Diamond and Silk on Chit Chat Live discussing The Witnesses, Adam Schiff, The Corrupted Left and The Kangaroo court. youtu.be/G4xrxwqk9O8

Trump 2020 senior campaign adviser Lara Trump discusses how Democrats have moved increasingly to the left -- even further than President Obama. youtu.be/V0IkRf8ni-0

Former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Sarah Sanders speaks out as week two of the public impeachment hearings kicks off. youtu.be/L6cGCNyEl9c

Democrat HUMILIATED After Ripping MASSIVE Fart On Live TV, He Denies It But We Have PROOF youtu.be/yoW9BQ0aUBw

apparently somebody didn't watch Roseanne

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Guess who the fall guys are going to be?
NEWS: Both guards on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide are now in FBI custody, a law enforcement official said told @MarkMorales51 The guards will be in court later this afternoon to face charges that are expected to include falsifying records, the official said. twitter.com/KaraScannell/statu

Cost Of Talking Trump Revealed: Lost Friends & Income (Pt. 1)| Scott Adams... youtu.be/xnLUUWLtdLc

Nothing triggers a Gen-Z snowflakes like a boomer with a lot to say, and trust us, Brad Upton has a lot to say! Give us an "Okay Boomer" in the comments and go watch more comedy by downloading the Dry Bar Comedy App now available on all iOS and Android devices youtu.be/j1Zg2S2-heY

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee says the Republicans could get the House back and pick up some seats in the Senate because Americans are 'sick' of the impeachment probe. youtu.be/MiWhWJRuoro

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin sounds off after House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff calls President Trump a 'charlatan in the White House. youtu.be/6ZkHzxyYoBQ

whenever I see Nancy and Adam, I start getting flashbacks of Punch & Judy

Bongino slams Bloomberg for apologizing for 'stop-and-frisk' policy youtu.be/k2dyXvsXulY

Still have all the vibes repub nevertrumpers want him. albeit more to groom the public into accepting their ideal candidate. albeit looking at the potential roster, they need to go much younger and more streamlined for 2024. a jfk type. but the televangelist (not necessarily religious per se, its as much media personalities than preachers) and religious trads are steadily narrowing into an alliance.


"It's Hard to Be an Individual" | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter [The Glenn Show]

0:43 Buzzwords vs. the power of reason
13:25 College students stay silent instead of saying the wrong thing
17:42 Why cultural appropriation is such a flashpoint
27:03 John: “It’s hard to be an individual”
34:14 Cosmopolitanism and fearing the cops
42:31 The sense of belonging that comes from being oppressed

extra credit: California: gray davis = gavin newsom... unfortunately Reagan as a president might have been decent but as a gov he set the first domino. CA's salivation might rest in examining the history of Pete Wilson in looking for it's next heir.. or looking at Davis with how to deal with the current problems that run almost parallel.

should review the history of the divide between republicans and the tea party.. or take it back a few years to how curious bush jr was ever moved into play. they didn't like his daddy. Or we could further with the divide between the republicans of the time and Reagan, which is the most coomparable to Trump for hoow he inspired the often overlooked base as well as the drive for young republicans. There's something familiar here, in the air, of the party, conservatives. can't just place it yet.

I suspect they're looking for their next heir.. but in their peripheral is Bloomberg. Not that he has a chance with the current Dem's base but I think th equestion becomes friend or foe. Still, it's niether here nor there. like the democrats with tds, which are laughable and energizing because of so much stupid.. the nevertrumps or more the same peeps that killed the likes of the tea party are still concerning. They're quite and the talking heads, the outlets are just commercial. passive.

Republicans are more guarded and fractured.. they'll still talk but it's more difficult to get a lean on, an ear in.

here's several factions but they mostly stay in their lanes for the party's sake and more or less keep the other factions in check.

Most of the powerplayers aren't even politicians.. there's a restructuring going on in the lurch. Don't know what it is yet... so I can't address the elephant in the room when all the jackasses are lining themselves up for a lemmings like fall.

The short run:

The democrats are self defeating. However, most of the old guard is on the way out but it's not the new guard that's moving in. Those upstarts are being pushed back into the fringes of the third parties.

Look at the players shifting behind Obama. The Obamas have never been key political players but Valerie Jarrett is.. but a passive aggressive one

It's easy to get a solid feel on the Democrats. They'll talk to anyone that will listen and ignore their peripheral

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