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Any Bluegrassers on the forum heading to Winfield, KS for the WVF this week? It would be great to meet up with some of you all!

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As usual, Thomas is right. The left is going to crazy themselves right off the cliff. Just read the comments.

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@ThomasWic It's almost as if the left that consistently claim we are racist, are in actuality the real racists.🤔

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There's a saying in the Middle East:

"I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; my brother and my cousin and I against the world."

As much as Iranians hate the mullahs, they would turn on a dime and support them if the Saudis attacked.

That's just reality.

So the Saudis--I'm 99.99 percent sure--won't do anything overt.

The Lebanese STILL support Hezbollah. they know that their support is insane, but they won't stop.

@Debradelai I had a dream about you the other day. We were brushing our teeth together at the sink. Idk why. Very random! 😂😂

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Ut-oh, McCabe may get his day, not the one he was looking for...😁

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I recall President Trump answering a reporter one day saying, I don't do what is good for me politically, I do what is right. He has said this several times. Politicians don't get it. President Trump doesn't have his eyes on the polls to determine his decisions. I think it really throws his opponents off-balance. They base their reaction to him on what they would do in his place, rather than what he would do. They are too corrupt to understand.

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@ThomasWic @Cdubois @Lisa22 @drawandstrike @RonOgletree @wziminer

This is the tip of the iceberg; count on it!

Voter Fraud in CA. Don't for a minute think this is the only place the RATs have cheated for years including 2018 when the RATs supposedly took the House. Voter Fraud must be exposed 24/7.

"Huge voter roll clean up in California -- up to 1.59 million names in LA County alone -- thanks to @JudicialWatch heavy lifting."

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Gene Simmons made a surprise appearance at the Pentagon.

“After greeting service men and women, Simmons, an Israeli-born musician, choked up speaking about his late mother, who was placed in a Nazi concentration camp at the age of 14. He said when he was just a boy, his mom would always cry any time she saw the American flag. He didn't understand it as an 8-year-old, but he feels the impact now.”

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Just tooted a bunch of cases.

The crackdown on chinese fentanyl is happening under POTUS Trump.

Becoming obvious Obama did basically jack sh*t to address the crisis except make useless speeches.

Either too afraid of China or he was bribed.

He didn't care about the all people dying.

Worse President in American history.

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@GravityRX Stay safe, Cowboy. I have family in Boca and Boynton and Delray Beach. Will be praying for all of you to come through it easily with power intact.

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Schizophrenic with THREE CHILDREN takes two days to commit suicide by cop in Baltimore.

His friend said he wouldn't take his medication because of the side effects AND THE STIGMA.

I blame today's psychiatrists. They're getting crazier than their patients.

Time to reopen state and federal mental hospitals and commit people for life.

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@wziminer @RPL

A woman in New York just wouldn't stop.

I said, "You know, I got on the Islamic State death list for defending Jewish people."

"Who asked you to defend us?" she answered.

So I blocked her fat butt.

She sent me hysterical personal e-mails for a while, threatening to contact everyone I knew and tell them I'm a Nazi.

She stopped when I sent her a photo of her absolutely miserable-looking husband with a thought ballon over his head:

"Where's Hamas when I need it?"

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It's not that nobody cares; it's that the majority of Jewish voters haven't yet had enough.

They support the party of Jew-hate.

There isn't a thing anybody EXCEPT THOSE VOTERS can do about this.

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In case I did not tell you, the Flynn status report, originally scheduled for today, was posponed until Friday.

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@REX @stephanieanne @ThomasWic

I’ve been on board with Trump the day he announced his candidacy.
My instinct told me that I did not want a career Politician in office, again!

Over the past three years what I have learned is that “ Draining the Swamp “ went deeper than I could of imagined.
POTUS is restoring The Republic while the Democrats are destroying The Republic.

Our President knows the Art of War.

It’s all good for me.

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It's fantastic to see 'Trump Soldier' back on twitter. He was one of the most intelligent voices through 2017, until he left in Feb 2018.

Keep tabs on his account, he's very sharp.

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No free speech for Google employees.

Google's new community guidelines tell employees not to talk politics on internal forums or bad mouth projects without 'good information'

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