Everyone needs a shit-hole to steer clear of; and I have Philly. The dimorats have destroyed the decent city I grew up in. Fu&k them with a brick!

@watch4thedrop @Meowwoof @Barb @JM

Because Meghan is the perfect example of the new leftist woke hypocrites, who are causing so much cultural damage to the US, UK and elsewhere.

Because Meghan is an anti-Trump zealot in cahoots with Hillary Clinton and they've managed to co-opt a genuine Royal into their little scheme, in an election year.

Because the Royal Family is a VERY important institution in the UK and the Queen has been on the throne for over 6 decades.

Hope that helps.

@Wendy @SpiceOfOurLife So I have an idea to cheer you up. Look for a TV show called Escape to the Chateau on Youtube. It is the most cheerful thing I have seen in a very long time. 2 eccentric British restaurateurs (he's actually Irish) buy a crazy French chateau with their 2 babies and their parents and renovate the whole damn place. Lots of animals - cats, chickens, geese. Lots of projects - gardening, decorating, catering. Their laughter is infectious.

@skhillx3 That is cruel! I do
believe in God Almighty, and I
hope that eternal justice will be
served on the people perpetrating
these evil crimes!

@skhillx3 @REX It would be excellent if it was a Burger King cartoon.

PHILADELPHIA -- Authorities have positively identified the body of a woman found in a plastic bin Thursday night as police investigated a possible case of human trafficking in a South Philadelphia home, sources tell 6abc Action News.
There was a case similar to this in Alabama at the 1st of Jan.



That attention whore of a wife thought she would be able to use her title to get huge gigs in wallywood, boy will she learn fast that they aren't going to give a damn about her without a title.
I give the marriage now maybe a year, I feel bad for Harry and we know she will use their son to control his every move, which I truly believe started all of this sham crap including the marriage...


The Queen see's her for who she is and knows Harry was a pawn in her game.


Buckingham Palace : Harry & Meghan GTFO.

This was exactly the correct decision by the Queen. It's tough, but fair.

BTW, NOTE the comment about 'much loved family members'.

That's a message to HARRY (and him alone) - 'you're about to learn a very hard lesson, young man. There's nothing we can do to stop you, so learn it you must. Once you're done, you can of course feel free to return, because we love you.'

Harry & Meghan? I give it 18 months.


@JM My guess? A lot of women were angry in 2017. They thought they had a predator in the White House who couldn't stand women.

But POTUS policies have put so many women in the work force. Many women can now afford daycare, health insurance, etc., because they're making money.

And yeah, apathetic. When you claim someone's the devil and nothing bad happens, people tend to start to ignore you.

It's the same thing with racism. No one is seeing it, so they're not caring about marches, etc.

Yesterday : US-China Phase One signed.
Today : USMCA passed in Senate.

DOW: almost at 30,000 points. On Nov 7, 2016? 18,259.

These are truly historic times. Trump is re-drawing the global trading order, based on the primacy and power of the US economy.

He is a truly great POTUS. Already, IMO, the greatest ever.

FakeNews and corrupt leftists can scream all they like, but they cannot stop what is happening.

Much as they won't be able to stop their own destruction.


Iran's Revolutionary Guards shot down Ukraine Int'l Airlines flight PS752.

And there was no "human error" involved.

My latest blog explains.


Looks like the Douchenozzle and Douchebag of Sussex have been IMPEACHED by Queen Elizabeth! 👑

@watch4thedrop @JM I predict that Trump giving SOTU while "impeached" and/or "on trial" will be another WWIII scenario.

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