Growing up watching Princess Di and Prince Charles', Luke and Laura's wedding (GH), and seeing Disney movie grooming, I'm still very curious to see what Harry and Megan will say to Oprah. Weird, huh?

🎶Chewing through their wimpy dreams,

They eat without a sound,

Digesting England by the pound🎶


Leaving Balboa Park by way of the Cabrillo Bridge. It was good to get out of the house. Downtown was bitchin, too, but didn't get pics there...

Decided to 🎶Take The Long Way Home🎶 after dinner and drove through Balboa Park before dark. Snapping pics...

Driving past the USS Midway. There's a seagull on the sailor's hat. 😂

Today, just before sunset in San Diego Bay at the Star of India overlooking the Navy base.

I feel like a stalker. 😂 Not much action down here pre-tuna season, though. 😎

On the boat today and Homeland Security just showed up for lunch. Last time they had M16 and 50cal clipped in. I don't see them today. They are nice and always wave. 🇺🇸

In other news, I hope twitter stock gets hammered Monday. It's already down 2% (after hours) since they suspended Trump's account.

Whelp. I've had a hard time pulling the trigger on my 10+ year old twitter account, but after I woke up to the news that twitter had deleted Trump's personal account, I did it. Feels good.

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