More proof is run by progs. If this was Obumer, they would have said "Hundreds of..."

This couldn't happen to a nicer group of virtual signaling fool millionaires. These idiots don't realize that the lefties are using them as pawns and will gleefully laugh when the league utterly fails. They don't realize that THEIR DEMISE is the target. The cascade will kill college football. All of those minorities now getting higher ed football schollies will disappear with it. Stupidity, is strong with this group.

Business school professor uses Chinese word that sounds somewhat like the N word and BLM faction in the class goes cray cray and gets him removed from teaching the course.
[Warning: this blog is has a lot of leftist dribble, but their tax analysis is spot on most of the time]

Just an observation of who might have been demonically possessed. I find it incredible that not a single CAT3 happened during his term and he had 4 yrs without a major landfall. Truly a demonic miracle.

Kamala Harris has a pedophile problem. When she became the San Fran DA she paid back a certain segment of her financial supporters by dropping the pursuit of justice for the victims of the pedophilia Catholic clergy ring. Follow the money.

If you want to know what mail you have coming in from the USPS...for instance, to determine if your mail has been stolen, then I suggest you sign up for the USPS informed delivery service:

Fox just said a bunch of Yankees are headed South again..not to burn it down like in the 1860s, but to live there. I truly hope those leaving are of the conservative persuasion and not communist one that installed the jackass thugs running them off.

Saw this on twatter:
BLM is not an acronym for what everyone says it is. It's actually means "Burn Loot & Murder."

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.