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POTUS just spoke the most important campaign slogan and promise ever...

The next election 2020 is about you!

It's about us all of us! Our rights, our Constitution, our military, our flag, our way of life, our freedom and our God!
Made in America!

@Cdubois @JM @Lonestar @wziminer @DuaneCates

Isn't this just too bad? This was done the end of June, however, I didn't hear about it.

Republicans block pay raise for House members

Ken @Ken1951
Welcome to our safe haven for intelligent conversation, and yes fun. Hope you enjoy tooting!

Okay it's my turn to man up. If i posted anything offensive to anybody here at qoudverum i offer my sincere apologies. All the great people here have been warm and kind to me. Last thing i want to do is offend any of you folks. I'm honored to be here with all of y'all.
God's blessings to each and every one of you

The Gulf Coast weather people are talking about high tides..WOW, Look out for Wed.17th..Full Moon!
Maybe higher than usual? Hope the “greenies” don’t blame this on the moon.(.it might just have an
Eclipse) ,haha


I'm having a t-shirt made based on an idea by @WarriorPoet

You need to set up a merchandise account somewhere.

All the proceeds will go to running this place and the other.

When the design is ready, I'll turn it over to you and let you deal with it.

I can't use THIS goat, but I'm asking for a similar idea.

Sneaky, smiley goat head with a halo.


This example is exactly why this forum is so wonderful. We learn of others experiences that allow us view things differently.

Thank you @umad80 for sharing yours. ❤️


Rapinoe joins a growing list of egomaniacal celebrities who consider a moment in the national (or international) spotlight simply an opportunity to “virtue signal” their hatred for Republicans generally, & President Trump in particular.

I want to say I’m sad for the “Bossa Nova” world..the great Gilberto has died. I love the album
Getz and Gilberto/Girl from Ipanema, makes me sigh thinking of far off exotic beaches, warm breezes and soft laughter. Cheers
to his music everlasting.

I lived five years in Tokyo and 25 years in California, and THAT was the longest earthquake I'e ever experienced.

Almost a full minute.

My house felt like this.

@janis @baldilocks @astrogirl @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80

I am loving it to be honest. You good people are the best company I can as for in the whole wide world 🙏 ❤️


Dear Thomas: I want to thank you as this is the first time I ever posted an article.

You answered a question from a newbie today about doing exactly this: posting something we have read. Luckily I saw your answer.


I am stoked. Now maybe I can can contribute something, as so many others have done for me.

Again, thank you for helping out some of us that aren't very computer savvy.

I am so grateful to be here and unchained from Twatter.

Imagine that.
Reported this morning:

"Hillary Clinton Withdraws As Cybersecurity Conference Keynote, Citing ‘Unforeseen Circumstance’"

@masterblaster @Elizabethqe20 @DonnaLea @umad80 @REX @Debradelai

I'm jealous, probably not a single quod around for at least a couple or more hundred miles. But at least SQV lets us interact. One fine group of people here.

Happy Birthday to...

Thomas Sowell...

A Great American.

@Kathleen Our fields are weed beds with no crops planted this year. In 100 years of this ground being farmed, this was a first. But 3 FEET of hail....hope I never see it in person.

6. #10 - MAJOR episodes of libturd tears and tantrums. These are worth the price of entry in themselves.

That's just TEN achievements. Feel free to add. BUT PLEASE hit back, wherever you find it, at leftists trying to downplay what's going on.


It's what their arrogance and jealousy deserves. And it's important, going forward.

The end.

3. #3 - NK has dismantled major nuke sites esp Punggyeri. This has been verified. FakeNews are trying to memory hole this.

#4 - release of hostages. KJU has returned ALL US hostages, including remains of vets KIA in the Korean War.

#5 - genuine prospects for denuclearization on the Peninsula. This has not been achieved yet, but the prospects are now realistic as opposed to unthinkable, just 3 years ago.

2. #1 - a complete reversal of the disastrous situation that existed under Obama. In 2016, there was a genuine risk of conflict between the US, NK & SK.

The deaths would have been staggering, but that's the trajectory the US was headed on.

#2 - All NK provocative and dangerous missile launches have stopped dead. At one time, these launches were traversing Japan itself. Not anymore.

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