Not only that, but you can save big bucks by shopping around. Spinmeister got his pre-surgical knee MRI for under $400. (And that included the reading fee.)

@Darabrab Jesus Christ. My sister had me all worried and here it was because of him panting, which he always does when he goes to the vet. The vet gave him a sedative and that ended the panting. Now my sister should have asked for a prescription for the sedative but I bet she didn’t.

Otherwise his cardiovascular testing and kidney values were fine and he had no fluid around his lungs. His heart is still enlarged but that is because of his cardiomyopathy.

@2020_DJT @Debradelai

Yes, that *is* a copy of “Gander”. Please, oh please let this be a sign that the Senate will finally address this horrible event and allow the truth to be revealed.


Is that a copy of "Gander" on the table to your right?!

"The government’s response admits astounding and widespread government misconduct as
detailed in the IG Report regarding the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and FISA applications,
yet Mr. Van Grack refuses to admit any impact on Mr. Flynn’s case."



It was recorded. If I get my hands on it I'll post it in QV, together with the interview I did afterwards with Kurdistan24.

Looks like my meds are making my typing even worse.😂😂😂Well, today I’ve been in what our vet calls the “Growl, growl, grumble, grumble” mode. But the news of the brain dead boring Dems and the latest detritus to flow out from between their lips is not smile-making, except for the fact that we continue to see these moronic troglodytes put their feet in their mouths. Once some of these trite, idiotic, lawbreaking turds end up in the pokey, their usefulness will satisfy the prisoners there. Winning!

@EngOnDemand @TimToolMan

Real selflessness and self-sacrifice (with no thought of recompense) is the hallmark of a person who has a close relationship with God — because it’s imitating the kind of love God has for us.

All I’m saying is that in order to display these Godly attributes, one has to experience them first-hand. You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself.

@TimToolMan @EngOnDemand

When you find examples of selflessness and self-sacrifice, people making choices that benefit others while disadvantaging themselves, you’ve found a child of God.

@TimToolMan @EngOnDemand

My thoughts on human nature fall somewhere in between. To me, it isn’t basically good or basically bad. If you go all-in on either one of those concepts you will always find exceptions.

People will choose right or wrong based upon how that choice will affect them personally. In other words, people are selfish. The choice itself may be good or bad, but the person making it is driven by self-interest.

is (fake) trending on Twitter.

Olive Oyl will never be president.


A friend of mine from Twatter has come to check this place out. His name is @BrianCal and he is just learning how this place works.

If he has a few questions, please help him or point him to where he can find the answers. (I just gave him Thomas’ link.)

Be gentle with him (At least for his first week) then have at him. Hahaha!

WELCOME BRIAN. Call me if you need anything. 👍

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