A gloomy take. I tend to think that, even though the Sanhedrin vetoed the will of the people and anointed Barabbas last week, that the economic depression 'Resident Biden ushers in will help us veto the Sanhedrin.

The Binary Intersectional Tyrannical Cis-Hetero Slave Lord Anti-woke Patriarchy (BITCHSLAP) approves of this Stephanopoulos abuse =>

Look, China paid a fat pile of cash to install 'Resident Biden =>

And may God have mercy on the souls of these Lefty Jacobins, who should have ordered raspberry instead of Robespierre.

But they were successful in installing 'Resident Xiden, so they got **that** goin' for 'em =>

The Republican Party of Virginia is sucking up to Trump voters.

Wonder if they'll succeed in coaxing Donald himself to spare us from another round of Greasy Terry.

Peasant scum
Must stay mum
On aristocractic stylings
The sorry lot
Its ration got
Now, praise Biden for his filings!

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