Emily Miller just unloaded on NBC/Comcast on MediaBuzz. I generally don’t care to watch the host, but he was more fair than normal. She said the entire upper echelon is a sexual harassment protection ring. They run a News Casting Couch. It’s just like Hollywood.

US Women's Soccer Team reps made their bed...but don't want to sleep in it. They opted for bigger guarantees upfront...and now have butt-hurt syndrome.

What we do know is that covid has caused or was a factor in 37k deaths so far and is estimated to be the cause or factor in 64k deaths so far. The CDC knows there’s a lag in reporting the real numbers, so they attempt to make up for that in observations of reports provided by the state’s heath agencies. Maybe I didn’t explain this well enough. I’m not saying the 64k number is bogus. It’s a well sourced estimate, but still an estimate. Of course, they also said covid would kill 2.5M of us.

So what is the 64,283 death count here?


Here’s the kicker...” Rates are calculated using U.S. Census Bureau, 2018 American Community Survey 1-year estimates and are shown as cases/100,000 people.”

It takes time for “Estimates” to match realities. The 64k deaths is an estimate, based upon observations of what has been reported...37,308 deaths confirmed so far...and what they “estimate” is in the un-reported lag pipeline.

37,308 confirmed deaths by COVID as of 25 Apr 2020
This is the “real time” count...but there’s a lag in it because it takes time for death certificates to finally make their way to the NCHS

Robert Mueller and his entire goon squad of leftist sleezbag lawyers should all be prosecuted, imprisoned and dis-barred for that kangaroo court investigation they hoisted on us for +$30M. The USMC should dis-own Mueller and change his discharge to "dis-honorable." He and his goon squad are stinking embarrassment to term "Justice to All." "Some PIGS are more equal than others" is their moto.

If you follow the logic of Dr Fauci, then the tetanus vaccine shouldn’t be taken because it never went through a “proper” study. This high-handed jackass needs to get off his high horse, swallow his pride, and get behind what has been proven already to help people fight the covid 19 virus.

Three Senior Members of Saudi Royal Family Are Arrested
[Sorry folks, this link takes you to the NY Slim-e]

7.6% of all deaths per year. We don't have a influenza epidemic...BUT we do have a serious idiot epidemic. Where MSM on this??

These estimates are pretty good. 18-46k people die from the "Flu" OR "pneumonia" every year. Still under 2% of ALL YEARLY DEATHS or around .000139% of the US pop per year assuming pop is 330M. Guess how many die from "unintentional injuries?" You know...those "Oh Shit" moments or "I'm a dumbass" moment?

Even results today - proclaimed as the gosg-darn truth...are "estimates."

So the CDC admits...they don't know exactly how many have died from influenza vs pneumonia...so the group them together:

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