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Greetings QV family! I am honored to join you great patriots. My dad was a flight instructor during WW2. My uncle Bruce was KIA in France while bombing and strafing the Germans. I think they would approve of my choice :)

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The dr removed her breathing tube early today. I think around 2PM. It was supposedly the only way he could give her pain meds every two hours to keep her comfortable. Dr said he’s surprised she’s still living because after removing the tubes they usually pass away within a couple hours. My heart feels so heavy right now. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

22nd anniversary today. My wife will be coming home soon. I am fixing kebabs with local grass fed beef, served over basmati rice.
Dessert is homemade cheesecake made with fresh eggs. Thanks girls!(the chickens). And of course, wine😍

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If Gina Carano is fully uncancelled, that the end of wokeness.

The mayor of Portland is begging his hapless residents tounmask Antifa and BLM.

California just lost a congressional seat because so many people have left the state.

The beat goes on.

Americans always do the right thing after they try everything else.

To quote a British guy.

Whose mother was American.

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(25) Think of Tashina Gauhar and George Toscas.

Soon to be nameless no more, as their participation in the plot to subvert the FISA courts comes to light.

Oh, yes, and think a little about the role they played in keeping the Clinton e-mail investigation under wraps. That's coming, too.

While you do this, don’t take your eyes off of Sally Yates and Grandma Loretta.

This is going to be fun.

And none of the screaming banshees in the media see it coming.


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She's a rabid leftist who votes for open borders.

I've spoken to her five times in our lives, and she always does a decades' worth of talking in those brief encounters.

I was daring God to hit me with something else.

As far as I know, God didn't make it a trifecta.

In reality, God had nothing to do with it, but sometimes you feel like you have a target tattooed on your whole face.


At least I'm not a hoarder.

Today there've been THREE hoarder stories on the radio.

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Everything you are seeing, reading or experiencing in MSM & Social Media is designed to PULL you in a direction to suit the NEEDS & interests of others.
Almost always to your detriment as an American or simply as a human being.
What were platforms for News, Entertainment & Social interaction have all been weaponized to "get your mind right" with their NU American Agenda.
One where Corporate Fascists who OWN US.Gov control every facet of your life.

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Nobody knows what a person truly thinks or feels.

We judge them by their ACTIONS.

Pence has made it clear that his stated religious beliefs have no bearing on his politics.

They CAN'T, because that would be unconstitutional.

And if there's one thing Pence cherishes, it's the US Constitution.


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It's an open secret that multiple countries have converted transports into strategic bombers.

With electronic warfare (EW) defenses, they can cut through anything the Russians have.

The Germans have a STRATEGIC cruise missile.

And the Gulf Arabs can spoof spy satellites.

I have no doubt that we could pitch in without the Biden administration knowing.

But ALL the military knows that something is up.

They just don't know that we're in devolution.

That's by design.

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The House managers broke all the rules to get witnesses and new evidence during closing arguments.

They GOT THE SENATE TO AGREE, and then...nothing.

But for a long time, nobody knew what was happening or what WOULD happen.

Again, not the proper venue for Trump to testify. It was a cargo-cult trial. Stone Age people imitating something they can't comprehend.

INSANE Stone Age people.

So what next?

NO IDEA. You can't predict Trump. The shaping of the battlefield continues.

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