Backwards or forwards..Sunday will be Good! 02/02/2020, cheers

Backwards or forwards..Sunday will be Good! 02/02/2020, cheers

Omg, Geroldud ! Just opened his mouth on Fox n friends...yuck!
I can’t Stand him anymore(my ears hurt) hAha

@BlizzyBuzz ...
6am, coffee,early news and petting the cats, heehee. Cats know where I am when they want my attention!

@EngOnDemand ..thank you for posting beauty and comedy too!
It’s my Sunday afternoon and I’m enjoying you and the lovely weather here in West Java,Indonesia

@mikeb ..I know Geraldo is a wimp, but he went way beyond stupid today on The Story /fnc

@Gino Tucker just said “our troops over there are hostages”.pl ease tell me I heard wrong!

@Gino ..why is he always inviting Tulsi G. ! I’m really getting disappointed with his show.

@SpiceOfOurLife last night watching the reports of half billion animals&birds killed by fires in Australia, I had tears of rage at the dumb climate change “experts” governing. By telling farmers an ranchers not to do controlled burns On Their Own Land!, the landowners know best and should be able to whatever needs to be done to protect environment.

@retdoc ..haha, I saw that too and marveled at his strait face to Chris Wallace question. Classic Pompeo

@Debradelai was like Chris Van Holler was reading from a script by
The Resistance.

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