FOX5 Surprise Squad visited a local Albertsons to surprise shoppers and walked away with some amazing stories of hope & strength. A diabetic woman who has had both of her legs amputated shares how the last person she thinks about is herself! Then the squad surprises a recently widowed wife, who despite her recent loss, had the strength to go back to work to share her love and hope! Thank you to our sponsors: United Nissan, America First Credit Union, & Albertsons/Vons!

aww, it'd be a good clip if only someone cleaned up the noise: Penny DeHaven ~ Gone

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Check out @Steeltruth episode on foster care system abuse. Must watch.

Foster care system is a leading source of kids that get trafficked.

Trump brings up man who helped stopped leftist activist that tried to ruin speech

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What no one seems to get is how much money will we save spending this 3.6bn. Not having to pay for housing illegals, healthcare and so on and so on. We need every inch that we can muster to control what we have not been able to for hundreds of years.

Pentagon diverts $3.6 billion in military construction funds to build Trump's border wall.

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@Angela @drawandstrike It's worse than that. He deliberately lied and hid exculpatory parts of a story to embarrass Trump and Olsen and thereby ruin a man's life because he doesn't like his politics. Olsen was TARGETING anti-semites with sarcarm. Even the ADL has retracted their statement.

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My baby girl Maggy turned 15 yesterday and today she slipped and dislocated her hip. The vet said her hip joint is flattened from age/ arthritis so there is very little chance they could push it back into place-if she survived the anesthesia. So my sister said no to that and took her home. Any prayers to help Maggy manage on 3 legs would be so welcome right now. She's been my baby since she was 8 weeks old.

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@JohnCParnell @NevadaJack

Here's a [Firefox] workaround for MANY paywall sites. Click or press F9 the moment you see the article appear. You get the article and its associated images and nothing else.

Reader View as a fantastic feature. It's also great for sites with atrocious formats that make them unreadable.

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My communist brother thinks that Trump is controlled by Tucker Carlson.

According to my brother, Carlson has a hotline into the White House.

Trump was going to start a war with Iran, but Carlson warned him that people would be killed, which Trump didn't know.

So Trump decided against a war with Iran.

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So I’m talking to my liberal sister and i say that I believe in gun rights and before I go to be she tells me to “stay out of “rabbit holes“

Liberals believe or have been trained to believe that if it’s not their ideology that we are crazy or some kind of threat to society.

I explained to her that it is progressives that are responsible for the mass killings historically and she didn’t like that

Sad because she’s smart but she is fully indoctrinated

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Concerns escalate over a possible ship-to-ship transfer by to provide oil to Assad in Syria.

A Gibraltar court released Iran's tanker based on Tehran's pledges of not providing oil to Syria.

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"They are not Chinese companies they are or State Owned and should not be allowed to raise capital here to continue to execute their economic aggression on "

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"I have the cure for White Guilt. Put your money in my bank account and you will be healed."

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1) Since when have "trial attornies" defined reality?

Reality: If POLICE cannot protect the citizenry and in fact have no responsibility to do so, why would a Grocery Store have this responsibility?

2) Many businesses prefer not to have folks carrying openly. There is a difference in "your rights" and common sense. If you insist on carrying openly, go right ahead. If you own a business, you have the right to ask patrons to hide your AR-15 under your shirt.

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Mohammad Bagheri, chief of staff of Iran's armed forces was the idiot who said the US stopped short of attacking as President Trump was briefed on what consequences such a raid would have.

My take:
The mullahs have never been weaker & are absolutely desperate to save face.

Judge Jeanine Pirro joins Sebastian Gorka on America First to discuss why Obama's conspirators must face real justice. 09/03/19

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Is this really a surprise?
Georgia called Hollywood's empty bluff.

"Boycott backfires: Film and TV shows stay in Georgia after protest of heartbeat bill."

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Victor Davis Hanson: Israel’s Good and Bad New Realities

New alliances with Arab nations are positive but unstable, and old enemies are most dangerous when in a weakened state.

The Middle East...interprets a volatile, mercurial Trump as a more reliable ally than a predictable, smarmy, and elegant-sounding Obama, and so feel they can be more overt in their new realignments. To the Arabs, Israel may be an SOB, but it is now perceived as one of their own SOBs. @ThomasWic

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