Opinion | The FBI Is Lucky to Have William Barr

Agents in the field during his first stint as attorney general had nothing but praise: ‘He knows no fear.’




I don't view this as political. It is just an example of President Trump's ability to connect with "normal" people that use their brain and apply common sense.

I don't have to hate you because I disagree with your ideas. At our core, we want what is good for all of us.

Those who read my tweets know I tend to stay out of U.S. domestic politics, respectfully leaving that to the American people.

This, however, is beautiful.

Imagine that President Trump had lied to the nation in front of the caskets of slain American heroes: "Benghazi was attacked due to the release of a YouTube video." (A video which no one watched.)
The media would have gone ape-shit nuts over such a blatant lie.

When øbama's spokes-holes did that, not one member of the left-sac media challenged that nonsense.


I don’t agree with a lot of what she says but this was classy. The comments on her post, not so much.


"I'm old enough to remember when the same people complaining about Trump removing 50 soldiers from Syria where screaming and warning everyone that Trump was going to launch a ground war with 50,000 US troops into Syria and how bad that was."


(Now....how can anyone not feel confident that the reason Trump is so relaxed all the time is that there is nothing to fear from the fright-ministers whose glutes pucker each time Trump is criticized?)

"An Islamic sciences faculty is to be opened in Syria’s Azaz, an education faculty in Afrin and a faculty of economics and administrative sciences in al-Bab, Turkey’s official Gazette said. The faculties will be created by Gaziantep University in southern Turkey. The three towns are in north-western Syria, in regions Turkey twice since 2016 sent forces to drive back the [YPG] militia and Islamic State fighters to protect its border."

Three times is not a charm.


I am sorry that @mimimayes did not make it here.

I am not here often.

I hope all are doing well.

As long as I'm young enough to:
1. Lift a beer glass
2. Pull a trigger
3. Flirt for fun
4. Ride a horse
5. Love others
6. Outrun yellow jackets
7. Vote conservative

I'll be a happy man! 🤣🍻🇺🇸

This story is sad to me. Why? Because it shows how young people can't take responsibility for any choices that cause them the least bit of consequence or discomfort.

It doesn't matter who they hurt in the process of trying to shift responsibility. There is not ONE thought about who THEY are victimizing for their own relief.


United States Settles with United Parcel Service for Overcharging Federal Agencies under General Services Administration Contract

The Department of Justice announced today that United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) has agreed to pay the United States $8.4 million to resolve allegations that it overcharged federal agencies for package delivery services under a General Services Administration (GSA) contract.



@mimimayes @Cdubois
Healthcare, IMO, has gone to hell since Zero's DeathCare was forced upon us by the DemocRATs. There's a shortage of physicians; doctors "bailed out" of healthcare rather than deal with the gov in their offices 24/7. Doctors barely know who you are; they hand you 2-3 prescriptions in your allotted 10-15 min appointment. Most won't accept Medicare as it pays nothing. You get what you pay for; nothing gives you NOTHING. You're better off researching your own care.

Both my Dad and my brother were physicians.

My Dad has is gone, my brother has retired.

If government gets any bigger grip on medical care, brilliant young people in the future will choose another profession.

@Grammy @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @redwhitebluedude

That's my experience as well. People are very cautious. I think we will have a bigger electoral win this time.

People are sick to death of all the browbeating.

Harold Finch:

"The reason @lawfareblog & @NYT
is pushing recycled lies about Justice Kavanaugh is because they know the USSC is about to issue monumental rulings that destroy leftwing agendas.

This is a sign of whats coming & the Left is scared.

They are trying to delegitimize the US Supreme Court, to justify ignoring its up coming rulings that do not favor them. Mark my words."


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