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Since this is my maiden foray into the world of social media, please be gentle.

It is always polite and decent to introduce yourself, so here goes. I will follow the universal law of defining anything by it's attributes by listing what I have learnt and, therefore, live by in my wonderful life.

All you have is your name and your word.

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Some Housekeeping.

Stopped consuming media about 15 years ago.

I am a lurker. I lurk everywhere, hygienic and unhygienic (to know what the parasites are up to). And sometimes in people's minds.

I joined this forum because of a man whose middle name should be "Cojones", but isn't.

I don't follow anybody. I follow everybody. I hate the idea of even the inception of an echo chamber.

I even confuse my own drummer on occasion.

My current "status" is "Please don't mind me, carry on".

Spontaneous Thoughts.

Aaaaahhhh the good old days... of the Fu Manchu shutdown.

"Money for nothing and the chips (doritos?) for free"

Provoked Thoughts.

Q: "What is the source of eternal happiness?"

A: "Don't argue with fools."

Q: "What if I don't agree?"

A: "Yes, you are correct."

Carry On.

Spontaneous Thoughts.

There is a fine line between Noah and "the boy who cried wolf".

Provoked Thoughts.

Yep, Billy Joel was right.

As the self appointed resident herpetologist, take it from me....

It was The Bernank.

Why did he do it?

What do you expect from a nerd with no real world knowledge or skills (to ensure the retired life he is living now).

But then, he was doing only what our "enlightened leadership" in DC wanted him to do. In our best interests, of course.

C'mon, admit it, we did have a helluva party, didn't we?

Next up, NBFC's.

Carry On.

Spontaneous Thoughts.

Overhead in a crowded elevator in the Eccles building... With SuperPowPow riding in it:

"You still got the oozing rash? Shouldn't you get some medical attention?"

Carry On.

Really Disgusted Thoughts.

ScreaminYellen: "This is not a bank bail out".


The banks are sitting on more than a trillion dollar loss on their gubmint issued securities due to the hike in interest rates. They can now redeem them at par by just sauntering over to the "new Fed window".

I guess it depends on the definition of bailout.

And leibchen, what happens after you issue 700bn of debt to compensate just for your current "extraordinary measures" after the debt ceiling resolution.

Disgusted Thoughts.

From the Fed press release...

"...Depositors will have access to all of their money starting Monday, March 13. No losses associated with the resolution of Silicon Valley Bank will be borne by the taxpayer...."

FDIC, Yellen and "the President" were consulted.

Geez, did I miss the memo on the "super duper secret" gubmint money tree?

Spontaneous Thoughts.


On Silicon Valley Bank.

There are good rocket scientists too.

Depending on the level of your interest on the subject of banks, you can watch this as long as you want.

The first five minutes gives you the overview.

Deep Thoughts.

Saudi Arabia and Iran restore diplomatic ties.

It is the end of the world as we have known it.

Provoked Thoughts.

Just because your world is ending does not mean it is the end of the world.

Spontaneous Thoughts.

The market cap of Silicon Valley Bank, which is at the epicenter of the Venture Banking universe (read Tech), was cut in half today.

To $8 billion.

Nothing to see here....

Carry On.

Provoked Thoughts.

Inflation = Fire (burns the house down).

Deflation = Ice (collapses the house by it's weight).

Stagflation = Termites (destroys the structural integrity of the house).

The BltinSniffin Administration has chosen the third door.

Enjoy the house carefully (while it's still standing, of course).

Carry On.

Agreed on the role of productivity, which is an important input when evaluating financial conditions.


Since the numbers Kennedy quoted were actual numbers vis-a-vis the historical relationship of rate of inflation vs unemployment rate, it should have included the productivity gains at that point of time.

Productivity goes up and down (see chart attached).

The total productivity gain from 1948-1979 was 118%. From 1979-2020 is 59.7%.

Maybe history evolves and devolves too?

Spontaneous Thoughts.

So, where do we find the reality of where we are now (financially speaking)?

Of all places, in Congressional testimony.

In 5 minutes.

Spontaneous Thoughts.

“Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.”


Provoked Thoughts.

It's all about the unemployment rate, isn't it?

It should be.

"No one Rings A Bell".


You decide.

Ironic Thoughts.

"Work more if you don't have enough money for food".... Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the UK Thérèse Coffey.

Said in the UK Parliament.

The ironies here are so abundant that my two fists are woefully inadequate for the task of shaking.

Take another gander at the 3 departments she is responsible for.

Isn't it the rural folks that produce the food while hampered with environmental mandates?

Work More to deal with Woke More?

Got it.

Spontaneous Thoughts.

Jurors are biased?

Shocking, I say.

The sun rises in the East?


With the advent of "advocacy journalism", and the saturation of cut and paste on innumerable media platforms (social or not), and "influencers"... you have 3 choices when picking jurors:

1) Unabomber

2) Mental faculty at a level where they are still figuring out if they should wipe their ass

3) Laser pointered programmed bots.

Yep, this is how you build a nation of laws.

Carry On.

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