What you see being reported is news for morons.

Trust the Trump.

He knows what he's doing.


Democrats/liberals are truly insane if they are falsely thinking that impeaching Trump is their answer to power and control. They are going to have 65 million + Trump voters/supporters to deal with and that's not going to be pretty!

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates Media spin on the former ambassador to Ukraine's testimony is retarded but expected. Democrats keeping it behind close doors so their media allies can give it a gossipy spin.

The Giuliani "associates" bullshit making it seem like the walls are closing in on Giuliani. So moronic. When nothing happens as they are painting they expect people to have very short term memory.

Breaking news:
Schiff announced that new whistleblower tryouts will be held on Friday. Scripts may be picked up on Wednesday at the CIA.

Mark Meadows

It is no coincidence that a few bad actors within the intel community engage in a series of desperate, bad faith, and poorly sourced leaks to try and undermine the Trump administration—right as Bill Barr and John Durham get closer to releasing their investigation into FISA abuse

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@Jaime @MarcusJ65 @rarity @JM

I'd say I'm getting tired of Trump tweeting what I preach...but I'm not.

It's great.

Remember Reagan''s 11th commandment folks, and shut every SOB who turns every Democrat misshap against Republicans. ANY Republican.

Stick together,and do not lose sight of the ball.

@ThomasWic Yes yes yes!!! 2+ years ago I was in angst. Then I found the corner of Twitter that has migrated to Q.V.

Everyday I now wake knowing that Trump is at the wheel. I see the "breaking news" for what it is. It now only makes me laugh. Just thinking to myself that "they will never learn" then I go on with my day. I do my part in MAGA. Thank you Thomas Wictor for being one of the few voices of reason since day 1. ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Now back to politics, I freaking love this Twitter account. Catturd is great. 👍

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano said President Trump committed a crime five different times

— and was wrong every time.


@stephanieanne hoho, the mute button is my favorite tool against listening to the stupidity I hear on Fox. (In fact my hubby gave me my own remote when I’m in the kitchen)...it’s all good

@SpiceOfOurLife haha, I know. We avoid most of Fox, but we are stuck with it ,we live in West Java, Indonesia and, well that’s ok. At night we watch fox&friends..then go to bed ,and wake up to “The Five, Tucker, Hannity. Whew, our mornings are jam packed with background “noise”.
The whole morning I’m reading
social quodverum feel good news.

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