Ilhan compares Israel to Nazi Germany in her BDS Bill, that was rejected by democrats today.
What will it take for democrats to not just reject her bills, but to censure her for her blatant hatred and racism against the jews and Israel? Democrats are becoming accessories to this....

LOL Huffington Compost is already running damage control on that Poll that showed only 22% favorable rating for AOC, telling its readers to not "bother with unsourced data."
That is precious! How many times did HuffPo and others use unsourced data to smear Trump???

If you still habe any doubts on whether liberals are absolutely morally bankrupt perverts, who are violent and unreasonable, who ask others for nude pictures of you, who threaten children and women with rape and death because their father/husband happens to have a different opinion from them, then look no further than this:

Update 5/3/19 - I want to clarify that I don’t think the Democratic Party as an organization is falling apart; rather, the traditional ideology of Democrats is becoming quickly corrupted by new, radical members of the left.


Companies like Apple and Oracle are repatriating huge cash stockpiles sitting offshore. Walmart and AT&T (plus over 250 other companies) are increasing wages and paying bonuses to low-skilled workers. Toyota and Mazda and other firms are cancelling plans to build manufacturing plants overseas and relocating them to the U.S.

Update: Some have suggested that the successes I’ve listed were actually carryovers from the Obama years. I disagree. Under Obama, wage growth and GDP growth were the slowest of any president since the Great Depression. Since then, investor confidence has surged because Trump is a business friendly president. He is deregulating businesses and has drastically lowered corporate taxes. When this happens, investment surges, the market goes up, and growth accelerates.

They even sat through things they agreed with, like infrastructure spending.

The Democrats accomplished nothing in eight years. Now the Republicans are doing a lot. Tax reform is going to put a lot of money in people’s pockets, including yours. It will create better paying jobs.

Democrats will need to change and fast if they want to win elections past 2018.

Another quote from the Dems platform:

"Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division…"

Really..? So why did Democrats agree to never stand once during Trump’s State of the Union?

The Democratic platform also says:

"The unemployment rates for African American … are far too high."

Again, this was in 2016 after seven years of Obama. Now, under Trump, this just happened: Black unemployment falls to lowest level on record.

The Democratic Party’s official platform said this during Barack Obama’s final year in office:

"Wages have hardly grown and the racial wage gap remains wide."

That was 2016. Well, guess what. Wages rose 2.9% last quarter because of Trump’s policies — the best growth in over a decade!
The Atlantic wrote this today:

1. Yes, it is. The ideology is corrupt.

You can talk all day about white privilege, the wage gap, and systemic racism. It makes people angry. But it doesn’t put food on the table. It doesn’t pay your rent.

Someone asked a while ago on Quora:
"Is the Democratic Party falling apart?"
The following Answer is quite interesting.


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Speaking of Cher's/Chairs...


Speaker Pelosi has a hissy fit and storms out of the chamber in violation of House Rules.


Trump is a genius."

@Debradelai is it possible to embed tweets on here with the embedding code?

Amazing conclusion of a thread on Twitter explaining why Trumps jab at the four horseharpys of the feminist sjw apocalypse was not racism...

Mission accomplished. TRUMP managed to force Pelosi to call the crazy Harpys that nobody likes "our sisters"....

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