be inadvertently supporting someone or something you do not support.

When you have a "?" in a link towards the end, it usually is followed by a term and an "=" sign with some value after the equals sign.

This is how variables are passed to the website.
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Must watch:
One of the most cited medical experts in Germany exposes the Wuhan Sniffles panic for the fraud that it really is:

There is no love lost between me and NY governor Cuomo, but in a seemingly sincere remark he has just obliterated the media's spin and praised Trumps work in the crisis...

Guys im Breathless!
Is it possible that Trump has Judas Goats inserted IN THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT???
A german Gov't official told the german news outlet "Die Welt" that Trump tried to get CureVac to give him exclusive rights for the Corona Vaccine. Reuters picked it up and reported it worldwide.

Now CureVac comes out and says all of this is not true, and the German government, the german media, and reuters look really stupid!

Consider this: in March 2018 the CFR posted an article in which they admitted that Trump's polocies regarding China effectively killed their agenda.
Could it be that the Coronavirus panic is purposely being stoked to try amd crash the market as a last resort to get rid of Trump? I would not put it past them to do something this insane to safe whats left of their system...

Liberals last hope:
Coronavirus kills enough Trump supporters to prevent his reelection.

During Carnival in Germany there was a float with Trumps face on it that people could come and smash with a big hammer.
TDS is even real in germany...

democrats are devouring each other.
Just look at the comments of this Biden delegate candidate criticizing Bernie for his support of the Soviet Union:

Seriously, just when you thought the left could not possibly stoop any lower, could not possibly become any more immoral, you see something like this:

Never doubt a leftist to outdo another leftist in their immorality.

Will you try to attend Trump´s Inauguration?
I have the feeling that this time it will blow Obamas inauguration out of the water.

I was reading this german magazine called "Stern", specifically an article that introduced the democrat frontrunners and attempted to answer the question of who could beat this "monster Trump".

In the description for Bernie Sanders they described how he "fills massive halls".
I Had to chuckle, because where is a german going to check the truth on this LIE?
They trust and believe the media 100%. It is frustrating because german media spread even worse lies about Trump...

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