@Debradelai @polymt @drawstrike @thomasvictor @DuaneCates Saul congratulations on being so clever. And thank you for the colorful metaphors and the cheap insults. I'll say goodbye. Your forum is not what I thought and not where I want to be. I guess a member can't express frustration and especially not at the "in crowd"without being attacked. The fact remains that until election fraud is corrected, nothing else matters.

@watch4thedrop @Daisygirlx7 @DuaneCates ... It's amazing how people jump to conclusions. No, I'm a real person...just haven't made time to upload a photo. Actually Duane, I've been following your brother @drawandstrike for about 3 years under his previous names and have enjoyed his articles @ epoch times. It's disgraceful that when someone questions the narrative, it brings out the venom in people. I don't believe this is precept of thus forum

@polymt @DuaneCates There is no hope unless election fraud can be stopped. that's a strong statement but it's absolutely true. Show me tell me I invite you to prove me wrong.

@DuaneCates @Daisygirlx7 Oh please, that's such an easy dismissive explanation. How about engaging me with facts. I pray @ThomasWic is right but I'm getting tired of kicking the can down the road. Fact: no one, except for the FBI lawyer has been held accountable. Fact: They stole the election. Fact: They plan on stealing the next one

@DuaneCates And to everyone in the community...I'm not being paid ... I'm not some operative. Just freaking frustrated to see the disaster and to see our leaders run for cover. I have served my country in the Army. I have been tortured watching our politicians destroy our country. -- just like my wife's native Venezuela. And then, finally, a President who articulated everything I've been yelling at my TV for 40 years. So again, tell me where I'm wrong.

@DuaneCates No man...just frustrated to no end. Before you dismiss me or before this community blocks me and pats theirself on the back for getting rid of someone who's not toeing the proverbial party line-- tell me other than being pessimistic, tell me where I'm wrong. Listen, I WANT TO BELIEVE that President Trump has this all figured out, but sometimes the simplest explanations tend to be true. Remember, not so long ago, when it was AG Sessions that who was the undercover savior?

@DuaneCates Sorry,, but NONE of this matters. They successfully stole the election. Who is going to stop them from stealing again? Director Wray? What happened to AG Barr? He was so forceful in his interview with Wolf Blitzer this past Sept? Shall I go on? All of these people have folded. They were in the captain's chair. They were in the lookout post -- They accepted leadership positions in our Republic. Is 2022 the plan? How is that going to work when there will be even more fraud.?

A thought for today:
Don’t think for one second that HE isn’t watching, even more than us, what’s been happening since the “election”.
I take comfort in that.

I literally just now heard the news about Rush. Today is Ash Wednesday. I don't watch the news. I cant stomach it. Today, I was listening to yesterday's broadcast on the App with Mark Stein while at work. I am heartbroken, just heartbroken. Sometime soon, I will recount the phone call I had with him in 2008. God bless you Rush.

We have COIN aircraft.

We just don't talk about them.

Wonder why not...


So, the democracy campaigners saved America's historical legacy of fair elections by lobbying to change election laws at the last minute, and pressured social media companies, and recruited poll workers and millions of people who'd never mailed in ballots before... I'm not even halfway through. The gems don't stop coming.

Don't dismiss that.

If you'd researched Trump, you'd know that it's VERY significant.

He and Pence promised to get the REAL vote count.

Did they just sit on it? Or did they do something so astonishing that nobody have ever thought of doing it before?


So the short answer is that by allowing the theft, Trump destroyed EVERYONE.

And he had a foolproof way to defeat the theft.

It APPEARS that Trump will first go through with the Senate trial, just so that nobody can say that he stopped it because he was afraid of the outcome.

Since conviction is impossible, it's another giant waste of time and money, but it's also another trap.


He always has good reasons for doing what he does, and he always wins.



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