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Okay, fellow Quods. I’m in a mood to vent. Feel free to scroll on by.

1)One of the hats I wear is that of an indie musician with a respectable following in a very niche market.

I’ve been posting videos to YouTube since 2006. The videos run the gamut from tutorials to instrumental versions of songs. I have enough followers and views to be eligible for monetization, and ads run on my videos.


I get a minimum of one laugh out loud a day from you. This is one of them.

It's addictive, and also one of the reasons I miss James Woods so much.

Wish like hell that he would come here.

So I pop in to watch a short segment of Gorka's show "It's not climate change, AOC; it's the WEATHER" and YouTube has a banner under his program on 'global warming'

These idiots just kill me with their SJW crap 🙄

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that this forum is a true oasis — a place where you can come to not only be enlightened and educated, but also refreshed and encouraged. If you haven’t already given monetary support to help keep this forum afloat, please consider doing so. Important work is being done here.❤️ ❤️ ❤️


We won't see anything remotely similar to '84.

Back then we did not have states with no in-person voting, nor did we have systemic fraud as we do now with mail-in ballots.

But we will see as convincing a re-election as any, and then some.

Why are Republican voters so inflexible? What was so bad about Yvette Herrell in NM-2? She wasn’t Steve Pearce?

Was Katie Arrington not being Mark Sanford such a sin in SC-1, that they had to put in Joe Cunningham?

Those close special elections? Do Republican voters in KS-4 and OH-12 not care?

Incumbency should not be the end all be all reason for voting.

@paul_schmehl @drawandstrike

The giveaway for me was when every spook interviewed said the same thing.

"What was he thinking? He KNEW Kislyak's phone was tapped, he KNEW he didn't have to talk to the FBI, and he KNEW that the FBI had a transcript of what he'd said. Why would he lie?"

To get into the system and expose the rot.

General Flynn went on a near-suicide mission FOR US.

And that's why he's the greatest spooky patriot in history.

To the best people, on the best platform, started by the Greatest minds I know. Good night, and thank you for the enjoyable time I have spent with each and every one of you. You all make my heart smile. Good night, in HIS name be blessed

For all those who are concerned and want to do something about Election Fraud


A HUGE thank you to Judicial Watch for compiling all this data into booklet form, which I am using to create this THREAD on Election Fraud.

From the Election Integrity Project 2020 Election Edition.

The thread is lengthy, but you do not have to read the entire thing. Some of it will be state specific.

This may take a while, and I may be interrupted. But I will complete it. I promise.

My guess is Sullivan is blowing a fuse just about now.

He's not going to be happy on the 10th.

Trump knows what's coming for the rest of them.
1. Comey scathing report - his reputation destroyed, but this report has been separated from the issue of FISA mishandling.

WAIT for the second shoe to drop, I think this has all been planned in respect to the crescendo of crimes.

Step 1, slap;
step 2 stomp.

Trump's tweet "AG is fair" is HUGE clue to what's coming.

My personal opinion is that the world has changed and the inexact science of polling has become even less reliable.

Many conservatives have shut their mouths and will not express themselves. If asked they will often "lack candor". LOL.

Liberals have silenced the very voices that could give them an honest pulse.

President Trump is very popular. More than the left is aware.

One glance at the DOJ twitter feed tells you all you need to know.

Millions of Americans are outraged, while Comey walks free.

But don't you all see?

It had to be this way, for.POTUS Trump & A G Barr to restore the reputation of the DOJ.

Trump NEEDS Americans awake and outraged. When the hammer falls on the Obama/Clinton crooks (and it will), almost no one will defend them.

Trump didn't desire this, remember.He was a TARGET.

Now, he chooses their downfall.

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