The worst one is “They have never gotten over losing the 2016 election”. Yeah. BECAUSE THEY’RE SCARED.

These talking points are like edging the lawn over and over but never actually mowing it.


Me too. I just think they would end up getting a lot more folks on board if they let them know the level of corruption going on.

I find myself screaming at the TV (or radio), “It’s about the MONEY, stupid!!! Say it!! They’re ALL on the take!! Including the MSM!! They are desperate to get rid of POTUS because they are guilty of breaking laws that will land them in JAIL, and they don’t have TDS — they’re TERRIFIED!”

I can’t believe I’m the only one who feels this way.

1) Why, oh why do the very few conservative mainstream TV and radio personalities persist in blaming the Democrats’ opposition to PDJT on things like TDS, abject hatred, loss of power, etc.? Occasionally they’ll get close and say that it’s fear. But they NEVER, EVER spell out, in layman’s terms, WHY they’re afraid. This bugs the snot out of me.


Forget about what’s going on. I want to know who took the picture and leaked it.

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The governor of Tennessee issued a proclamation making today a "Day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting." In today, I discuss the urgency and power of intercession and invite you to join the Holy Spirit in changing our culture:

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We could do magic with that.

With 1.00 per user per month we could pay our bills.

Highlight of my weekend: Michael Cleveland and Byron Berline trading fiddle licks on ‘Sally Goodin’ at the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival in Guthrie, OK.



So....not only does PDJT have to report to NANCY after he speaks to a foreign leader, but she also apparently listens in on those conversations without PDJT’s knowledge so she can catch him if he lies about it. Oh, my sides.

Yeah. Speak again, oh toothless one.

I’m totally dumbfounded that she actually believes Americans are stupid enough to buy this. She is morally and ethically bankrupt. And out-of-touch to the point of no return.

@ilumanous @IndiaMaria

I’m almost afraid to admit this, but I’ve actually had a couple of dreams about Trump. In both dreams, he appears as a hard-working father-figure who is both burdened and determined. Those around him are there because they want his help. In the dream, I watch as he assures everyone, and yet he doesn’t say anything. It’s just the look of burdened determination on his face.

Small towns and rural communities have interpersonal relationships that sometimes span generations. In these quiet little places that few have ever heard of, everyone knows everyone and people come together to help each other in times of crisis.

This afternoon I’ll be traveling to just such a place where a group of local musicians and I will be joining most of the town’s population to help raise funds for two families who lost loved ones in a recent car accident.

Go love on your neighbors.


OMG!! It’s Satellite Sebring and the Asteroids!!!!

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Mark Amodei, Nevada’s only Republican U.S. House member, said today that media and leftist claims that he supports an “impeachment inquiry” are not true: he does not support an “impeachment inquiry” into President Trump.

I'm posting this because Mark represents my district and he never gets any national coverage.

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"Meet Gregory. He experienced homelessness for many years but under HUD-funded programs @DC_Housing, he found a place to call home. After finding an affordable apartment, he worked towards self-sufficiency and homeownership. "

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