A thought for today:
Don’t think for one second that HE isn’t watching, even more than us, what’s been happening since the “election”.
I take comfort in that.

I literally just now heard the news about Rush. Today is Ash Wednesday. I don't watch the news. I cant stomach it. Today, I was listening to yesterday's broadcast on the App with Mark Stein while at work. I am heartbroken, just heartbroken. Sometime soon, I will recount the phone call I had with him in 2008. God bless you Rush.

We have COIN aircraft.

We just don't talk about them.

Wonder why not...


So, the democracy campaigners saved America's historical legacy of fair elections by lobbying to change election laws at the last minute, and pressured social media companies, and recruited poll workers and millions of people who'd never mailed in ballots before... I'm not even halfway through. The gems don't stop coming.

Don't dismiss that.

If you'd researched Trump, you'd know that it's VERY significant.

He and Pence promised to get the REAL vote count.

Did they just sit on it? Or did they do something so astonishing that nobody have ever thought of doing it before?


So the short answer is that by allowing the theft, Trump destroyed EVERYONE.

And he had a foolproof way to defeat the theft.

It APPEARS that Trump will first go through with the Senate trial, just so that nobody can say that he stopped it because he was afraid of the outcome.

Since conviction is impossible, it's another giant waste of time and money, but it's also another trap.


He always has good reasons for doing what he does, and he always wins.



2. /'

This was held the height of arbitrary government, and the loss of liberty was deplored as irrecoverable.

No one champion stood forth in its cause, nor was there a prospect of any such appearing: so that the people not only sunk into despondence, but began to be despised by the neighbouring nations, /...

Don't let it get to you.

You simply refuse to surrender.

They never supported Trump in the first place, so there's no reason to even listen to them.


He's TELLING YOU to be confident that you'll get that which you hope to get, and be assured that things are happening even though you can't see them happening.

Why is that impossible to accept?

Can you not grasp that if Pompeo were to call you up and brief you, there's no way you could keep it to yourself?


Therefore all of us must be out of the loop.

Clandestine means secret.

I know things that I'll never tell ANYONE.

There's no point in trying.

SOMEBODY vacuumed up all the cellphone traffic outside the Capitol building on January 6 and identified the conspirators in a matter of hours.

Keep that in mind when you think about getting the legal cote count for the 2020 elections.


I'm not worried.

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary solutions.

Stealing a national election is extraordinary.

Trump's solution will top it.


But I'm glad all the con artists and alleged experts had everything blow up in their faces.

I always tell you that I have no idea what will happen.

I'm spitballing.

The National Guard buildup had nothing to do with promoting a narrative. Nobody understands that.

How did the Democrats call in the Guard?

They have no authority to do so.

It served another purpose. An important purpose, since Trump doesn't use our troops as pawns.

I have some ideas, but it's time to not speculate publicly.

You think Trump meekly surrendered to THEM, and now he'll meekly accept an illegal, unconstitutional trial?

Ignore what everybody tells you:

The REALITY is that the Senate trial is illegal because the purpose of the trial is to determine whether or not an OFFICE HOLDER is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Senate has no authority to try private citizens.

Apparently the trial will start on February 8.

Will Trump act before then?


Like all of you, I want a resolution.

But Trump knows that the longer he waits, the greater the impact of his revelation.

If I'm right, Trump won't make a comeback.

That's because he never left.

Ask yourself ONE question:

Why didn't Trump's great ally Mike Pompeo not say goodbye to Trump?

Everything you're seeing is out of character...unless it's all a charade.

I'm not following anything the Democrats are doing, but I do know that it's already a shambles.

He TOLD us that this isn't about HIM; it's about the presidency and Congress and the electoral system.

But as always, nobody listened.

"We're going to do THIS to Trump."

"Trump should do THIS to win."

And the whole time, Trump was making his case for blowing up EVERYTHING.

If I'm right, minds will be blown, and the world will surrender. I've researched the laws, so my idea is doable.


The Senate trial may be the the end of the Democrat party as it now exists.

I read the FBI affidavits.

They didn't tap any phones.


Got that?

The affidavits contain verbatim transcripts of calls that the nutters made BEFORE the raid.

Calls they made outside the Capitol building.

You know what THAT means?

They've been doing this at every riot all summer.

The mistake everyone on both sides made was to think that this is all about Trump.

Remember I told you that Trump could destroy all his enemies with one blow?

He could also peel off all the nutters who claim to be on our side.

They're all having to eat their words, which is good. These are the people who revved up the idiots who got tricked into raiding the Capitol building.

I want you to think about something:

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