Aaron Mair, the former President of the Sierra Club, directly lies in saying that the charged FEMA officials were Trumps appointees....

Interesting vindication of Trump's criticism of Germany's military:
The german military only has enough ammunition for 1 DAY!!!

On top of that it lacks various replacement parts. Most of its airforce cant get off the ground.
Merkel had to fly public Airliners because the Gov't jet broke down.

The german military is a joke!


Read this glorious tweet, and the comments below.
It will brighten up your day!

"The Kavanaugh railroad is the most politically clarifying event in my life, and it is why, as the New York Times seems intent on reminding us, I will crawl over broken glass to vote for a guy I don't particularly like next year."


Is ot possible that Trump is forcing a clean up of five eyes right now?

Tweet from Mercedes Stephenson (@MercedesGlobal)
Mercedes Stephenson (@MercedesGlobal) Tweeted:
Global News has learned this op not a stand alone, it's part of a broader intl op to roll up breaches in highly classified information and there is cooperation between Five Eyes and NATO countries. Two sources tell me more arrests are coming in other countries twitter.com/MercedesGlobal/sta

3/ This one accident has now caused such a controversy, that most politicians are publicly taking sides, the talk show circuit is blowing up, and the Car industry is heavily criticizing the demand to ban these vehicles.

I found this an interesting parallel to the situation in the US with guns and how the first reaction of some is to just call for a ban on something, as if that would remove the risk of such things again completely.

2/ One argument that they are using is that SUVs are "clearly much much more dangerous than normal cars".
To most sane and normal thinking people this seems like a ploy to get SUVs banned because it is such a "gas guzzler" and "polluter" since most people who are advocating this are rabid environmentalists as well.

1/ One week ago there was an accident in Berlin where a small Porsche Macan SUV hit and killed a group of 4 pedestrians.
The accident was caused by the driver having a seizure at the wheel.
Now a big Car Safety Group is calling for SUVs to be banned, and pretty much all liberal/greens/leftists are piling onto this insanity, calling for SUVs to be banned completely.

American and Iraqi forces carpet bombed an entire island infested with ISIS scum.
Nont gonna lie, it looks awesome.


Netanyahu announces plans to annex West bank and other "palestinian" areas.
Trump intends to reveal his mid-east peace plan right after the Election in Israel on 17th of September.
Keep your eyes peeled!


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There was footage of Palestinians crying, saying, "Send the Israelis! They're the only people who we can trust!"

An old man showed his UN refugee card from 1948.

"Arabs are savages," he said. "Only Jews can save us."

Really awful. The one-state solution is the only answer.

Hamas and Fatah have mercilessly used the Palestinians.

Most high-ranking Palestinian politicians are billionaires.

They all need to be hanged.


That is about as much jail time you will get for getting caught with a larger amount (Not self use, but to sell) of Marijuana.

Funny fact:
In Germany there is a law that prescribes 5 years jail time for anyone who detonates a nuclear bomb on german soil.

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Praying for a good result for @GenFlynn tomorrow (today DC time). Our thoughts and prayers are with you, General.

It's time that justice is not just done, but seen to be done.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic


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