I vote to recall today. I pray it happens. If I gotta read one more "Californians got what they deserve" toot, tweet, post, whatever, I'm gonna punch something. I get that people have disdain for Californians, I've heard it all my life, but why do they think "they all think alike?" Weird. Anyway, Joni Mitchell gets it. Watch "Joni Mitchell - California" on YouTube

@sussudio already heard about cheating. People who showed up and told already voted.

@Kat yeah, I saw that... if it happens to me I will ask for a provisional ballot, then track it until it clears. I've been warning friends just in case. I'm praying and hoping for the best.

@sussudio you can track provisionals? How do they cancel the old one to counter it?

@Kat from what I understand, the provisional cancels the original. I would never see the original because I didnt get the receipt, but can make sure the provisional clears. Every ballot has a numbered tab that you keep for a receipt and tracking.

@sussudio oh good. Want to make sure the bad one gets cancelled.

@Kat I always use the old school paper ballot on voting day, and watch it get into the box. I've never used the computerized voting, so maybe that is different? Idk.


I was talking about this to my husband last night. I believe there are far more republicans in CA than what we hear. I also believe your votes were silenced many years ago.

Watching closely from NH. May God bless your efforts to recall Newsom.

@MaryNawn You're right. There are A LOT of republicans here. Many are military transplants. After they were stationed here like my grandfather LCDR Baird, they moved here to raise their families. That probably helped Ronald Reagan get elected Governor, too. We're still here. Thanks for getting it.

@sussudio @MaryNawn

My dearly departed father was somewhat to the right of Atilla the Hun in his political views.

He was also a resident of Orange County for well over 30 years, and *actively* involved in politics.

So, I understand where you're coming from.

And it also irritates me when I hear people blaming us for crappy politicians in office. I get their message, but it's ineffective on those with my mindset and background.

Do what you can, and if that doesn't work - do MORE.


While your points are well taken, it's true that the people who run California are leftist cliches.

And we let them.

So we'll have to endure the barbs - or change our lives enough to change the political landscape in this once-golden state.

I haven't done that.

Oh, I VOTED to dump Gavin. Volunteered a little, gave a little dough.

But nothing that really inconvenienced me.

So if Gavin survives, I didn't do enough MYSELF.

So the scorn will continue, and deservedly so.

@karnage I don't deserve scorn. I've voted Republican since '84, except for a Ross Perot side step, I always pay attention and vote my conscience which is usually center right. I am "one vote" and not sure what more I can do. I have gone to local R gatherings, did the DJT boat parade, talk to friends and acquaintances about who I'm voting for. I'm raising/homeschooling a big family and have limited funds. I am one person.

@karnage LOL, that reminds me, my old pastor used to say, " if you think you deserve something, just remember, you deserve to be up to your neck in burning sulfur." 🤯

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