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Nation of Denmark says reopening didn’t increase spread of Covid-19

Officials in Denmark say that loosening coronavirus lockdown restrictions in mid-April has not accelerated the spread of coronavirus.

Denmark began reopening daycare centers and schools for children two weeks ago, followed by hairdressers and other small businesses, and health officials have not noticed an increase in coronavirus cases, according to Reuters.

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Here goes the first of a series of Conversations between TW and yours tryly.

Hope you enjoy it!

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@Debradelai!! TWO MILLION
TOOTS and counting! SQV is
the place to be, so show some
or BOTH! Most Excellent
platform with TRUTH! ❤️ 🇺🇸

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Iraqi demonstrators expressing their hatred of 's regime by taking down & destroying posters of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei & IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani.

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Tweet by
Jon Barsanti Jr. @Anxie_TEA

Huge. Twenty-third week this year with Non-seasonally Adjusted first-time claims under 200,000

Record was 22 weeks (2018)

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Carlos is out there educating the folks on the twatter..

"What's Trump up to in the Middle East?
Short answer: preventing the next Iraq."

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Parents: Here's a Calendar of LGBTQ Indoctrination Events Planned for Public Schools

If you thought that LGBTQWTF indoctrination only happens in June, you would be very wrong.

Mission America put together a comprehensive list of LGBTQWTF days of forced celebration that are most likely in your public schools.

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Thread by @Peoples_Pundit: "We interrupt the latest scam to bring you this special report... Today, China celebrated by unveiling Stealth Dro, and unmanned subs, all of which they stole from the U.S. D.C. "Experts" said they wouldn't have such capabi […]"

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@ThomasWic I want to thank you for something. I was having a conversation on the twatter with a person who was arguing that Hitler's Germany was far right in ideology, and not Socialist at all. I remembered your lesson on Hitler's 25 talking points, found them, used them, and won my argument. Thank you for all the teaching you do. It really does make a difference.

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Shana Tova to all our Jewish Quods or, as my grandfather would say, A Git Yur (A Good Year) to all.

Next year in Jerusalem!

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Did you know it's not possible to actually keep military secrets?

I can find anything.

I'm always right.

And Trump is always right. Always.

He prepared for his presidency for over forty years. This is real. You can see it in this profile.

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I don't care if I'm the only person on earth singing the praises of Donald Trump.

No amount of pressure is going to make me crack.

I'm right, and everybody else is wrong.

You bet.

Trump exposes weakness.

Yes. If you listen to the media and take it to heart, you are WEAK.

You are letting bad-faith actors influence you.

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Good read.

Political Realignment Is Coming to America

The next time hatred comes your way, don’t recriminate. Recruit.

The problem with the globalist vision isn’t just that it denies people their cultural identity as it McDonaldizes the world. The problem is that it’s not working economically or environmentally. It is an epic disaster, unfolding in slow motion. If globalism isn’t stopped, it will engulf the world in war and misery.

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Why am I writing this? I come to QV to catch up on the news, to hear some good analysis. I don't have any expert opinions or insights, but I love to learn. I can't abide anything that doesn't come from a place of sincerity and truth.

It's a peaceful place to visit.

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4. One more thing. During the conversation with my assistant manager about millennials and their problems, we somehow quietly got into a conversation about politics and millennials (ok, I may have started it.) Turns out, she is an Hispanic ex-Democrat who LOVES our president, and hates the victim mentality that is being force-fed by the Dems. She believes this is part of the reason they can't find good people to hire. I see it here more an more. Trump is WINNING public opinion.

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