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I saw that, it was about the same in the segment before.

Watching the democrat presentation is like eating dry, moldy bread....

On Cspan, during the last break, when they took calls, EVERY SINGLE PERAOND, DEMOCRAT AND INDEPENDENTS AS WELL, criticized the democrats for the impeachment.
There was even a democrat from DC who said that Trunp is a businessman, not a politician, and how wrong the dems are on this....
Im beyond surprosed

"Fear is simple at first, hope requires work if it is to be justified. I know that it means work, I know that it makes me an opponent of ideologists - and yet: I always want to choose freedom and hope."

"Greens against USA, that is ideology against freedom. What do we choose? Do we surrender to the left-wing lust for ruin? Do we surrender to leftist fear? Or will we choose the hope that gives us strength to put our circles in order?"

"The Greens are a party of fear, ever since its foundation (incidentally with the participation of two former NSDAP members). With every twist of their political DNA, Greens want to enslave people through fear and hysteria - whoever gives hope and at the same time upholds freedom must be their opponent, that is in itself quite logical (the only logical thing about the Greens is the methodology of their struggle for power)."

"This is a "time of optimism", says Trump - and his enemies, the enemies of freedom, the prophets of apocalypse and pessimism are not wrong if they see in him their opponent.

"On one side there is Trump and the USA, on the other side there are ideologists and socialists. I always choose the USA, freedom, and currently Trump, without a second's hesitation.

Leftists hate Trump and the USA because they hate freedom."

"The USA always stands - and perhaps soon alone - for freedom, for hope and for the right to shape one's own life. Trump stands for the USA, and he stands for the right of people to arrange their own lives. See for yourself: Look at any Trump-hater in the world, and you will always meet a person who thinks little of freedom and seems to have at best a functional relationship with democracy (some say: like the train you board until you reach your destination)."

"A century ago, the USA was the last hope of democracy. The USA sacrificed its own sons and brought a new hope to Germany. Over 400,000 sons of America died to rid Europe of German madness, over 600,000 were wounded. There are many good reasons to disagree with the Khomeinis and Habecks, the ideologues and America-haters from Tehran to Berlin, such as gratitude, wisdom or simple decency. I see a further reason for this, and that is what America still stands for and more than ever before:"

"My grandparents experienced how "national" socialists invaded their homeland and robbed them of their freedom. My parents then fled from the Russian socialists and ideologists to the West, to freedom. With growing horror I see how now in the West the ideologists and socialists can again spread their madness, coldness, malice and inhumanity."

"The ideologists who, through NGOs, state radio and other questionable bodies, carry their hatred and division to the West, they cannot justify it, and they know it, and they defame even the slightest demand. - What else can they do? The world view of leftists is built on lies."

Interesting take from a german article:
"Unlike the Greens and do-gooders, I can very precisely justify what I consider "ethically good". I, like many of my readers, have thought it through very carefully. We are always exploring and justifying anew what we consider to be good and why we do it (I myself, as an essayist, even do it publicly in front of tens of thousands of readers)."

Loving this german headline on the first Impeachment trial day:
"The victor of the first day of Impeachment is called Donald Trump"

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Brilliant. The whole speech was a testament to every living person in this planet to hold onto to the hope...the dream of freedom.

He cut the socialists/communists ofc at the knees and showed no mercy doing so.

He spoke the truth.

Wonderful opening speech! Can’t wait to see what our future holds for us.

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@thinksolon The whole speech could be a campaign ad.
Accomplishment after accomplishment

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