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At exactly 11:11am every Veterans day(Nov. 11), the sun aligns perfectly with the Anthem Veterans Memorial in Arizona to shine through the ellipses of the marble pillars representing each branch of the armed forces, illuminating the Great Seal of the United States.
Source: r/the_donald

Important read: A thread on the Pitesti experiment:
"The Pitesti Experiment was most terrible act of barbarism in the contemporary world" -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn, on Silence in the Face of Evil

"In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future.

When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1918-2008

So Ukraine Whistleblower lawyer Zaid apoarently likes to watch videos of underage girls....

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The return of Jeff Sessions is a sign that things are about to get very real for the enemies of the Republic. And not in a good way for them, either.

My prediction? Sessions will be revealed as a hero by the time the elections come around. By then, his role in taking down these seditious bastards will be crystal clear.

And if the lefturds think Sessions return is bad, just wait until Trump appoints Gen Flynn to Chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff (or equivalent).

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The 1995 NYC Veterans Day Parade Had $1.21 In The Bank.

Then Donald Trump Stepped In

Less than three months before the 1995 Veterans Day parade, in mid-August, organizers had just $1.21 in the event’s bank account after receiving nothing from the 200 corporations, including military contractors, they had reached out to for financial support.

It was at that point then-businessman Trump stepped in and saved the event by contributing between $325,000 and $375,000.

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Airforce updating its arsenal of Massive Ordinance Penetrator bombs to keep up readiness to counter Irans nuclear program, if the need arises.

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it's actually impressive to see how fscking weak everything the demz throw at Trump is. Trump is a legit 'good man.'

Apologies, I wrote Governor the way it is written in Germany.

The "Major Defeat" lingo seems to be a dog whistle to rile up and encourage all the Trump haters out there....

You should see some of the stupid nonsense they post such as:
"This is the beginning of Trumps undoing."
"The people are finally turning against Trump".

Man will they be dissapointed come 2020.

It is funny, I keep reading in german news that "Trumps republicans suffered a MAJOR defeat in the Kentucky Elections."

To put things in perspective, the results of Republican Candidates:
Secretary of State won with a majority of 4,6%.
State Auditor won with a majority of 14,7%.
State Treasurer won with a majority of 21,4%.
Attorney General won with a majority of 15,5%.
Agricultural Commissioner won with a majority of 19,6%.
Gouverneur lost by 0,4%.

And you call that a "Major defeat"???

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All the Germans cared about was SPEED.

They built the Do 335 around the engines, which mean that the aircraft was so big that it was useless.

This is what's happening to the Democrats.

Their impeachment-engine is resulting in a useless monstrosity that's sapping them of precious resources.

Of course the Patriarchial Conspiracy will be blamed....
Get woke, go broke.
That is like a law of nature.....

My point is:
There are MANY issues that the average constituency has not one inkling of an idea about.
The voting masses are not qualified to decide issues that are this critical, especially when it is driven by emotional propaganda using irrelevant stories of dying polar bears or our own extinction in 12 years (AOC types).
Most of the times, the decisions of the masses are not well informed and will result in chaos.



Im sure leftist climate disciples of the "fridays for future" and "extinction rebellion" types will come out in droves to protest the cancellation of the shut down.
It was the same types that drove the referendum to begin with.

Yet now a group of "concerned citizens" comes in and thinks that they can just shut off a major coal firing plant because "climate"....

Well, now the "Bundesnetzagentur", the "federal grid authority", has forbidden the planned shut down because, no surprise, the power plant is "system relevant" and necessary for the guaranteed continued supply of electricity for the ENTIRE grid.

None of these people seem to understand that the electric grid is a construct that must ALWAYS be monitored and managed in order for the electric grid to even be stable. This is a very delicate act and the people who manage this are incredible in what they do.

For every power source that is shut down, there must be an alternative that is switched on to keep the grid running.

This is a delicate and lengthy process that can take months to years.

A very interesting example of why direct democracy is not always good:
The residents of one of Germany's largest cities, Munich, decided in a legally binding referendum that the Coal firing power plant near Munich must be shut down by 2022.

A question that comes to mind: How many of these people understand why such a power plant is critical? Probably almost none.

Most of these people seem to think that you can just "Shut down" the power plant, like a power button on a Computer.

Republicans are planning to call Adam Schiff himself as a witness.
What will he do? Scream "I will not allow it!"?

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