Backwards or forwards..Sunday will be Good! 02/02/2020, cheers

Backwards or forwards..Sunday will be Good! 02/02/2020, cheers

Omg, Geroldud ! Just opened his mouth on Fox n friends...yuck!
I can’t Stand him anymore(my ears hurt) hAha

Watching Fox Sunday with Chris
Wallace interviewing Sec. Pompeo.
Pompeo answers the last question with a classic line..”ask Mr. Suleimani”.

Lou Dobbs is an unabashed Trump supporter who said the president is a “historic” figure who is “already one of the greatest presidents” in U.S. history due to his smoking-hot economy and bold foreign-policy decisions.

He said "With another four years in which to get more done, he has already set a standard for presidents that most mortals won’t be able to meet. He outworks them. He outthinks [them]. He is remarkably resourceful. He’s bright.”

So, the word on the street is Iran needs a new military commander.

Looks like Trump is creating jobs in Iran, too.


@ThomasWic has been saying that he has been dead for at least a couple of years. I believe him.

"Treat the word 'impossible' as nothing more than motivation."

That tells you that Trump has not yet begun to fight.

And when he DOES begin to fight, we won't believe what we're seeing.

Life is good. And Trump is making it better.


Merriest, Grooviest Christmas to all my pals here..and a New Year filled with boundless joy!


I do not respond to your post, they are heartbreaking and there is nothing I can say that would help. This really touched me, that poor mother. I do pray for you and the people of Iran in their struggle.

Thank you for all you do. You and @ThomasWic have really helped me understand better what is happening and all the heartbreak.

The democrat debate stage is asked about “diversity” about the question, How many vets?! What?

The people that are trying to convince us that this impeachment is such a big deal and a "stain" on Trump are the same people that voted for the wife of the last president to be impeached and have been pushing impeachment of Trump largely because she lost.

I’m just gonna sleep here maybe til spring when my attitude gets better with the weather..ho hum;)

I encourage everyone to punch "Boris" into twatter search and drink deep of leftist tears, and sup on the impotent outrage of losers.

Well played.

@Viatcheslavsos3: "⁦@ScottAdamsSays⁩ Greta has actually a good sense of humour."

(H/T @ScottAdamsSays RT )

Carlson surprised impeezment not working with people and election prospects for Trump improving.

He hasn't been following QV.

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