Hey quads! Do you like bacon and eggs? This is my feeble attempt and first try at an experiment. Take some bacon and bake it or nuke it in the shape of a circle. When done to your crispness level-like mine crisp. Put in a skillet, crack an egg and pour into the bacon and cook. I flipped it over so the egg would be firm. Didn’t look like much but was very good. Gotta work on my technique. Just love bacon and eggs.

@Buddy I'm giving that a try tomorrow night. We have breakfast for dinner on Thursdays. We love bacon 🐷

@2020_DJT Me too but I don't get to eat as much as I want. My only health problem is high cholesterol, high lipids, high triglycerides, HDL & LDL are wack. I take 2 drugs & numbers are all still high. I savor it when I do have any. @Buddy


@DonnaLea @2020_DJT @Buddy I know I'll be attacked for this, but a plant based diet could help your cholesterol. It's working for me! It's a hard transition but worth it. Not only helping the cholesterol but blood pressure as well.
I'm not a fanatic, it's not my religion. Its for health. Now if I can just get motivated to get to the gym regularly!😉

@stephanieanne @DonnaLea @Buddy

You need to do what's best for you. No one can tell you otherwise. As long as no one is hurt by your actions, then it's not your problem. This IS still America. You have a choice!😃

@stephanieanne @DonnaLea @2020_DJT @Buddy Good for you Stephanie!... I’m 51 and have had a plant based diet almost all my life. My cholesterol and sugar numbers are fine. I go to gym 6 days/week.

@saramangas Plant based diet here also but my only exercise of late is walking or riding my bicycle. I need to get back to my yoga exercises. @stephanieanne @2020_DJT @Buddy

@DonnaLea @saramangas @2020_DJT @Buddy I keep saying I'm going to start a yoga routine but have yet to do it! I know it would help me to feel better physically and mentally. Let's do it!

@stephanieanne I did 40 mins of yoga every day for years & loved it. I'm not into all that meditation stuff, just the movements and poses. Then I moved 10 yrs ago and got lazy and now I keep putting it off. I just need to get back into the habit. @saramangas @2020_DJT @Buddy

I don’t know you, but as a quod have an interest in how another one is. Take care of yourself.

@stephanieanne @saramangas @2020_DJT

@DonnaLea @stephanieanne @2020_DJT @Buddy Walking and riding a bicycle sounds good to me... remember cardio helps a lot to keep low your colesterol and sugar... Yoga is great for strength and elasticity. You can do it!👍

@Buddy @stephanieanne @DonnaLea @2020_DJT ... once in a while I eat bacon... love it VERY crispy... just delicious😊

@stephanieanne @DonnaLea @2020_DJT @Buddy

I would SO do this if I could. I love animals so much - my problem is I just love meat.😥

@athena12 @stephanieanne @DonnaLea @Buddy

Not to worry. That's why we have the teeth we have. It's okay for us to eat meat. God said so.

@athena12 @DonnaLea @2020_DJT @Buddy I understand. I get cravings sometimes especially when I'm cooking supper for Jim and myself and hes having a porterhouse steak!
As I said, this is for health reasons for me.


I know what you mean about cravings. When the Mrs. and I go out with friends or family and everyone is enjoying a beer or what else I have to have a drink without alcohol. Quit alcohol July 2017 at the urging of my doctors and family when hospitalized for acute pancreatitis. Drinks or your life. Your choice!! I am still alive and in really good health. Have had Heineken 00 and it tastes ok.

@athena12 @DonnaLea @2020_DJT

@stephanieanne No attack from me. I live on fruits and veggies. My usual breakfast is a large salad. I usually have 2 a day, with no dressing. I prefer the taste of the vegetables. My problem is hereditary not dietary. My husband is diabetic so our diet is probably 80% to 90% veggies and meat. @2020_DJT @Buddy

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