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Isn't it amazing how you can tell how stupid some people are by what they consume?

They eat farts.

They are what they eat.


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Today's was the democrats absolute worst nightmare.

TENS OF THOUSANDS of Americans - men, women, white, black, Asian, latino, etc. - all show up (many openly carrying their guns) and not a single bad thing happened 💪🇺🇸


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For security reasons....hmmm who was he talking to?

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Michael Avenatti ordered to remain in jail amid new accusations of money laundering

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It is easy to see why Bernie's supporters believe in magical powers, since their leader has become a multi-millionaire brand while, for decades, exhibiting no talent, accomplishing nothing of substance, and bashing the country that has made him rich.

If dat ain't magic, I dunno what is.

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They want to use Star Trek to push 'OrangeManBad' and 'BrexitBad'?


Like I said, they have gone nuts.

But here's the rub:

These filmmakers have lost the art of entertaining.

Of showing, not telling.

People want to detach from their normal lives and be entertained.


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Money laundering tactics:
Movie investments
Book deals
Speaking engagements
Paid Board positions
Unpaid Brd positions w/"perks"
Fake Job
Fake product (Solyndra, etc)

I'm sure there are more.


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We WOULD have a foreign policy that focused on "climate change" IF WE COULD FIND ANY!!

"Climate change" is one of the biggest control-and-money-obsessed hoaxes ever foisted on the public.

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"Paltrow first came across a scent that she said reminded her of the smell of her own vagina, she claims."

Next product in the pipeline is a bag of potpourri: "This stinks like my arse."

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@watch4thedrop @redwhitebluedude @umad80 @IndiaMaria @Debradelai @ThomasWic

Afraid you are right.

Whatever the Hollyweirdos say to buy, believe in or trust, gullible Sheeple will do just as they are told!

Another fortune made on the backs of theIr naive/ignorant /stupid/low information followers.

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@redwhitebluedude @umad80 @IndiaMaria @Debradelai
you know this thing is gonna sell like hotcakes thanks to that american idiocy @ThomasWic was talking about

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Will be back in Coral Gables March 21st at noon to talk at the local SAR Chapter.

Meeting is open to the public.

They serve lunch for $20 bucks. No other fees involved.

Will publish details soon.

Should we make it a ?

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