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@thinksolon Rather than thinking that Tom Fitton may be working for Trump, it may be more accurate to consider that both men are working to build up the same reality based truth. And they both believe in the greatness of America, as do all of us here. So they will be fighting common enemies, and their work may appear to be naturally coordinated.

Adam "Schitt" Schiff says the senate investigation coming to the conclusion that there is no conspiracy between Trump and Russia is wrong and seems to insinuate that the senate investigation is mixing up evidence of collusion with evidence of Conspiracy.
So in other words Schiff says:
There is no evidence for conspiracy because that evidene is evidence for collusion which in turn is evidence of conspiracy.
You have to be a democrat to be this special kind of stupid...

Why? Because Blumenthal thinks that McCabes and DOJ officials thinking of 25th Amendment must mean that there really is something there.

Cant wait for their faces when it blows up and reveals that it was a Coup all along...

George Soros is losing.
He now even backflipped on China and is now holding the same view as Trump on China.
Trump spanked him to obedience. 😂

So, if 2 grown men created a show where they play their 13 year old selfs, but in their adult bodies, with everyone around them being teens and tweens, and part of that show was how they lust after all the 13 year old girls around them, they would rightly be called pedophile freaks and the show would be cancelled.
But what if two women do the same? Then its celebrated.
Hollywoods newest perversion:

Have we entered the Twilight Zone?
9th Circuit Court grants Turmp victory in case to expedite construction of border wall...

A very interesting article on the current EU being an extension of the German Empire and Third Reich:

This is what happens when Government mandates manipulate the market: Wholesale destruction of generation old family owned companies...

Democrat women dressed in white for the SOTU speech in deference to the suffragettes.
Apparently they do not know that the white dress symbolized white, racial purity back then....
Self own....

Im theorizing: Did Trumps Judas Goats derail the launch of the Green New Deal Document?
@ThomasWic ?

Democrats, especially the new insane justice democrats, are little children.
They are now blaming Republicans for putting the Green New Deal Factsheet on Ocasio-Cortez's blog:
The Green New Deal is such an embarrassment for the democrats that one "top adviser suggested Friday it was actually authored and distributed by the GOP."
Imagine that!
Imagine what low life scum you have to be in order to come up with such drivel!

One democrat gets it:
"As much as it pains me to say it — Democrats need to take a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook and beat him at his own game"

Dems are getting very nervous and are running scared of Trumps reelection campaign...
I think democrats are too arrogant to take a page out of Trumps book, which would be the smartest move for them to make. Their owm hubris and arrogance amd better-than-thou attitude will be their undoing!

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