Talked w/my Illinois nephew
-a right leaning
-28 yo CCW gun owner

He voted, rest of his circle of friends didn’t
Reason-General apathy
~Why bother
~It’s rigged
~Vote won’t count
Republicans probably face this nationally too at all age groups

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If there's any silver lining to the clouds currently hanging over USA, it's that those running apparatchiks like Haugen are dependably STUPID.

They live in a pre-Trump world, where they could pull this crap knowing that the population was asleep.

They have misunderstood & underestimated what Trump achieved.

We are all awake.

And so, we watch the enemies of truth lie, cheat and kill, sick at what we are witnessing, but also knowing that they are nearing their inevitable end.

The end.

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Take a bow, sir. Magnificent victory.


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Final addendum:

The technical side of this audit was very interesting, but a very basic forensic evaluation. They explained their results so most could understand.

Logs were changed, files deleted, systems out of date, no sysadmin processes, internet access, etc… but there were things outside of their scope b3cause they didnt get all the equipment or access.

That mesa county Colorado clerk who imaged her system before dominion changed it, now THAT has potential

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2) The Senate is folding. They are moving on. Kicked the can to the DA of AZ

3) Logs are an issue, as is the entire system security but the big issue is the deletion of voter files on 3/3/20 - what exactly was deleted?

4) MCBOS obstruction should be a crime

They withheld equipment (routers? thats a joke - those routers were reset to factory settings in January)

5) The forensic audit of the SYSTEMS was mainly = Nope this wouldnt pass at McDonalds. FIRE DOMINION because their system sucks

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AZ Audit: Dr. Shiva championed the algorithm voting claims against Dominion, now relegated to signature analysis on evb’s

What happened?


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Of course Pelosi is, they know after getting away with stealing 2020 that they will get away with stealing every single election from here on out.

"Midterms: Nancy Pelosi Confident Democrats Will Keep the House"

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Trump would give the Taliban an ultimatum that all US citizens & SIV holders leave Afghanistan unharmed by a deadline.

Trump would not reveal the specifics of what happens if the Taliban did not comply.

I think non-compliance would result in at least :

- all Taliban troops in Panshir bombed into oblivion.
- the entire Taliban leadership marked for death and their home villages laid to waste.
- 24/7 bombing to destroy all Taliban bases, military assets, US equipment.
- retake Bagram.

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Something's in the air.

There's a recent panicky wave of fresh anti-Trump hysteria sweeping the press.

It's laughable.

Like trying to sink an aircraft carrier by punching the hull with your fist.

Did you know that Liz Cheney actually said that caring about the working class is "neo-Marxism"?

The mind boggles.

Trump is really pushing the election theft. It APPEARS that he's building up to something.

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1. Everyone should read Lee Smith's excellent piece 'The Thirty Tyrants'.

Lee uses the Spartan imposed oligarchy on Athens in 404 BC, to explain the current oligarchy in America.

Lee's comparison between Sparta and China is clever, although I disagree in two areas.

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1. The total destruction of the Democrats.

2. The total destruction of the press.

3. The total destruction of Big Tech.

4. The total destruction of corporatism.

5. The total destruction of fascism in the US.

6. The totaql destruction of leftists billionaire donors.

7. The total destruction of China.

8. The total destruction of Iran.

9. POSSIBLY the total destruction of Russia.

10. The total destruction of the global enemies of peace and prosperity.

making Chairman Mao proud with his “The Great Leap Forward” imitation!
Massive central govt planning: mandated policies to control the market, forced job reassignment and termination, ridicule/re-education of those who disagree with those in power.

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Turns out Biden's plan to end the virus was to just tell the governors and media his administration was colluding with to just stop worrying about it.

Pretty ingenious I must say.

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USA Today article citing these accepted stats to argue there was NO fraud:

Total number of votes:
• Obama - 69,000,000
• Trump - 74,000,000
• Biden - 81,000,000

Number of counties won:
• Obama 873
• Trump 2,547
• Biden 509

Bellwether counties won:
• Obama 18 of 19
• Trump 18 of 19
• Biden 1 of 19

Florida, Ohio & Iowa:
• Obama Won Them All
• Trump Won Them All
• Biden Lost Them All

Which candidate's party won seats in the House?:
• Obama Won Seats
• Trump Won Seats
• Biden Won NO Seats

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For how long can patriotic Americans - especially those in formal positions with an overarching duty to the US constitution - permit this conduct by Biden & Co, to continue?

At some point, they become complicit in what's going on.

And they must be held accountable, for not protecting the nation.

I can't be the only one asking this question, either.

The end.

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One indicator of a nervous population? An increase in gun ownership.

The statistics reveal a staggering growth of gun purchases starting from 2019 the way through to 2020.

Interestingly, 50% of Republicans say they own a gun vs only 18% of Democrats.

There doesn't seem to be a study of the % of voters who own guns. Anyone have any data?

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“The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud.”

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