When 'errors' are discovered in the 'official' vote counts we hear from those in charge:
• 'Oh, this was just one of those human errors'.
• 'Oh, this happens from time to time'.
• 'Oh, this was just a 'glitch' in the system'.

It's amazing how these 'errors' always land in Biden's favor.

With the Democrats stealing the election and Biden set to be the next president hopefully Trump will have a group of 'patriots' deep within Biden's Marxist administration that will act in the best interests of the American people, which will be in direct contrast to the 'Obama Cartel' that for the last 4 years has undermined and sabotaged Trump's presidency while keeping the treasonist crimes committed by 'Obama's Cartel' from seeing the light of day and facing the justice treasonists deserve.

The Democrats and their MSM stooges would look at this graphic and with a straight face say: 'Move along folks, there's nothing to see here'.

When the FBI refuses to investigate claims of voter fraud nor interview the hundreds of citizens who signed affidavits (under the penalty of perjury) as to what they witnessed 'first hand' on election night, and in the days following, the 'fix' is in and the statement below becomes a sad truth.

In Georgia thousands upon thousands of 'pristine' ballots (never folded, with the oval 'perfectly' filled in) were 'found' and every ballot was for Biden, no down ballot votes, just thousands upon thousands of pristine, never folded ballots, with a perfectly filled in oval just for Biden.

Move along folks, there's nothing to see here.

Interesting how the Democrats and their MSM stooges 'pound the podium' claiming there was absolutely no voter fraud during the election.

To say no fraud occurred is as ridiculous as saying Bill Clinton had no affairs.

The left won't discuss the miraculous million vote swing Biden had in Pennsylvania.

The left won't discuss people rising from the grave to cast their ballots.

The left won't discuss Republican observers being ejected from counting sites in Detroit.

AOC said she will spend the next 54 days using her 'political influence' to see to it that the Democrats win both Senate seats in the Georgia run-off election on January 5th so that (her words): "Her party won't have to negotiate with the Republicans".

Biden 'might' win, which means Harris 'might' become the tie breaking vote, but what AOC seems to have forgotten is that Senate Democrat Joe Manchin hates socialism.

Not until the Electoral College meets on December 14th 'and' Biden receives a minimum of 270 votes does he become 'The President Elect.

The Democrats and their MSM stooges know this to be the process as laid out in the Constitution but they choose to ignore the rules so when Trump is awarded the election by the Supreme Court they can throw their tantrums and call for riots because a 'coup' has occurred.

It's totally irresponsible for the Democrats, the MSM, and Biden's campaign to refer to Biden as 'The President Elect'. That title is only valid after a candidate has received a minimum of 270 votes from the Electoral College, which does not meet until December 14th.

In addition to having no mandate from the EC there are/will be investigations into voting 'irregularities' in PA, WI, MI, GA, and AZ.

Trump was awarded NC today, so once GA, PA, and WI are added to Trump's totals he wins again!

The explanation by election officials why a voting machine in a Michigan county counted 6,000 Trump votes for Biden was that the machine suffered a 'glitch'.

Machines don't suffer 'glitches', they do as they are 'programmed' to do.

The states of WI, MI, PA, NC, GA, NV and AZ have proved this cartoon to be true.

So, how do we know the Democrats planned this voter fraud scheme? Because prior to Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings Chucky Boy Schumer demanded she 'recuse' herself from any discussions or rulings involving the 2020 Presidential election.

As the days go by, and more proof of voter fraud is uncovered, many of the willing participants will begin 'narcing' to be the first in line for immunity.

Had this happened in favor of Trump the Democrats, Antifa, and BLM would have burned the polling station to the ground.

When the Democrats are losing a state.

At '5am' a poll worker, after receiving a text, jumps up and shouts: "What are all of those boxes of ballots doing sitting by the back door!"

The boxes are collected, the ballots counted, and surprise! - they're all for Biden!

Biden says he will give his victory speech when the 'media' declares him to be the winner.

If that's his criteria he should have given his speech months ago.

If for no other reason Trump must win this election in order for him to be able to make this cartoon become a reality, and see to it that the leaders of the coup against him are indicted, found guilty of treason, and imprisoned for life.

Any outcome less than this confirms America's judicial system is indeed corrupt and a joke.

Since the 'laptop from Hell' was discovered and authenticated Hunter Biden has not been seen.

There must be many of Hunter's domestic and foreign 'business' partners that are extremely pissed off Hunter allowed this incriminating evidence to be made public.

Pissed off people do unconventional things.

The logical explanation for 'where is Hunter' is daddy's campaign has him hidden until after the election, which would follow the old script of: 'Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies".

At Biden's 12 person 'rally' yesterday in Michigan he let slip the Democrats plan why the Democrats insisted that vote-by-mail be implemented during the Covid outbreak.

Biden finally appeared on stage (only after Obama called for him 3 times) and began reading his 'prepared' remarks off the teleprompter, but then, in true Biden fashion, he goes off-script and tells his audience of 12: "I don't need you to get me elected".

How refreshing to hear Biden admit the Democrats commit voter fraud.

Ask you favorite Democrat family member, friend or neighbor (if they'll still talk to you) to refute this statement.

As part of your argument let them know that before Obama there was no BLM, no Antifa, and no war on the police.

Nothing's changed when it comes to the white side of the Democrat party.

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