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Man, I'm not a fan of ketchup.

But what I wouldn't give for a jar of Grandma's homemade catsup. Damn, I reckon. Fire!

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I’m going to have to look up my Dad’s recipe for “meat sauce” — a chunky tomato-based condiment that we used in place of ketchup when we were growing up.

Stay tuned.

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Yes, OLD school. Speaking of which, I have a recipe for “drawing salve”, or “plaster” that my grandma had. I actually thought about trying to make some, but it called for a small fortune’s-worth of saffron.

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Corn Husker’s was a main-stream- marketed brand for a while. My parents kept it around the house for when their hands got chapped in the winter.

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When the old folks pull out the corn huskers or udder balm, you know it's gettin' serious!

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Put High Powered Liniment on that list too. Probably tucked behind that bar of lye soap.


Not just lye soap, but LAVA soap. Dad kept a bar of that stuff in downstairs bathroom for cleaning up his hands after he worked on the cars, dug in the garden or cleaned his guns. It was like washing your hands with sandpaper. 😉


Grandad was a mechanic and a farmer. He washed up with Tide. The fam used to laugh about it, but he liked to be clean when he wasn't working.

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It really *is* good stuff. Mom used it on meatloaf, and it was always on the table when we had beef on the menu. I preferred it to ketchup on hamburgers, along with a few slices of mom’s homemade bread & butter pickles of course!😉


I'm going to try the crystal pickles soon. My daughter-in-law made me bread on Sunday, while I canned tomatoes. We're becoming quite the pioneer women, lol.

Can't talk the daughter into making butter, though. 🤷‍♀️

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When it comes to making things “from scratch”, my rules amount to two factors: 1) Can I make it better? and 2) Can I make it cheaper? If I can answer yes to even one of those two factors, I’ll do it. If not, it’s not worth my time. IMO, butter is one of those things that doesn’t qualify — unless you have access to fresh, unpasteurized cream from a small-time dairy farm with very happy cows. Which I don’t, around here.

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