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From Fox News - Newt Gingrich: Trump impeachment will bring Pelosi and House Democrats condemnation by history
Newt Gingrich: Trump impeachment will bring Pelosi and House Democrats condemnation by history

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Imagine losing a loved one at the hands of government forces shooting down a plan & then authorities fencing off his/her grave, even preventing you from a decent mourning ceremony.

Welcome to Iran under the mullahs' regime...

This is Gov. Coonman/Blackface/b
BabyKiller way of creating psychological warfare on the citizens of Virginia. Do I want to attend this protest for my 2nd amendment rights? I do but don't want to get caught up in a riot. Antifa is being bused in as well. Think put some cash into this travesty?

Only 830am but I can say without hesitation that this is the meme of the day.

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It's Friday.

Colder than a step mothers kiss.

Wind howling like a pissed banshee.

Gonna earn it today.

Be well, Patriots.

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Attorney Sidney Powell: "We have evidence now that they were actually trying to force Mr. Flynn to lie to a jury and a judge in the Eastern District of Virginia last year last summer & they knew that’s what they were trying to do then."

Subornation of Perjury!

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Mark Meadows

Democrats said impeachment was “urgent,” and then sat on their own articles for 4 weeks

They insisted it was “somber,” and then handed out commemorative pens and posed for pictures

The hypocrisy is overwhelming

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) called for recusal of Democrat presidential candidates from impeachment process against President Donald Trump.

“Senators Bennet, Klobuchar, Sanders & Warren, cannot sit in judgment of the very President they seek to replace. To participate in this trial would be a failure of the oath they took to be an ‘impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws’. Their presidential ambitions prohibit their ability to view this trial through an objective lens.”

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Pelosi is Stalin in drag- that’s right, I SAID IT. - Levin

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@TomFitton: "ENEMIES list? Those allegedly targeted for illegal monitoring by ousted Obama holdover Amb to Ukraine:

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