And the Darwin award goes to... this idiot! I've been hearing about him for years now. Unfortunately, he died. I guess no one told him he could use balloons of various types to ascend.

Daredevil and Flat Earth theorist "Mad Mike" Hughes dies in rocket crash

Hughes believed the Earth is flat, and wanted to prove it by taking pictures from a homemade rocket.
This particular launch was only supposed to take Hughes 5,000 feet in the air,

What in the literal hell makes a person get out of bed in the morning thinking this is a good idea?! 😳💥👎

"I can no longer be silent...I was ordered by my (Obama admin.) superiors at the Department of Homeland Security to delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Islamist terror groups like Hamas," Philip Haney wrote in 2016:

There are plenty of highly instructive news tidbits on-going. Good friend Durk brought up one in response to Rex's comments.

"American fracking - which Trump enthusiastically supports - is costing Putin and cronies about $180 billion/yr in lower oil revenues. That's a LOT of money, especially since total Russian GDP is only about $2 trillion/yr.

Part #2

Putin will do whatever he can to get any Democrat elected in place of Trump.

Trump has also stopped the construction of Nordstream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via threats of sanctions against its Swiss construction contractor.

Thanks to American fracking, and Trump's support for it, Putin cannot afford to pursue his takeover of the Ukraine and the other former Soviet satellites.
Says the FALN terrorist (Frances-Tavern bombing) who got pardoned by obama is supported by daughter who works for Mayor of San Juan
The mayor is a co chair for bernies campaign of course she does🙄
Link in thread

From a rally on the job-killing AB 5 bill in San Diego last night:

"Mission Accomplished! Lorena confidently walked out and started to speak to the crowd -- as she started talking the signs started popping up.We quietly were holding our signs and she scanned the audience trying to read them and the flow of her speech slowed down. Then she yelled out (with kids in the front row) F@@@ Trump ( that’s right her immediate go to ), we then started to chant Repeal AB5 and got louder and louder."

EXCLUSIVE: Pompeo Reveals Trump Admin’s Wide-Ranging Plan to Combat Iran, Deal Death Blow to Nuclear Deal

In the coming months, Pompeo said, he and the president will make a major decision about whether to petition the U.N. to invoke what is known as "snapback" on a set of international sanctions on Iran that were lifted as part of the Obama administration's nuclear accord.


They're far left anti-American marxists, as well as globalist ideologues.

Obama still runs the DNC, with Perez as his capo.

That little creep Ben Rhodes still runs a network of FakeNews reporters in the main cable channels, WaPo, NYT etc.

Their power is greatly diminished these days however. They can't even maintain control over the Democratic base, as Sanders rise proves.

Now consider that he is an Independent that caucuses with Democrats. This really shows you how weak the Democratic candidates are when they are all getting their collective asses handed to them by this guy.

Bathing in liberal tears is so much fun.

This L A Times piece on Trump's transformation of the 9th circuit comes across as a huge tantrum.

It is totally inappropriate for Obama judges to be moaning to FakeNews about their little fiefdom being rekt, bit that's how they roll.

And it changes nothing.

Italian authorities have implemented draconian measures to try to halt the coronavirus outbreak in the north of the country, including imposing fines on anyone caught entering or leaving outbreak areas, as a third person was confirmed to have died on Sunday.
The number of cases of the virus in the country has risen to 152.
Police are patrolling 11 towns – mostly in the Lombardy region.

@timr @Elaines2cents
>> Keep in mind that one problem with some forms of dementia is HALLUCINATIONS.

I am keenly aware of this because my wife has Parkinson's & dementia. Even with appropriate meds, hallucinations are a continuing problem over 3+ yrs. There is a very fine line between not enough of the right meds & too much. Too much can turn the person into a zombie.

Our Donald should hold a rally in CA! There are many forgotten Conservatives in CA as well as millions of pissed off Californians who are fed up with Dictator Newsom & his insane Gestapo in the CA Assembly! Same goes for OR & WA.

And, expose CA RAT voter fraud ASAP!

Impeachment backfire? Schiff opponent launches new ad thanking him for helping Trump

The game is on. Obama thinks he has an upper hand. There is a magnificent aura around the BO that makes him feel invincible.
He has no such power or backing in his political arsenal near what he commanded in 2012.
The most fantastic thing out of the 45th would be to display & then crush the arrogant lawlessness of the 44th. From the Russia nonsense to the Ukraine peachlust, the Demkrat idiocy led by BO under Schiff,Nadler,& Pelooser is crazed bullcrap.Time to move on, expose the players.

Apparently, the Whore of Babylon does not like the US peace proposal in Palestine.

I, for one, care nothing for his utterances.

Unfortunatelly, millions of dupes do.

Tell me again how this is not just politics and what the hell does it have to do with faith?

Yet again (Oh, coincidence!) you'll see Democratic Socialists around the world carry this vermin's torch.

Don't be suckered in by this huckster. "Build a wall" of Reason around his bullshit.

**Bernie Sanders has since invoked JFK in a new presidential campaign ad**

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he “almost threw up” when listening to John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debate Castro and their approach to Cuba in 1960.

@skhillx3 when I was watching it switched from percentage of votes to delegates and none of it made sense!!

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